Traditional Marriage In Nigeria Among Yoruba

The Introduction Ceremony in Yorubaland

This is the principal marriage custom where the guardians of the prep to-be meet the guardians of the lady of the hour to-be. The gathering place is normally the in the Bride’s family house (lady of the hour’s dad’s or family’ house). The presentation is casual as the prepare’s relatives accompanied jugs of wine, palm wine and couple of tubers of yam. Then again, the lady of the hour’s family serves their visitors with nourishments and beverages. After the guardians’ assention, a date will be decided for the engagement and the wedding services. Much of the time, the date choice is finished by the lady of the hour’s relatives yet in a few circumstances, the couple picks the date helpful for them.

Couples or guardians do counsel their Oracle or religious pioneers previously they pick the marriage day in order to know whether the day is free from peril or safe. In the Yoruba way and culture ( Read about culture and its qualities here), the date picked is constantly devoted and blessed in order to turn away insidious or the plans of the mischievous ones. The forthcoming couples are encouraged to stay where they are and not to movement when the wedding function is close. Loved ones travel and go around in readiness for the wedding service rather than the couple.

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The Engagement Ceremony in Yoruba Land

The Engagement service is the most pivotal and perceived piece of the marriage rituals. They call this “idana” where the lady of the hour’s family gives out their little girl to the prep’s family. The two families are likewise hitched to each other through the association of the kids. This function happens at the lady of the hour’s home. The lady of the hour’s dad or the most seasoned family (if the father is dead) have the sole duty of giving over the lady of the hour to the prep.( Read about Nuclear relatives and their parts here)

There is constantly maybe a couple ladies that arrange the service. They are known as the ‘Alaga Ijoko’ or “Olopa ijoko”. These ladies ensure all the engagement things and methodology are finished and redress, they authorize any individual who abuses standards and strategy (particularly the prepare). The prep enters the setting in the organization of his companions and prostrates ordinarily relying upon the guidelines of the ‘Alaga Ijoko’. There is likewise the nearness of the “Alaga Iduro” or “Olopa Iduro”, which is from the prep’ side. She has the duties of helping the prepare, his loved ones ask the lady of the hour’s family for their consent to give out their girl. Both the Alagas know about the method, custom, and convention so they realize what to do.

A letter, which is composed by the prep’s family is being perused by a young woman from the prepare’s side requesting the lady of the hour’s turn in marriage. The letter is being answered to through another letter composed by the lady of the hour’s family tolerating the proposition. This letter is likewise perused by a young lady from the lady of the hour’s family.The individuals going to the function are nourished and the gathering starts.

Engagement Ceremony Items in Yorubaland and Culture

Lady of the hour cost is been given in type of cash in an envelope from the senior citizens to the ladies’ relatives which is constantly returned showing that they are not offering their little girl but rather giving her away. The engagement things incorporate tubers of yam, kola nuts, intense cola, crocodile pepper, jugs of nectar, dry fish, bag that is loaded with garments, pack of salt, sack of rice, vegetable oil, pack or containers of sugar, sugar stick, palm wine, plate of “aadun”, sets of shoes and sacks, scarf, wine, juice, umbrella, Holy Book (Bible or Qu’ran). The amount of these things fluctuates as per groups and family in Yoruba arrive. The couple is being petitioned God for and joined by their folks and joined as husband and spouse.

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