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Traditional Nigerian Wedding Customs


1. The Sharo tradition
Fulanis believe in flogging a prospective groom publicly before the wedding. This is to test the bravery and resilience of the groom and make him prove that he is worthy of the bride. Any groom who chickens out or cries loses the bride. Fulani ladies are really beautiful sha, so they’re worth it.

fulani sharo traditionIMAGE- HOW NG

2. The tradition of prostrating among the Yorubas
Yoruba people don’t joke with respect. During a Yoruba wedding, the groom and his friends will have to lie flat on the ground and prostrate to the family of the bride. They’re supposed to prostrate on the bare floor with their fine agbadas. The groom is expected to prostrate four times before the end of the ceremony.

yoruba grooms prostrating

3. The Bride price custom among the Igbos
Marrying an Igbo lady is not a task for the faint-hearted. The groom is usually given a list of items that must be provided before he can marry the bride. The gift items are usually for the bride and her family, and cash is also expected. The items are usually expensive, and the more successful the bride is, the more her family demands.

4. The virginity test among the Yorubas
This is another marriage tradition among the Yorubas. It is expected that a groom will bring out a white cloth stained with blood, after consummating the marriage to prove that the bride is a virgin and has kept herself ‘pure’. If the bride is a virgin, the groom sends gifts to her family. If she isn’t a half boiled yam is sent to her family.

5. The ‘no smiling’ custom among the Ijaws
During the wedding ceremony, an Ijaw bride is expected not to smile until she has been sprayed plenty money by the groom.

6. The Igbo custom of identification
During the marriage ceremony, 3 women are presented to the groom. The women have their faces covered, and the groom has to pick his bride.

7. The Yoruba custom of carrying the bride
This is not a really serious tradition. The groom is expected to lift the bride to prove that he’s capable of lifting her and supporting her throughout their married life.

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