Traditional Nigerian Wedding Food

Oghwo soup and starch Most of you probably had no doubts that this meal would appear on this list. It is so much loved, that it must be on the table. It is not only nutritious but also a sign of respect to the guests who attend the wedding ceremony. So, having it on the table is mandatory. To make it one will need different types of meat, high-quality palm oil, peppers, spices (to taste), garri, potash, and stock fish. The preparation time varies but also creates this special festive atmosphere at the table which your guests will be very grateful for. This soup originates from Delta region and is mostly eaten there. So, some people adjust and change the ingredients of it which you might also consider as a good option. Add regional vegetables or change some of them a little to your taste.So, to make this kind of soup, you will need carbonate of potassium, dry pepper, several types of meat, langouste, smoked fish and red prawns, red palm oil, spices to taste and starch. The preparation begins with boiling the meat you chose for this meal and adding the fish into it. Then mix it up with the dry pepper and langouste. Pit some water in until it starts boiling a little and pour in some red palm oil. Let it mix up with the rest of the liquid. Then measure half a spoon of carbonate of potassium and add water to it. Mix it up to a homogenous mixture and add it to the soup. Now take the starch and some water. It should stay in the water for some time until it becomes a thick paste. Once it gets soaked, you should mix it with the rest of the components. Remember to stir it at all times in order to prevent the lumps in it. Just one more hint for you here: depending on how thick you want your soup to be, you should boil it a little longer to let the liquid disappear from the soup. Now, your soup is ready to be a great thing on the wedding menu. Yam porridge It is not so much of the porridge as soup. It is very popular among the brides who pick it to be a part of their wedding celebration. So, if you are looking for ideas, you should pick it too. To make this type of soup, you will need one kilogram of batata, some spices, red palm oil, langouste, mackerel, parsley, chili peppers, smoked fish, and salt. Start with cutting the batata into small pieces. Wash them and be ready to cook them on. Take the onion and wash it nicely too. Finally, take the fish you chose and put it in the water. Then take the pot, put the fish and batata in it and start cooking at some medium heat. Then add the rest of the ingredients and cover the pot with a top. Let it boil for a while until it is all done. Then mix in the spices and let it boil for a while. After at least several minutes of stirring at the high heat, combine with the vegetables. After they become not firm but smooth and mild, your yam porridge is ready. The wedding party is not possible without this soup, so do no forget it on your menu. Afang soup and Fufu This is another great option for you to put on the wedding table. This meal is also nutritious so that the guests will be fed and happy. And it is extremely delicious. So, do not hesitate to add it to your menu. For preparation, you will need half a kilogram of Afang, some water leaves, a glass of red palm oil, spices to taste, beef and dry fish. This wedding food should be made out of water leaves cut into small pieces. You can cut them right at the market or do it at home. Then make the powder out of pepper, and prepare the langouste for the cooking. Finally, take a big pot and add the beef into it. Then mix up the onions with spices. Pour a little water into the pot and keep stirring the mixture until it is done. Then add the fish into it and cook for a bit longer. Then, take the oil, langouste, and pepper and put them into a pot. Finally, take the water leaves, and the rest of the ingredients left and spices and out them into the pot as well. After several minutes of boiling your soup is ready to be served as a part of the Nigerian wedding menu. This meal is among the most famous for this occasion, so we could not but mention it on our list as well. To make it one will need three cups of long rice, some tomato stew, some curry, thyme, spices to taste, the meat of a chicken, and onions. To prepare it one should make the tomato stew we mentioned in the list of ingredients. It is not hard to make, but one will need some time beforehand to cook it and store in the freezer. Prepare the chicken and cut it in pieces. Wash the rice to get rid of the white powder which might make it all stick once done. Finally, get down to business by boiling up the tomato stew and the chicken in a big pot. Then put your rice in it along with the spices you chose to taste and add water in the same amount just to cover the rice a little. Then put the pot on medium heat and leave it there until the water dries up. You can also add water if in the end you still feel like rice needs more time until cooked. This type of rice can be served with different side dishes, so do not be afraid to experiment here. Egusi soup and Fufu Finally, this recipe is a total must-have for your party. To prepare it you will need some melon seeds, a little of red palm oil, beef, locust bean seasoning, spices to taste, spinach, stock fish, and langouste. Put the fish in water for at least thirty minutes, then put it in the pot and boil there for around half an hour. Once it is done, leave it in that water for an hour. Then take all the bones out of the fish and cut it. Then turn the egusi into a powder along with the langouste and dry pepper. Wash all the other ingredients so that they are ready to be served. Then take the dry fish with some water and boil them with spices. Then add the meat to the pot and cook them all together. Put this pot aside after it starts boiling, and add some egusi to it. Make the thickness of the meal be around the same as one of the milk. Have the egusi done, and then stir everything together. Do not let it burn, or your meal will have the disgusting metallic taste. Put the red oil into it along with spinach and spices. Then after cooking it for a few minutes add the meat with seeds of a melon. Finally, leave it on the stove for a few minutes and then turn the heat off. Now, this traditional Nigerian wedding food is ready to make your guests happy and satisfied. Along with some traditional meals, Nigerians consider adding more Western meals too as a part of their wedding food menu. Thus, they add moi-moi to the tables along with roasted chicken, fried fish and meat, some catfish soups and cooked beef, grilled fish and meat, etc. Besides, they add different cakes and drinks to make the party bright. So, if you were looking for ideas on what to add to your Nigerian wedding food menu, then this article is very useful. Just stick to our recommendations step by step and keep your guests happy! And have fun celebrating the wedding: it is truly a wonderful time! Read more:

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