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Traditional Nigerian Wedding Gifts


Engagement Gifts

Traditional Nigerian wedding starts long before the official start of ceremony. It is not an ordinary ceremony because it is connected with the joint relation of two families. Two new families recognize each other through this event therefore it is important to carry out each tradition carefully. Groom’s family gives different gifts to bride’s family that can be farm animals, tobacco, money or yams. In typical traditional weddings, a goat is slaughtered for bride, and the blood of goat is used as libation and decanted in the doorstep of her shed. Wedding feast is organized in upcoming days to celebrate an official union.

Palm Wine

At the wedding feast, bride arrives with maidens while her groom remains hidden among guests. She gets a cup of palm wine after greeting her father, who challenges her to find her hidden groom. This is an interesting game because during this game, all other men ask for wine from bride, but the wine is fixed for groom only. After finding her groom, she gives her palm wine as gift.


Money is an appropriate but traditional gift for wedding, which can be given at any time like engagement and ceremony. Any type of currency like dollars, marks, Euros or naira can be given as gift on these occasions. Engagement and wedding parties are specifically organized therefore these parties can be really expensive. It is important to arrange food, drinks, and entertaining activities to welcome and entertain guests. Usually, whole community is invited in traditional Nigerian weddings, therefore invitations are considered unnecessary. Guests are required to consider financial well-being and future happiness of bride and groom while selecting wedding gifts for them.


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