Traditional Nigerian Wedding Outfits

1. Aso Oke
Aso Oke (read as Ah-Shaw-Okay) means top cloth. These are the dresses woven by the Yoruba men in Nigeria. Men’s aso oke dresses are called agbada. We have to understand that there are 3 main types of aso oke dresses: Alaari, Sanyan and Etu. Alaari are the red ones; Sanyan which are usually brown or light brown aso oke dresses; Etu, the dark blue aso oke dresses.

2. Ankara
Ankara is actually one of the cheapest traditional fabrics which is made by using Indonesian batik making techniques. It has tribal-like patterns with bright colors. Unlike Aso Oke which are used specifically for weddings and other occasions, Ankara are also used for everyday wear.

3. Aso Ebi
Aso ebi means “uniformed solidarity dress”. These dresses are known for their association with weddings and other special occasions. It is the oldest and most valuable type of African attire. They are like uniform dresses worn by family members during weddings and other special events in Nigeria.


4. Jewel by lisa
Jewel by lisa is a luxury dress with a mix of modern and traditional design. It was the first one to embellish Ankara with sequins, swarovski crystals and beads.

Jewel by lisa is among the fabulous African dresses which can be used in weddings. They are women’s wear and accessories collection which are becoming the most prominent Nigerian luxury brand with its careful attention to details and quality craftsmanship.


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