Ughelli South L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Effurun – otor-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Effurun-otor town hall, effurun-otor i (PU: 10/20/06/006)
Effurun-otor town hall, effurun-otor ii (PU: 10/20/06/007)
Etako primary school, okpare i (PU: 10/20/06/010)
Etako primary school, okpare ii (PU: 10/20/06/011)
Ogbogbo hall, effurun – otor (PU: 10/20/06/008)
Ogun primary school, ovwor i (PU: 10/20/06/001)
Ogun primary school, ovwor ii (PU: 10/20/06/002)
Ogun primary school, ovwor iii (PU: 10/20/06/003)
Oguname town hall, oguname (PU: 10/20/06/009)
Okorogbusu st., okpare (PU: 10/20/06/012)
Okpare town hall, okpare i (PU: 10/20/06/013)
Okpare town hall, okpare ii (PU: 10/20/06/014)
Ovwor town hall, ovwor i (PU: 10/20/06/004)
Ovwor town hall, ovwor ii (PU: 10/20/06/005)

  • Ekakpamre-Wards

(20 Polling Booths )
Aragba primary school, aragba (PU: 10/20/07/016)
Egbo-uhurhie primary school, egbo-uhurhie (PU: 10/20/07/014)
Egbo-uhurhie town hall, egbo-uhurhie (PU: 10/20/07/015)
Ekakpamre primary school, ekakpamre iii (PU: 10/20/07/003)
Ekakpamre grammar school, ekakpamre i (PU: 10/20/07/001)
Ekakpamre market, ekakpamre (PU: 10/20/07/005)
Ekakpamre primary school, ekakpamre ii (PU: 10/20/07/002)
Ekakpamretown hall, ekakpamre (PU: 10/20/07/004)
Ekrejegbe play ground, ekrejegbe (PU: 10/20/07/007)
Ekrokpe primary school, ekrokpe (PU: 10/20/07/009)
Ekrokpe town hall, ekrokpe (PU: 10/20/07/008)
Eruoma hall, usiefrun (PU: 10/20/07/013)
Majovo primary school, ekakpamre (PU: 10/20/07/006)
Ogbavweni primary school, usiefrun i (PU: 10/20/07/011)
Ogbavweni primary school, usiefrun ii (PU: 10/20/07/012)
Otokutu primary school, otokutu i (PU: 10/20/07/017)
Otokutu primary school, otokutu ii (PU: 10/20/07/018)
Otokututown hall, otokutu i (PU: 10/20/07/019)
Otokututown hall, otokutu ii (PU: 10/20/07/020)
Usiefrun town hall, usiefrun (PU: 10/20/07/010)

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  • Ewu i-Wards

(28 Polling Booths )
Abovwe hall, otor – ewu (PU: 10/20/01/008)
Ahavwan hall, otor – ewu (PU: 10/20/01/009)
Assah primary school, assah i (PU: 10/20/01/025)
Assah primary school, assah ii (PU: 10/20/01/026)
Edjekwo town hall, edjekwo (PU: 10/20/01/028)
Egheraka primary school, otor – ewu (PU: 10/20/01/001)
Ekritibi hall, arhavwarien (PU: 10/20/01/021)
Ekrophori hall, otor – ewu (PU: 10/20/01/010)
Ekrosie hall, arhavwarien i (PU: 10/20/01/017)
Ekrosie hall, arhavwarien ii (PU: 10/20/01/018)
Emokpor hall, otor – ewu (PU: 10/20/01/004)
Evwerha hall, otor – ewu i (PU: 10/20/01/002)
Evwerha hall, otor – ewu ii (PU: 10/20/01/003)
Ewu hall, otor – ewu (PU: 10/20/01/005)
Ihobe hall, otor – ewu (PU: 10/20/01/007)
Ihwre – okpe hall, ihwre – okpe (PU: 10/20/01/016)
Imosume hall, okparabe (PU: 10/20/01/012)
Iyegbere hall, arhavwarien (PU: 10/20/01/019)
Ofomor primary school, okparabe (PU: 10/20/01/013)
Ohwodo hall, otor – ewu (PU: 10/20/01/006)
Okale hall, okparabe (PU: 10/20/01/011)
Okparabe health centre, okparabe (PU: 10/20/01/015)
Olodiama primary school, olodiama (PU: 10/20/01/027)
Omafuvwe town hall, omafuvwe (PU: 10/20/01/024)
Ota hall, okparabe (PU: 10/20/01/014)
Uduokoloko hall, arhavwarien (PU: 10/20/01/020)
Uto-arhavwarien primary school, uto-arhavwarien i (PU: 10/20/01/022)
Uto-arhavwarien primary school, uto-arhavwarien ii (PU: 10/20/01/023)

  • Ewu ii-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Ekade hall, orere (PU: 10/20/02/010)
Gbaregolor primary school, gbaregolor i (PU: 10/20/02/001)
Gbaregolor primary school, gbaregolor ii (PU: 10/20/02/002)
Ikise hall, gbaregolor (PU: 10/20/02/004)
Odon hall, olota (PU: 10/20/02/006)
Ogberiku hall, gbaregolor (PU: 10/20/02/003)
Ogoda primary school, ogoda (PU: 10/20/02/012)
Ogoda town hall, ogoda (PU: 10/20/02/011)
Olota town hall, olota (PU: 10/20/02/007)
Onyebru hall, orere (PU: 10/20/02/008)
Orere primary school, orere (PU: 10/20/02/009)
Uduvwenokpor hall, gbaregolor (PU: 10/20/02/005)

  • Ewu iii-Wards

(16 Polling Booths )
Alagbabri primary school, alagbabri (PU: 10/20/03/001)
Dodo hall, omosuomo (PU: 10/20/03/015)
Edakori hall, okuama (PU: 10/20/03/007)
Ekameta primary school, ekameta (PU: 10/20/03/008)
Ighorode hall, omosuomo (PU: 10/20/03/014)
Ofrukama primary school, ofrukama i (PU: 10/20/03/009)
Ofrukama primary school, ofrukama ii (PU: 10/20/03/010)
Ofrukama primary school, ofrukama iii (PU: 10/20/03/011)
Okuama primary school, okuama i (PU: 10/20/03/004)
Okuama primary school, okuama ii (PU: 10/20/03/005)
Okuama primary school, okuama iii (PU: 10/20/03/006)
Omosuomo primary school,omosuomo i (PU: 10/20/03/012)
Omosuomo primary school,omosuomo ii (PU: 10/20/03/013)
Orudu hall, omosuomo (PU: 10/20/03/016)
Osusurhie primary school, osusurhie (PU: 10/20/03/003)
Oyan primary school, oyan (PU: 10/20/03/002)

  • Jeremi i-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Edjophe town hall, edjophe i (PU: 10/20/08/002)
Edjophe town hall, edjophe ii (PU: 10/20/08/003)
Etabeta hall, ihwre – etabeta (PU: 10/20/08/011)
Iwhrekan town hall, iwharekan (PU: 10/20/08/001)
Iwhrekekan primary school, iwhrekekan (PU: 10/20/08/004)
Otor – edo primary school, otor-edo i (PU: 10/20/08/009)
Otor – edo primary school, otor-edo ii (PU: 10/20/08/010)
Otor – edo town hall, otor-edo (PU: 10/20/08/008)
Ughevwughe primary school, ughevwughe i (PU: 10/20/08/007)
Ughevwughe primary school, ughevwughe ii (PU: 10/20/08/012)
Ughevwughe town hall, ughevwughe i (PU: 10/20/08/005)
Ughevwughe town hall, ughevwughe ii (PU: 10/20/08/006)

  • Jeremi ii-Wards

(23 Polling Booths )
Agbaghara town hall, agbaghara (PU: 10/20/09/007)
Agbaghara town hall, agbowhiame (PU: 10/20/09/008)
Edeki hall, oginibo (PU: 10/20/09/020)
Ekrugbobaro, oginibo (PU: 10/20/09/019)
Erhuwaren town hall, erhuwaren (PU: 10/20/09/009)
Eyara primary school, eyara (PU: 10/20/09/006)
Ihwre – eti, oginibo (PU: 10/20/09/023)
Imode primary school, imode i (PU: 10/20/09/010)
Imode primary school, imode ii (PU: 10/20/09/011)
Imode town hall, imode (PU: 10/20/09/012)
Ogbe – otu, oginibo (PU: 10/20/09/022)
Oginibo grammar school, oginibo i (PU: 10/20/09/017)
Oginibo grammar school, oginibo ii (PU: 10/20/09/018)
Oginibo primary school, oginibo i (PU: 10/20/09/013)
Oginibo primary school, oginibo ii (PU: 10/20/09/014)
Oginibo town hall, oginibo i (PU: 10/20/09/015)
Oginibo town hall, oginibo ii (PU: 10/20/09/016)
Oginibo/ibateren, oginibo (PU: 10/20/09/021)
Otu – jeremi secondary scool, otu – jeremi (PU: 10/20/09/005)
Otu – jeremi town hall, otu – jeremi (PU: 10/20/09/004)
Ughievwen model primary school, otu – jeremi i (PU: 10/20/09/001)
Ughievwen model primary school, otu – jeremi ii (PU: 10/20/09/002)
Ughievwen model primary school, otu – jeremi iii (PU: 10/20/09/003)

  • Jeremi iii-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Akpo i hall, okwagbe waterside (PU: 10/20/10/009)
Baba – ido primary school, okwagbe waterside (PU: 10/20/10/010)
Edjarwvwe hall, otor-okwagbe (PU: 10/20/10/005)
Edjavwe hall, otor – okwagbe (PU: 10/20/10/004)
Idjogun hall ii, okwagbe waterside (PU: 10/20/10/008)
Idjogun hall, okwagbe waterside (PU: 10/20/10/006)
Idjogun hall ii, okwagbe waterside (PU: 10/20/10/007)
Imigbu hall, otor – okwagbe (PU: 10/20/10/003)
Imigbu rest house, otor – okwagbe (PU: 10/20/10/002)
Market square, okwagbe waterside (PU: 10/20/10/011)
Otor-okwagbe town hall,otor-okwagbe (PU: 10/20/10/001)

  • Jeremi iv-Wards

(18 Polling Booths )
Abadiama primary school, abadiama (PU: 10/20/11/005)
Egbo – ide town hall, egbo – ide i (PU: 10/20/11/003)
Egbo – ide town hall, egbo – ide ii (PU: 10/20/11/004)
Esaba primary school, esaba (PU: 10/20/11/012)
Ihwre-oku town hall, ihwre – oku (PU: 10/20/11/016)
Obeni primary school, obi-ayagha (PU: 10/20/11/018)
Obi – ayagha town hall, obi-ayagha (PU: 10/20/11/017)
Ohwahwa primary school, ohwahwa i (PU: 10/20/11/013)
Ohwahwa primary school, ohwahwa ii (PU: 10/20/11/014)
Ohwahwa primary school, ohwahwa iii (PU: 10/20/11/015)
Okwemor town hall, okwemor (PU: 10/20/11/001)
Ophorigbala primary school, ophorigbala i (PU: 10/20/11/006)
Ophorigbala primary school, ophorigbala ii (PU: 10/20/11/007)
Ophorigbala primary school, ophorigbala iii (PU: 10/20/11/008)
Otegbo town hall, otegbo (PU: 10/20/11/002)
Otitiri town hall, otitiri (PU: 10/20/11/011)
Otutuama primary school, otutuama (PU: 10/20/11/009)
Otutuama town hall, otutuama (PU: 10/20/11/010)

  • Olomu i-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Agbon town hall, agbon (PU: 10/20/04/008)
Etadjakpere town hall, agbon (PU: 10/20/04/009)
Ogoni town hall, ogoni i (PU: 10/20/04/001)
Ogoni town hall, ogoni ii (PU: 10/20/04/002)
Okpavuerhe primary school, okpavuerhe (PU: 10/20/04/011)
Okpavuerhe town hall, okpavuerhe (PU: 10/20/04/010)
Okpe town hall, okpe i (PU: 10/20/04/005)
Okpe town hall, okpe ii (PU: 10/20/04/006)
Okpe town hall, okpe iii (PU: 10/20/04/007)
Ophori primary school, ophori (PU: 10/20/04/003)
Ophori town hall, ophori (PU: 10/20/04/004)

  • Olomu ii-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Akperhe primary school, akperhe i (PU: 10/20/05/001)
Akperhe primary school, akperhe ii (PU: 10/20/05/002)
Aloba town hall, aloba (PU: 10/20/05/014)
Ikrose hall, oviri -olomu (PU: 10/20/05/013)
Incovo hall, oviri – olomu (PU: 10/20/05/012)
Oviri primary school, oviri-olonu i (PU: 10/20/05/009)
Oviri primary school, oviri-olonu ii (PU: 10/20/05/010)
Oviri primary school, oviri-olonu iii (PU: 10/20/05/011)
Ovwudokpopkpo primary school, ovwudokpopkpo i (PU: 10/20/05/006)
Ovwudokpopkpo primary school, ovwudokpopkpo ii (PU: 10/20/05/007)
Ovwudokpopkpo primary school, ovwudokpopkpo iii (PU: 10/20/05/008)
Umolo primary school, umolo i (PU: 10/20/05/003)
Umolo primary school, umolo ii (PU: 10/20/05/004)
Umolo town hall, umolo (PU: 10/20/05/005)

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