Umu Nneochi L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: Amuda

Polling Unit:

(13 Polling Booths )
Isuochi community school ii (PU: 01/17/01/013)
Isuochi community school i (PU: 01/17/01/011)
Isuochi central school i (PU: 01/17/01/010)
Isuochi central school ii (PU: 01/17/01/012)
Mbaraede village square (PU: 01/17/01/003)
Nkwoagu maternity hall (PU: 01/17/01/009)
Obinisi village square (PU: 01/17/01/006)
Ojide town hall (PU: 01/17/01/008)
Ugwuezi town hall (PU: 01/17/01/007)
Ugwunagbo village square (PU: 01/17/01/002)
Ugwuozu village square (PU: 01/17/01/005)
Umubara village square (PU: 01/17/01/004)
Umucha village square (PU: 01/17/01/001)

Ward: Eziama – agbo

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Ahia ututu market square (PU: 01/17/07/008)
Amalato town hall (PU: 01/17/07/004)
Eziama civic hall (PU: 01/17/07/003)
Eziama community school i (PU: 01/17/07/001)
Eziama community school ii (PU: 01/17/07/002)
Umuezedinihu civic centre (PU: 01/17/07/005)
Umuobi primary school (PU: 01/17/07/006)
Umuocha village square (PU: 01/17/07/007)

Ward:  Eziama – ugwu

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Abaa market square (PU: 01/17/06/003)
Abara ajala square (PU: 01/17/06/004)
Eke market square (PU: 01/17/06/007)
Mbara abia square (PU: 01/17/06/002)
Mbara akpaka square (PU: 01/17/06/001)
Mbara oha village square (PU: 01/17/06/008)
Ndikpa village square (PU: 01/17/06/005)
Ohuoba town hall (PU: 01/17/06/006)

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Ward: Ezingodo

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Ekeimo square (PU: 01/17/04/003)
Ezingodo community school (PU: 01/17/04/004)
Obinagu primary school (PU: 01/17/04/006)
Obinohia town hall (PU: 01/17/04/001)
Umuada town hall (PU: 01/17/04/002)
Umuimo square (PU: 01/17/04/005)
Umuolughu town hall (PU: 01/17/04/007)

Ward:  Mbala/achara

Polling Unit:

(13 Polling Booths )
Achara village hall (PU: 01/17/03/011)
Achara village hall (PU: 01/17/03/012)
Agwuanyi hall (PU: 01/17/03/013)
Agwuanyi village hall (PU: 01/17/03/010)
Ahojala square (PU: 01/17/03/005)
Mbaezi agbaqa square (PU: 01/17/03/003)
Mbaezi town hall i (PU: 01/17/03/001)
Mbaezi town hall ii (PU: 01/17/03/002)
Mbaraukwu square (PU: 01/17/03/007)
Umuenyim village square (PU: 01/17/03/008)
Umuigwe town hall (PU: 01/17/03/004)
Umukparo town hall (PU: 01/17/03/006)
Umuobasi town hall (PU: 01/17/03/009)

Ward: Ndiawa/umuelem

Polling Unit:

(19 Polling Booths )
Afor market square (PU: 01/17/05/004)
Amagu town hall (PU: 01/17/05/003)
Amata community school (PU: 01/17/05/002)
Amokwo village square (PU: 01/17/05/014)
Ezi ndiawa town hall (PU: 01/17/05/006)
Ngada primary school (PU: 01/17/05/001)
Ngele market square (PU: 01/17/05/008)
Ngodo girls secondary school i (PU: 01/17/05/015)
Ngodo girls secondary school ii (PU: 01/17/05/019)
Obi ohia village square (PU: 01/17/05/007)
Obinugwu uhude village square (PU: 01/17/05/017)
Obinulo primary school ii (PU: 01/17/05/012)
Obinulo primary school iii (PU: 01/17/05/013)
Obinulo village square (PU: 01/17/05/016)
Obinulo village square i (PU: 01/17/05/011)
Ozi – ihie village square i (PU: 01/17/05/009)
Ozi – ihie village square ii (PU: 01/17/05/010)
Umuogbokocha village square (PU: 01/17/05/018)
Umuosibe town hall (PU: 01/17/05/005)

Ward: Obinolu/obiagu/la

Polling Unit:

(10 Polling Booths )
Alli village square (PU: 01/17/12/008)
Lomara central school (PU: 01/17/12/007)
Lomara village square (PU: 01/17/12/006)
Ngodo state primary school i (PU: 01/17/12/001)
Ngodo state primary school ii (PU: 01/17/12/005)
Obiagu village square (PU: 01/17/12/003)
Obinolu village square (PU: 01/17/12/002)
Obohia village square (PU: 01/17/12/009)
Technical secondary school (PU: 01/17/12/004)
Umulobo village square (PU: 01/17/12/010)

Ward:  Ubahu/akawa/arokpa

Polling Unit:

(9 Polling Booths )
Akawa village square (PU: 01/17/08/002)
Aroikpa primary school (PU: 01/17/08/003)
Aroikpa village square (PU: 01/17/08/009)
Awo village square (PU: 01/17/08/004)
Central school ebelebe (PU: 01/17/08/006)
Mbara utu village square (PU: 01/17/08/007)
Mkpacha akawa village square (PU: 01/17/08/001)
Ubahu nneato community primary school (PU: 01/17/08/005)
Umuikeme village square (PU: 01/17/08/008)

Ward:  Umuaku

Polling Unit:

(17 Polling Booths )
Agboba square amaeke (PU: 01/17/02/017)
Aguata town hall (PU: 01/17/02/002)
Amakpoke town hall (PU: 01/17/02/006)
Amaogbu town hall (PU: 01/17/02/008)
Ndi ozu village square (PU: 01/17/02/004)
Ndioka – amuogbu village square (PU: 01/17/02/016)
Nkwo ameke (PU: 01/17/02/010)
Obagu town hall (PU: 01/17/02/014)
Obinozu town hall (PU: 01/17/02/005)
Ugwuawuru town hall (PU: 01/17/02/011)
Umuaku community primary school (PU: 01/17/02/009)
Umuaku secondary school (PU: 01/17/02/007)
Umuaku secondary school (PU: 01/17/02/015)
Umudi town hall (PU: 01/17/02/001)
Umudike town hall (PU: 01/17/02/013)
Umuejehwo town hall (PU: 01/17/02/012)
Umuhu village hall (PU: 01/17/02/003)

Ward:  Umuchieze i

Polling Unit:

(5 Polling Booths )
Amamagu village square (PU: 01/17/09/003)
Amaubiri primary school (PU: 01/17/09/001)
Eziama village square (PU: 01/17/09/002)
Mbaraigwe square (PU: 01/17/09/005)
Uru primary school (PU: 01/17/09/004)

Ward: Umuchieze ii

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Jakirija village square (PU: 01/17/10/005)
Lokpanta national school (PU: 01/17/10/003)
Lokpanta secondary school i (PU: 01/17/10/002)
Lokpanta secondary school ii (PU: 01/17/10/007)
Mbara ikoro village square (PU: 01/17/10/006)
Nkoto uru village square (PU: 01/17/10/001)
Nkwo ukwu market square (PU: 01/17/10/004)

Ward:  Umuchieze iii

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Amaegbu village square (PU: 01/17/11/001)
Lekwesi health centre (PU: 01/17/11/003)
Leru civic centre (PU: 01/17/11/004)
Mbara agbala leru (PU: 01/17/11/006)
Mbara akpu leru (PU: 01/17/11/005)
Ukwu fruit leru (PU: 01/17/11/008)
Umuaka village square (PU: 01/17/11/007)
Umuchieze central commercial school (PU: 01/17/11/002)

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