Union Bank of Nigeria Online Banking

Union Bank is a commercial bank, serving individuals, small and medium-sized companies, as well as large corporations and organizations.
In July 2009, it was ranked the 556th largest bank in the world and the 14th largest bank in Africa. As of June 2012, the bank’s asset base was estimated at US$6.784 billion (NGN:1.049 trillion). The shareholders’ equity at the same time was estimated at US$1.22 billion (NGN:188.4 billion).

Union bank is one of the top banks in Nigeria with a long history behind it. In order to start having access to your Union bank account via internet banking, you need to apply for the service and you’d be given an online account through which you can manage your account via internet banking.

Union Bank Internet Banking Service
To start using internet banking, you just need to do these 2 things:

– Apply for the internet service

– Go online and activate your account

Applying for Union Bank internet service
– Visit the nearest branch and request for online banking at the customer service desk.

– You will be given a request form to fill.

– Fill the form with the required details, including your name, address, mobile phone number, email and signature

– Set a limit on your internet transfers e.g. N500,000

– You’d also include your desired username for the account

– Submit the form to customer service desk and wait for it to be processed

– Within a few minutes after processing, you will receive an sms alert on your phone containing your default password

– You are through with your application

Features of Union Bank Internet Banking

– Do intra-bank transfers

– Do inter bank transfers

– Do international fx transfers

– View your account balance

– View a statement of transaction on your account

– View your linked debit card transactions

How to Activate Your Union Bank Internet Banking.
– Go to the Union bank Nigeria official website at https://www.unionbankng.com/

– Click on internet banking login

– Enter the username you chose

– Enter the default password send to your phone

– Click on the button to generate your activation code and receive it on your phone

– Enter your default password(using online keyboard)

– Enter the numeric activation code

– Enter your new password

– Re-enter your new password

– Click on the change password button

+ You’ll get a reply that password has been changed successfully

– Choose your token delivery options (email/sms or both)

– Create a security word for authorizing your transfers

The internet banking service by Union bank is a free service and you are entitled to one as long as you have an account with the bank.

To login or get started to the Union Bank Internet Banking Platform visit https://uniononline.unionbankng.com/OnlineBanking/

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