Ushongo L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(11 Wards )

Atikyese Ward 

(16 Polling Booths )
Adikpo market square (PU: 07/22/01/008)
Ahura agbooko village square (PU: 07/22/01/010)
Akoko aminde village square (PU: 07/22/01/005)
Gss alu (PU: 07/22/01/002)
L.g.e.a. school, boor ii (PU: 07/22/01/016)
Lgea school ahol (PU: 07/22/01/009)
Lgea school ge-mbayem (PU: 07/22/01/001)
Lgea school, boor i (PU: 07/22/01/004)
Lgea school, kwaghbula (PU: 07/22/01/003)
Nkst school, tyam (PU: 07/22/01/006)
Ortese ugee market (PU: 07/22/01/012)
Rcm school ayev atoza ii (PU: 07/22/01/015)
Rcm. school hindan (PU: 07/22/01/014)
Rcm. school, ayev atozai (PU: 07/22/01/013)
Rcm. school, ngavan (PU: 07/22/01/007)
Ugoho market square (PU: 07/22/01/011)

Ikyov Ward

(18 Polling Booths )
Abado market square (PU: 07/22/02/016)
Atee market square (PU: 07/22/02/015)
Fada, market square (PU: 07/22/02/014)
Gema village (PU: 07/22/02/013)
Hiitom orbiam i village square (PU: 07/22/02/010)
Hiitom orbiam ii village square (PU: 07/22/02/011)
Lgea school bilaja (PU: 07/22/02/008)
Lgea school igbaikyor (PU: 07/22/02/006)
Lgea school jombo (PU: 07/22/02/005)
Lgea school khaver (PU: 07/22/02/009)
Lgea school manor (PU: 07/22/02/018)
Lgea school ukande (PU: 07/22/02/012)
Lgea school, akerigba (PU: 07/22/02/002)
Mtu, market square (PU: 07/22/02/017)
Sati market square i (PU: 07/22/02/003)
Sati market square ii (PU: 07/22/02/004)
Ude market square (PU: 07/22/02/001)
Wanze market square (PU: 07/22/02/007)

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Lessel Ward 

(9 Polling Booths )
Anato tyough village square (PU: 07/22/03/006)
Area court lessel (PU: 07/22/03/007)
Defunct nrc school (PU: 07/22/03/002)
Lessel garrage ii (PU: 07/22/03/008)
Lessel int. primary school (PU: 07/22/03/003)
Lessel, garrage i (PU: 07/22/03/001)
Lgea school ge-mbagwa i (PU: 07/22/03/005)
Lgea school, ge-mbagwa ii (PU: 07/22/03/009)
Rcm. school, kula (PU: 07/22/03/004)

Mbaaka Ward 

(17 Polling Booths )
Andura ikpur (PU: 07/22/04/005)
Aniwakpe village square (PU: 07/22/04/013)
Antyu market square (PU: 07/22/04/003)
Atoga market square (PU: 07/22/04/002)
Ber agbum village square (PU: 07/22/04/014)
Lgea school, tse ghem (PU: 07/22/04/015)
Mba yough isha village square (PU: 07/22/04/012)
Nkst school, atondo (PU: 07/22/04/004)
Nkst. school, mayange (PU: 07/22/04/006)
Rcm school, buter (PU: 07/22/04/001)
Rcm. school nyaga (PU: 07/22/04/008)
Rcm. school tarpav (PU: 07/22/04/007)
Rcm. school, atimenya (PU: 07/22/04/011)
Tse fate village sq ii (PU: 07/22/04/017)
Tse fate village square i (PU: 07/22/04/009)
Tse ghem market square (PU: 07/22/04/016)
Wajir, market square (PU: 07/22/04/010)

Mbaanyam Ward 

(13 Polling Booths )
Anglican school, igbauke (PU: 07/22/05/011)
Antsea market square (PU: 07/22/05/003)
Kendev market square (PU: 07/22/05/007)
Lgea school, shawon (PU: 07/22/05/008)
Mdss ii (PU: 07/22/05/013)
Mdss waapera i (PU: 07/22/05/006)
Nkst school, gbe (PU: 07/22/05/010)
Nkst. school iorbo (PU: 07/22/05/002)
Orban market square i (PU: 07/22/05/001)
Orban market square ii (PU: 07/22/05/012)
Rcm. school, abuul (PU: 07/22/05/004)
Rcm. school, akpera (PU: 07/22/05/009)
Rcm. waapera (PU: 07/22/05/005)

Mbagba Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Abia market square (PU: 07/22/07/001)
Akile village (PU: 07/22/07/004)
Antiev market square (PU: 07/22/07/007)
Atekombo market square (PU: 07/22/07/006)
Atser karshima village square (PU: 07/22/07/011)
Filifi market square (PU: 07/22/07/005)
Igber market square (PU: 07/22/07/002)
Lgea school, alumunku (PU: 07/22/07/013)
Lgea school, yese (PU: 07/22/07/014)
Nkst. school, faga (PU: 07/22/07/003)
Rcm. school, yamto (PU: 07/22/07/012)
Tse dum village square (PU: 07/22/07/008)
Tsumba lgea school (new) (PU: 07/22/07/010)
Tsumba market square (PU: 07/22/07/009)

Mbagwaza Ward 

(9 Polling Booths )
Hegha market square (PU: 07/22/08/006)
Igboor market square i (PU: 07/22/08/001)
Igboor market square ii (PU: 07/22/08/002)
Ikpaikpam market square (PU: 07/22/08/009)
Lgea school, hegha (PU: 07/22/08/008)
Rcm school, tarungwa (PU: 07/22/08/007)
Shoghom square (PU: 07/22/08/003)
Tse-yua village square (PU: 07/22/08/004)
Vagba market square (PU: 07/22/08/005)

Mbagwe Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Bua bunde village square (PU: 07/22/06/004)
Detso village square (PU: 07/22/06/006)
Dough akundo market square (PU: 07/22/06/001)
Idyolough village square (PU: 07/22/06/010)
Lgea school jor-nor (PU: 07/22/06/003)
Lgea school, kartyo (PU: 07/22/06/007)
Lobi market square i (PU: 07/22/06/005)
Lobi market square ii (PU: 07/22/06/011)
Rcm school, jor-nor (PU: 07/22/06/002)
Rcm school, kaakighir (PU: 07/22/06/009)
Tse ahuna village square (PU: 07/22/06/008)

Mbakuha Ward 

(21 Polling Booths )
Ahaave market square (PU: 07/22/09/018)
Aku junction (PU: 07/22/09/009)
Aniche market square (PU: 07/22/09/004)
Gajir city school (PU: 07/22/09/001)
Ikyobo garrage (PU: 07/22/09/010)
Ikyobo market square (PU: 07/22/09/011)
Jov market square (PU: 07/22/09/021)
Lgea school, igyura (PU: 07/22/09/002)
Lgea school, mazonko (PU: 07/22/09/005)
Lgea school, nyagba (PU: 07/22/09/013)
Nimba market square (PU: 07/22/09/017)
Nkst. school, aku (PU: 07/22/09/015)
Nkst. school, amokaha (PU: 07/22/09/016)
Nkst. school, anom (PU: 07/22/09/012)
Nkst. school, ayavga (PU: 07/22/09/003)
Rcm school, orgba (PU: 07/22/09/019)
Rcm. school, gege (PU: 07/22/09/020)
Rcm. school, uga (PU: 07/22/09/008)
Rcm. school, yaakur (PU: 07/22/09/006)
Rcm. school, yar (PU: 07/22/09/014)
Ukali market square (PU: 07/22/09/007)

Mbayegh Ward 

(21 Polling Booths )
Ayagugu hembe village square i (PU: 07/22/10/010)
Ayagugu hembe village square ii (PU: 07/22/10/011)
Gbatse market square (PU: 07/22/10/018)
Gss ushongo (PU: 07/22/10/013)
Ibya aive market square (PU: 07/22/10/014)
Kperegh market square (PU: 07/22/10/015)
Lgea school, uke-kpenga (PU: 07/22/10/006)
Lgea school, yina (PU: 07/22/10/009)
Nkst kpor i (PU: 07/22/10/020)
Nkst school, anaregh (PU: 07/22/10/007)
Nkst school, ushongo (PU: 07/22/10/003)
Nkst. kpor ii (PU: 07/22/10/021)
Nkst. school, adagi (PU: 07/22/10/012)
Rcm school, ityough (PU: 07/22/10/008)
Rcm school, use (PU: 07/22/10/001)
Rcm. school, iorhuna (PU: 07/22/10/019)
Rcm. school, kperegh (PU: 07/22/10/016)
Rcm. school, shinghima (PU: 07/22/10/017)
Tse agwa village square (PU: 07/22/10/005)
Tse use village square (PU: 07/22/10/004)
Ushongo market square (PU: 07/22/10/002)

Utange Ward 

(8 Polling Booths )
Akerior market square (PU: 07/22/11/001)
Hundagar market square (PU: 07/22/11/004)
Jindi market square (PU: 07/22/11/008)
Lgea school, akerior (PU: 07/22/11/002)
Lgea school, gbinde (PU: 07/22/11/005)
Lgea school, ikoazande (PU: 07/22/11/006)
Lgea school, taangahar (PU: 07/22/11/003)
Tse ali market square (PU: 07/22/11/007)


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