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How to Use the Virgin Hair Fertilizer
Ingredients used for making the Virgin Hair Fertilizer
Tips for buying authentic Virgin Hair Fertilizer

Virgin Hair Fertilizer is a grease/ scalp moisturizer used to stimulate hair growth by getting the blood flow going. Let’s be clear here. You can frequently massage with water to stimulate blood flow to get those follicles going. Hair growth is part genetics so there is no magical hair grease that will bring dead follicles back to life but this one has worked for me. I’ve been using this product for over 10 years and no matter what style I’m in, it’s a beauty supply store hidden gem. Back then the idea of paying over $10 for hair grease when most popular ones would only set you back a few bucks was crazy. It didn’t come in a jar like others, the ingredients are somewhat of a mystery, and it comes directly the motherland during a time where African Pride products were taking over all of product stashes.

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How to Use
Take a small amount of the hair cream and massage it into your scalp. The tingly minty menthol sensation more intensely and for a longer period of time when using it on a freshly washed scalp. I find it to be too rich to be used on hair and kind of pointless when you can use more lightweight oils that can still keep your hair moisturized. I can used this product twice a week and my scalp never feels parched between washing. It might be one of the main reasons I’ve never had an issue with dandruff or flakes as an adult despite being diagnosed with eczema and having a ton of patches on my scalp as a child. Some find the peppermint smell to be overwhelming or offense, I don’t have an issue with it because it goes away and well…. because it’s mint something most of use daily anyway. Although the formula is rich I don’t find it difficult to wash but I also make it a habit to use clarifying shampoo at least once a week. I also don’t use it daily but only twice a week.

African Shea Butter

Petroleum jelly

Peppermint oil



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Tips for buying authentic Virgin Hair Fertilizer:
Marketed as Virgo Hair Fertilizer Conditioning Cream internationally

Exported from Nigeria

Always has an expiry period of 5 years

Does not contain an NC code

The end of the metal tube is not sealed and can be unfolded and refolded

The minty smell is really pronounced

Product is yellowish in color

The Roots brand makes a Virgin Hair Fertilizer Oil which is a knock-off (similar names and color scheme).

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