Warri North L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Ebrohimi-Wards

(17 Polling Booths )
Dudu primary school, obontie ghanreda i (PU: 10/23/03/001)
Dudu primary school, obontie ghanreda ii (PU: 10/23/03/002)
Dudu primary school, obontie ghanreda iii (PU: 10/23/03/003)
Dudu primary school, obontie ghanreda iv (PU: 10/23/03/004)
Ebrohimi town hall, ebrohimi (PU: 10/23/03/008)
Edo primary school, obaghoro i (PU: 10/23/03/013)
Edo primary school, obaghoro ii (PU: 10/23/03/014)
Edo primary school, obaghoro iii (PU: 10/23/03/015)
Edo primary school, obaghoro iv (PU: 10/23/03/016)
Olomu primary school, ebrohimi i (PU: 10/23/03/005)
Olomu primary school, ebrohimi ii (PU: 10/23/03/006)
Olomu primary school, ebrohimi iii (PU: 10/23/03/007)
Olumagada town hall, olumagada (PU: 10/23/03/017)
Ugbenyen town hall, ugbenyen (PU: 10/23/03/012)
Ureju primary school, ureju i (PU: 10/23/03/009)
Ureju primary school, ureju ii (PU: 10/23/03/010)
Ureju primary school, ureju iii (PU: 10/23/03/011)

  • Eghoro-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
Abokwa primary school eghoro i (PU: 10/23/04/002)
Abokwa primary school eghoro ii (PU: 10/23/04/003)
Abokwa primary school eghoro iii (PU: 10/23/04/004)
Beresibe primary school beresibe (PU: 10/23/04/001)
Oturun primary school kolokolo i (PU: 10/23/04/005)
Oturun primary school kolokolo ii (PU: 10/23/04/006)
Oturun primary school kolokolo iii (PU: 10/23/04/007)
Sahara – tie town hall, sahara-tie (PU: 10/23/04/010)
Udefi primary school tisum i (PU: 10/23/04/008)
Udefi primary school tisum ii (PU: 10/23/04/009)
Ureju – sin – sin town hall i (PU: 10/23/04/011)
Ureju – sin – sin town hall ii (PU: 10/23/04/012)
Ureju – sin – sin town hall iii (PU: 10/23/04/013)

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  • Gbokoda-Wards

(10 Polling Booths )
Ajamita town hall, ajamita i (PU: 10/23/02/001)
Ajamita town hall, ajamita ii (PU: 10/23/02/002)
Ajamita town hall, ajamita iii (PU: 10/23/02/003)
Diare primary school, gbokoda i (PU: 10/23/02/009)
Ginuwa grammar school gbokoda ii (PU: 10/23/02/010)
Tebu town hall, tebu i (PU: 10/23/02/004)
Tebu town hall, tebu ii (PU: 10/23/02/005)
Tebu town hall, tebu iii (PU: 10/23/02/006)
Udo town hall, udo i (PU: 10/23/02/007)
Udo town hall, udo ii (PU: 10/23/02/008)

  • Isekelewu (egbema ii)-Wards

(7 Polling Booths )
Kabe primary school, isekelewu i (PU: 10/23/08/004)
Kabe primary school, isekelewu ii (PU: 10/23/08/005)
Miyen primary school, isekelewu i (PU: 10/23/08/001)
Miyen primary school, isekelewu ii (PU: 10/23/08/002)
Miyen primary school, isekelewu iii (PU: 10/23/08/003)
Wobomene primary school, wobomene i (PU: 10/23/08/006)
Wobomene primary school, wobomene ii (PU: 10/23/08/007)

  • Koko i-Wards

(16 Polling Booths )
Aja olugbeti town i (PU: 10/23/05/013)
Aja olugbeti town ii (PU: 10/23/05/014)
Ajagbo gbo town, ajagbogbo (PU: 10/23/05/009)
Akuarajor primary school koko beach i (PU: 10/23/05/001)
Akuarajor primary school koko beach ii (PU: 10/23/05/002)
Akuarajor primary school koko beach iii (PU: 10/23/05/003)
General hospital koko (PU: 10/23/05/008)
Iwere college, koko town i (PU: 10/23/05/004)
Iwere college, koko town ii (PU: 10/23/05/005)
Iwere college, koko town iii (PU: 10/23/05/006)
Iwere college, koko town iv (PU: 10/23/05/007)
Korobe town, korobe i (PU: 10/23/05/010)
Korobe town, korobe ii (PU: 10/23/05/011)
Korobe town, korobe iii (PU: 10/23/05/012)
Ubafue town (PU: 10/23/05/015)
Ubiro/oregun town (PU: 10/23/05/016)

  • Koko ii-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Ajagbodudu primary school ii (PU: 10/23/06/009)
Ajagbodudu primary school, ajagbodudu (PU: 10/23/06/005)
Ikengbuwa primary school, ubagboro (PU: 10/23/06/006)
Obitugbo town (PU: 10/23/06/007)
Okogho town (PU: 10/23/06/008)
Umeugbe primary school, abegberodo i (PU: 10/23/06/001)
Umeugbe primary school, abegberodo ii (PU: 10/23/06/002)
Umeugbe primary school, abegberodo iii (PU: 10/23/06/003)
Umeugbe primary school, abegberodo iv (PU: 10/23/06/004)

  • Ogbinbiri (egbema iii)-Wards

(8 Polling Booths )
Egbema primary school,ogbinbiri i (PU: 10/23/09/004)
Egbema primary school,ogbinbiri ii (PU: 10/23/09/005)
Lagos junction primary school, lagos junction (PU: 10/23/09/003)
Ogeduba town hall, ogeduba i (PU: 10/23/09/001)
Ogeduba town hall, ogeduba ii (PU: 10/23/09/002)
Timi primary school, idebagbene i (PU: 10/23/09/006)
Timi primary school, idebagbene ii (PU: 10/23/09/007)
Timi primary school, idebagbene iii (PU: 10/23/09/008)

  • Ogbudugbudu (egbema iv)-Wards

(6 Polling Booths )
Abadigbene primary school, abadigbene i (PU: 10/23/10/001)
Abadigbene primary school, abadigbene ii (PU: 10/23/10/002)
Okifamba primary school, okifamba (PU: 10/23/10/006)
Utolu primary school, ogbudugbudu i (PU: 10/23/10/003)
Utolu primary school, ogbudugbudu ii (PU: 10/23/10/004)
Utolu primary school, ogbudugbudu iii (PU: 10/23/10/005)

  • Ogheye-Wards

(25 Polling Booths )
Afiakpa primary school, ekekporo i (PU: 10/23/01/001)
Afiakpa primary school, ekekporo ii (PU: 10/23/01/002)
Council dispensary, jakpa i (PU: 10/23/01/013)
Council dispensary, jakpa ii (PU: 10/23/01/014)
Daleakata town hall i (PU: 10/23/01/015)
Daleakata town hall ii (PU: 10/23/01/016)
Edonsa primary school, ehoreke i (PU: 10/23/01/007)
Edonsa primary school, ehoreke ii (PU: 10/23/01/008)
Edonsa primary school, ehoreke iii (PU: 10/23/01/009)
Edonsa primary school, ehoreke iv (PU: 10/23/01/010)
Etseyiotoren primary school, ebokiti i (PU: 10/23/01/017)
Etseyiotoren primary school, ebokiti ii (PU: 10/23/01/018)
Etseyiotoren primary school, ebokiti iii (PU: 10/23/01/019)
Ewoleba town hall, ewoleba i (PU: 10/23/01/022)
Ewoleba town hall, ewoleba ii (PU: 10/23/01/023)
Oton oluetseoye primary school, ugbege i (PU: 10/23/01/024)
Oton oluetseoye primary school, ugbege ii (PU: 10/23/01/025)
Ugbeni primary school, ogheye i (PU: 10/23/01/003)
Ugbeni primary school, ogheye ii (PU: 10/23/01/004)
Ugo goegin town hall, ugogoegin i (PU: 10/23/01/005)
Ugo goegin town hall, ugogoegin ii (PU: 10/23/01/006)
Utonlita town hall i (PU: 10/23/01/020)
Utonlita town hall ii (PU: 10/23/01/021)
Uwangwe primary school, jakpa i (PU: 10/23/01/011)
Uwangwe primary school, jakpa ii (PU: 10/23/01/012)

  • Opuama (egbema i)-Wards

(8 Polling Booths )
Azamazion primary school, azamazion i (PU: 10/23/07/001)
Azamazion primary school, azamazion ii (PU: 10/23/07/002)
Ikpotogbene primary school, ikpotogbene (PU: 10/23/07/003)
Ikpotogbene town (PU: 10/23/07/004)
Oloduwa primary school, opuama i (PU: 10/23/07/005)
Oloduwa primary school, opuama ii (PU: 10/23/07/006)
Oloduwa primary school, opuama iii (PU: 10/23/07/007)
Oloduwa primary school, opuama iv (PU: 10/23/07/008)

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