What Is Jigawa State Population

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Around 3.6 million individuals occupy Jigawa State. Future as at 2001 was around 52 years with an aggregate richness rate of around 6.2 kids for each lady of childbearing age (a little over the national normal). Despite the fact that populace of the State is transcendently provincial (90%), the conveyance as far as sex is relatively equivalent between male (50.8%) and female (49.2%). This example of populace dispersion is same crosswise over different voting public in the State and amongst urban and provincial territories. As far as age appropriation, the 2002 CWIQ Survey demonstrates that 45.2% of the populace was comprised of youngsters underneath the age of 15; 49.0% between the ages of 15 and 59 while 5.8% were individuals matured 60 or more. This review uncovers a reliance proportion of very nearly 1; implying that there is just about one ward to each financially dynamic individual in the populace.

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