What You Need To Know About The News Journal Newspaper

Name: The News Journal

Location: Ibadan

First Issued: 2013

Name Of Publisher: Layipo Concepts

The News Journal is a community development newspaper serving the area that used to be known as Western State, Nigeria now comprising the main Yoruba states of Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo and Ekiti. It is owned by Layipo Concepts and headquartered in the South East division of Ibadan. Its stated aim is “to publish news of developmental value to the Nigerian audience and other audiences who shall need high quality and unbiased information / news reports on and about Nigeria.”

The News Journal covers Western Nigeria most in-depth, but also offers limited coverage of north central Kwara and Kogi and south south Niger Delta, mostly by means of short news briefs. The paper publishes national and international articles from wire services.

The News Journal also maintains an Abuja bureau, mainly for covering Western Nigeria’s delegation at the Nigerian National Assembly.

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