Which States Share Border With Kaduna State?

Kaduna State is a state in the northwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The state capital is its namesake, the city of Kaduna, which was the 8th largest city in the country as of 2006. Created in 1967 as North-Central State, which also encompassed the modern Katsina State, Kaduna State achieved its current borders in 1987. Kaduna State is the fourth largest and third most populous state in the country. the Modern Kaduna State happens to be home site to the Africa Oldest Civilization which is the NOK Civilization. And the State is also very important in the historical account of the country. The state economy is dependent on agriculture, especially cotton and groundnut for exporting and domestic extraction of Peanut oil production. In the state there is National Institute of Leather and Technology, to improve modern technology and traditional method.

Kadunna state shares border with seven states: Zamfara for 117 km (73 miles) and Katsina for 161 km (100 miles) to the north, Kano to the north-east for 255 km, Bauchi and Plateau to the east, Nasarawa and Abuja Federal Capital Territory (for 45 km) to the south, and Niger to the west. The Kaduna state is located between latitude 10°38’58” N and 10°25’36” N and to longitude 7°22’14” E and 7°32’00” E.

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