Which States Share Border With Kano State?

Kano State is one of the 36 states of Nigeria, located in the northern region of the country. According to the national census done in 2006, Kano State is the most populous state in Nigeria. The recent official estimates taken in 2016 by the National Bureau of Statistics found that Kano State was still the largest state by population in Nigeria. Created in 1968 out of the former Northern Region. In 1991 its northeastern portion was split off to form Jigawa state. The Hausa and Fulani make up the majority of Kano State’s population. The Hausa language is the dominant language in the state, as it is in most of Northern Nigeria.

Kano State shares borders with Katsina State to the northwest for about 210 km (130 miles), Jigawa State to the northeast for 355 km (221 miles), Bauchi State to the southeast for 131 km (82 miles), and Kaduna State to the southwest for 255 km.

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