Which States Share Border With Katsina State?

Katsina State is a state in the northwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It was created in 1987, when it split from Kaduna State. It had over 5,800,000 residents as at 2006. Katsina became the fifth state in Nigeria to adopt Sharia law in 2005. It the fifth largest state in the country by population, despite the fact that it ranks 17th out of 36 states in terms of area. The Hausa are the major and largest ethnic group in the state and Islamic is the most practice religion in the area. Modern Katsina is a major collecting point for peanuts (groundnuts) and for hides and skins that are sent to Kano (92 miles [148 km] southeast) for export by road and rail. In Katsina’s central market, sorghum, millet, onions and other vegetables, peanuts, indigo, goats, poultry, sheep, cattle, and cotton are traded.

Katsina State borders on the Republic of Niger to the north for 250 km (155 miles) and the States of Jigawa for 164 km (102 miles) and Kano to the east, Kaduna to the south for 161 km (100 miles) and Zamfara to the west.

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