Youruba Names And Meanings

The list below contains over 250 Youruba Names, the gender And their Meanings

1. Abayomrunkoje———————–God won’t allow humiliation.———————–Boy
2. Abebi———————–We asked for a girl child.———————–Girl
3. Abegunde———————–One born during the holiday.———————–Boy
4. Abeo———————–The bringer of happiness .———————–Boy
5. Abiade———————–One who is born of royal parents.———————–Boy
6. Abidemi———————–One who was born while the father was away.———————–Girl
7. Abidemi———————–A girl born during father’s absence.———————–Girl
8. Abidugun———————–One born before the war.———————–Boy
9. Abiodun———————–One born at the time of festival.———————–Boy
10. Abiola————————-(African – Yoruban) Born in Honor; Born during the first days————-Boy
11. Abiona———————–One who is born during a journey———————–Girl
12. Abioye———————–The son of royalty; A Variant of Abiola———————–Boy
13. Adankwo———————–One born on fourth day.———————–Girl
14. Adaoma———————–A good and virtuous lady.———————–Girl
15. Adaora———————–Daughter of all———————–Girl
16. Adebamgbe———————–A Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me.———————–Boy
17. Adebiyi———————–The royal one.———————–Boy
18. Adedayo———————–The crown has turned to joy.———————–Boy
19. Adefolake———————–Your wealth supports us.———————–Girl
20. Ademola———————–Crown is Added to My Wealth———————–Boy
21. Adeniyi———————–The value or honour of a crown———————–Boy
22. Adepero———————–The crown has bring peace———————–Boy
23. Aderiyike———————–The pampered crown.———————–Girl
24. Adesanya———————–My pains have been compensated with the arrival of this child.———————–Boy
25. Adeshola———————–One who is crowned to bring wealth———————–Boy
26. Adesola———————–A child crowned with wealth.———————–Boy
27. Adetayo———————–Crown has brought us great joy.———————–Boy
28. Adetokunbo———————–A Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. Ade means ‘crown———————–Boy
29. Adetola———————–The crown can be measured to wealth.———————–Boy
30. Adetope———————–The crown is worthy of praise.———————–Boy
31. Adetosoye———————–The crown is entitled to the throne.———————–Boy
32. Adisa———————–Clear Spoken Person – African———————–Boy
33. Adunni———————–A daughter of the sweet person———————–Girl
34. Aega———————–A palm bird, tiny bird———————–Girl
35. Akin———————–Yoruban – Brave, Heroic ; Hebrew – Man———————–Boy
36. Atinuke———————–One who has been taken care of right from the conception.———————–Girl
37. Ayinde———————–Yoruba – We gave praise and he came;———————–Boy
38. Ayobami———————–Wealth meet me, one asking for wealth.———————–Girl
39. Ayodele———————–Yoruba – Joy has returned ; A variant of name Ayotunde———————–Boy
40. Ayokunumi———————–I am overwhelmed with wealth.———————–Girl
41. Ayomide———————–Yoruba – Joy has returned ; A variant of name Ayotunde———————–Unisex
42. Ayomisioluwakonitan———————–The Joy of the lord will never diminish in my life.———————–Girl
43. Ayoola———————–The joy of wealth———————–Girl
44. Ayotola———————–Joy is enough wealth.———————–Girl
45. Ayotoluwafunmi———————–The joy that the lord has given me.———————–Girl
46. Ayotomiwa———————–Wealth has returned.———————–Boy
47. Ayotunde———————–Yoruba – Joy has returned; A variant of name Ayomide———————–Unisex
48. Ayotundun———————–A Yoruba term, meaning joy is sweet.———————–Girl
49. Ayowonuola———————–A Yoruba term, meaning joy enters wealth.———————–Girl
50. Ayowunmi———————–A girl who loves joy.———————–Girl
51. Babasolaf———————–Father’s wealth has arrived.———————–Boy
52. Banjoko———————–Don’t ever leave me.———————–Boy
53. Bankole———————–Build a home for me.———————–Boy
54. Bayode———————–He who brings joy with himself.———————–Boy
55. Bayowa———————–He has come with joy.———————–Boy
56. Bere———————–First daughter of the family.———————–Girl
57. Bidemi———————–Born awaiting me.———————–Girl
58. Bimpe———————–One who is gorgeous and beautiful.———————–Girl
59. Bisi———————–She who is a first-born daughter in the family———————–Girl
60. Bmidele———————–A Yoruba term meaning follow me home.———————–Girl
61. Bodunde———————–Came with Christmas or one who was born during Christmas.———————–Girl
62. Bolanle———————–One who finds wealth at home.———————–Girl
63. Bolatito———————–A Yoruba term meaning how joy sanctifies me.———————–Girl
64. Boluwaji———————–Rise up with Lord.———————–Girl
65. Boluwatife———————–As God wishes, one who follows the will of God.———————–Girl
66. Bosede———————–A daughter that came to world on a Sunday———————–Girl
67. Bunmi———————–To be my gift———————–Girl
68. Busayo———————–Add to the joy.———————–Girl
69. Damola———————–Mixed with wealth.———————–Boy
70. Dideoluwakusidede———————–The coming of the Lord is at hand.———————–Girl
71. Diekololaoluwa———————–God’s blessing isn’t small.———————–Girl
72. Diekololaoluwalayemi———————–The wealth of God in my life cannot be measured.———————–Girl
73. Doyinsola———————–My wealth is sweet.———————–Girl
74. Durojaiye———————–One who waits for the joy of life.———————–Boy
75. Durosinmi———————–Wait to rest.———————–Boy
76. Ebunoluwa———————–The God’s gift———————–Girl
77. Emilohi———————–Only God is great.———————–Girl
78. Emiola———————–The honorable one, or an honorable man.———————–Girl
79. Eniafe———————–A beloved man.———————–Girl
80. Eniiyi———————–A person of integrity.———————–Girl
81. Enitan———————–Person of the story or person with a history.———————–Girl
82. Eriifeoluwa———————–The evidence of God’s love.———————–Girl
83. Eromidola———————–My thought has become wealth.———————–Girl
84. Esupofo———————–The devil has lost.———————–Boy
85. Eyitope———————–This is worthy for praise.———————–Girl
86. Fadekunmi———————–Add crown to me or add crown for me.———————–Girl
87. Farayioluwa———————–I rely on God.———————–Boy
88. Fehintola———————–Yoruba term, meaning rest the back on wealth.———————–Girl
89. Feyisayo———————–Use this as joy.———————–Girl
90. Feyisetan———————–A Yoruba term meaning use this as history.———————–Girl
91. Feyisola———————–A girl who always has the blessing of her parents on her, my blessing.———————–Girl
92. Fiayosemi———————–The one who has molded her parents with joy.———————–Girl
93. Fibikemi———————–Yoruba term meaning bless me with your birth.———————–Girl
94. Fisayo———————–God has added me to my joy.———————–Girl
95. Fiyifolu———————–Give honor to God.———————–Boy
96. Folake———————–One who is taken care with wealth.———————–Girl
97. Folaoluwashade———————–The wealth of God is my crown.———————–Girl
98. Folarin———————–Walk with glory———————–Boy
99. Folasade———————–Yoruba term meaning honor confers a crown.———————–Girl
100. Folu———————–A shy or timid man.———————–Boy
101. Folusho———————–God cares, one who is always under God’s protection.———————–Girl
102. Fowoke———————–A girl who is pampered with money.———————–Girl
103. Foyinsola———————–Yoruba term meaning add honey to the wealth.———————–Girl
104. Funmilayo———————–Gift of God or God has brought me joy.———————–Girl
105. Fyiynfoluwa———————–Give praise to God. A person who never forgets to praise God for everything.———————–Girl
106. Gbadebo———————–The one who brings the crown.———————–Boy
107. Gbemisola———————–Yoruba term meaning carry me into wealth.———————–Girl
108. Gbohunmi———————–God has heard my cry.———————–Girl
109. Gbolahun———————–Show the wealth.———————–Girl
110. Gboyega———————–Carry the glory high.———————–Girl
111. Ibidolapo———————–A term used for a child whose birth brought the wealth together.———————–Girl
112. Ibidun———————–The birth was sweet.———————–Girl
113. Ibilola———————–A girl who is born in riches.———————–Girl
114. Ibironke———————–The family will love this child.———————–Girl
115. Ibukun———————–Blessings———————–Girl
116. Ibukunade———————–The blessings have come to me.———————–Girl
117. Ibukunoluwa———————–The blessings of God.———————–Girl
118. Idogbe———————–The second child born after twins.———————–Boy
119. Idowu———————–A daughter who is born after twins.———————–Girl
120. Ifedayo———————–Love has turned to joy.———————–Girl
121. Ifede———————–Love is here.———————–Girl
122. Ifedolaoluwa———————–God has blessed our love.———————–Girl
123. Ifedolapo———————–Wealth has been mixed with love.———————–Girl
124. Ifejesukristi———————–The love of Jesus Christ.———————–Girl
125. Ifelayo———————–Love is peace.———————–Girl
126. Ifelewa———————–The beautiful love.———————–Boy
127. Ifeoluwadolapo———————–God’s love has brought us wealth.———————–Girl
128. Ifesowapo———————–Love has joined us together.———————–Girl
129. Ifetundun———————–Love is sweet.———————–Girl
130. Ifeya———————–Love, a lovable woman.———————–Girl
131. Ikeoluwa———————–One who is under the constant care of God.———————–Girl
132. Ileara———————–A healthy child.———————–Girl
133. Ilerioluwa———————–The promise of God.———————–Girl
134. Iles———————–Messenger of the God.———————–Boy
135. Inioluwa———————–Acquiring God’s treasure.———————–Boy
136. Iranola———————–A wealthy family.———————–Boy
137. Iretomiwa———————–Blessing has come to me, a girl who has brought blessings to her family.———————–Girl
138. Isamotu Olalekan———————–Without God I’m destitute.———————–Boy
139. Iseoluwa———————–The act of God.———————–Boy
140. Isoken———————–One who is contented with her destiny.———————–Girl
141. Iyanu-Oluwa———————–The miracle of God.———————–Boy
142. Iyawa———————–Ability or skill. A skillful woman.———————–Girl
143. Jadesola———————–Come out into wealth.———————–Girl
144. Jadesolaoluwa———————–One who has come out to the wealth of God.———————–Girl
145. Jaiyeola———————–One who is enjoying a wealthy life.———————–Girl
146. Jaiyesimi———————–One who believes in enjoying the life.———————–Unisex
147. Jesulayotimoni———————–Jesus is the joy I have.———————–Girl
148. Jesutosin———————–Jesus is worthy of worship.———————–Boy
149. Jibola———————–A child born with wealth.———————–Girl
150. Jimoh———————–One who is born on a Friday.———————–Boy
151. Jolasun———————–Let the wealth come forth.———————–Girl
152. Kaseko———————–To mock or ridicule someone———————–Boy
153. Kehinde———————–Came second or the second born child.———————–Girl
154. Keyshia———————–A girl who is favorite of everyone.———————–Girl
155. Kikelomo———————–A child whom everyone loves pampering.———————–Girl
156. Kinfeosioluwa———————–Yoruba term meaning that I may love you more, my Lord.———————–Girl
157. Kolapo———————–Wealth is in abundance.———————–Girl
158. Kolawole———————–Yoruba term meaning wealth has entered.———————–Girl
159. Korede———————–A girl who has brought joy to the family.———————–Girl
160. Lanre———————–My wealth is the future.———————–Girl
161. Latorunwa———————–One who has descended from heaven.———————–Girl
162. Lolade———————–God is with you.———————–Girl
163. Mabayoje———————–Yoruba term meaning do not destroy joy.———————–Boy
164. Majekodunmi———————–Do not let it be a thing of pain.———————–Boy
165. Mayowa———————–One who brings joy to the family.———————–Boy
166. Mobo———————–Freedom———————–Boy
167. Mobolaji———————–A boy who is born of wealth.———————–Boy
168. Modadeola———————–A man wearing a crown of wealth or affluence.———————–Boy
169. Modupeore———————–Thank you God for this gift.———————–Unisex
170. Modurodoluwa———————–I waited on the Lord.———————–Boy
171. Modurolorilerioluwa———————–One who stands on the promise of God.———————–Boy
172. Mofetoluwa———————–A man who graciously accepts God’s will.———————–Boy
173. Mofihinfoluwa———————–To God be the glory.———————–Boy
174. Mofolorunso———————–One who is placed in God’s care.———————–Boy
175. Mofoluwakemi———————–Given for the Lord’s blessing.———————–Girl
176. Monife———————–The one who has been loved———————–Girl
177. Monjolaoluwa———————–Enjoying the wealth of God.———————–Unisex
178. Morenikeji———————–This child resembles me.———————–Unisex
179. Naade———————–A boy who is born in royalty.———————–Boy
180. Niyilolawa———————–The wealth is here.———————–Unisex
181. Numilekunoluwa———————–Clean my tears, Lord.———————–Boy
182. Oba———————–The king———————–Boy
183. Obafemi———————–The King loves me.———————–Boy
184. Obaloluwa———————–God is the king.———————–Boy
185. Obasolape———————–Yoruba term meaning God has made his wealth complete.———————–Boy
186. Obatotosinloluwa———————–God is indeed worthy of praise.———————–Boy
187. Odunayo———————–Year of happiness.———————–Boy
188. Ogooluwa———————–The glory of God.———————–Boy
189. Olabamiji———————–Wealth wakes with me.———————–Boy
190. Olabisi———————–The joy is multiple.———————–Boy
191. Olabode———————–Wealth has come home.———————–Boy
192. Oladayo———————–Wealth has become joy.———————–Boy
193. Olajuwan———————–The exaltation of the triumph.———————–Unisex
194. Olamide———————–Divinity of triumph, being supernatural of success.———————–Girl
195. Olamilekan———————–Lord Shiva, one of the three major divinities in the later hindu pantheon.———————–Boy
196. Olaniyi———————–The son of victorious people, son of the success crowd.———————–Girl
197. Olorunyomi———————–God has saved me———————–Unisex
198. Oluchi———————–The work of god.———————–Girl
199. Olumoroti———————–I stand with God———————–Unisex
200. Olusola———————–God has blessed me———————–Unisex
201. Oluwabusola———————–God adds to my wealth.———————–Girl
202. Oluwafunbi———————–God gave this to me.———————–Girl
203. Oluwagbenga———————–God has lifted me up.———————–Unisex
204. Oluwatoke———————–God is worthy to be adored.———————–Unisex
205. Omolade———————–Child of the crown.———————–Girl
206. Omorinsola———————–The child who walks into wealth.———————–Girl
207. Orisa———————–An angelic manifestation.———————–Girl
208. Oson———————–Summer———————–Boy
209. Oyinlola———————–Nigerian term, meaning wealth is sweet.———————–Girl
210. Pamilekunayo———————–One who brings tears of joy.———————–Boy
211. Remilekun———————–Stop my grief.———————–Boy
212. Rereloluwa———————–God is good all the time.———————–Boy
213. Ronke———————–A person who has someone to pamper———————–Girl
214. Ropo———————–Come to save.———————–Boy
215. Sangodele———————–The God of thunder has come.———————–Boy
216. Sareola———————–One who is walking towards getting healthy.———————–Boy
217. Seriki———————–Leader of an Islamic community.———————–Boy
218. Seye———————–Honor———————–Boy
219. Shakale———————–The almighty———————–Boy
220. Shola———————–A blessed one———————–Girl
221. Shoyebi———————–A word used for wizards who wards off the evil.———————–Boy
222. Sijuwade———————–A man who is destined for greatness.———————–Boy
223. Similoluwa———————–Rest in the Lord.———————–Boy
224. Sunkanmi———————–A Yoruba word meaning draw close to me.———————–Boy
225. Sunmoluwa———————–One who is moving closer towards God.———————–Boy
226. Tadenikawo———————–Person under the protection of the crown.———————–Boy
227. Tambara———————–A girl who is at ease.———————–Girl
228. Tanimola———————–Nobody knows what lies tomorrow.———————–Boy
229. Tantoluwa———————–One who is like God.———————–Boy
230. Tayo———————–Boy full of happiness———————–Boy
231. Tejumola———————–One who looks forward to better days.———————–Unisex
232. Teleayo———————–The one who lays ground for joy.———————–Boy
233. Teleola———————–He has laid ground for wealth.———————–Boy
234. Temidayo———————–Mine has turned into joy.———————–Boy
235. Temiloluwa———————–God is mine.———————–Boy
236. Temitope———————–One who is worthy for praise.———————–Boy
237. Teniayo———————–The foundation of joy.———————–Boy
238. Tiaraoluwa———————–From the body of God, Lord’s wonder———————–Girl
239. Tifeoluwa———————–It is the will of God.———————–Boy
240. Timilehin———————–God is with you.———————–Girl
241. Titilayo———————–One who is joyful for ever, ever happy———————–Girl
242. Tiwa———————–One who owns the crown or kingship———————–Unisex
243. Tiwalade———————–The crown in ours.———————–Boy
244. Tiwatope———————–Our situation is worthy of thanks———————–Boy
245. Tokunbo———————–One who is from across the seas———————–Unisex
246. Tolulola———————–Wealth belongs to God.———————–Boy
247. Tolulope———————–To God be the glory.———————–Boy
248. Toluwalase———————–Authority belongs to God.———————–Boy
249. Toluwalashe———————–Gods will be done———————–Girl
250. Toluwalogo———————–The glory belongs to God.———————–Boy
251. Toluwalope———————–God is worthy of praise.———————–Boy
252. Toluwanimi———————–I belong to God.———————–Boy
253. Tomori———————–Yoruba term meaning we have seen a baby again.———————–Boy
254. Tosin———————–Only God is servable.———————–Boy
255. Tujuka———————–Cheerful———————–Girl
256. Yejide———————–One who looks like her mother.———————–Girl
257. Yele———————–One who befits the family.———————–Boy
258. Zoputan———————–The protector———————–Girl

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