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10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In Nigeria


Purebred dogs are sold for a range of prices depending on how well they meet the breed standard. The cost buying a dog in Nigeria is also dependent on other factors such as location and importation cost. This post focuses on dogs that are bred in Nigeria.

1. The Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog breed in Nigeria. The Tibetan Mastiff is arguably the most expensive dog in the world! which is probably why they are so rare in Nigeria although a few ‘brave’ breeders breed them. Some of the few you see may have been mixed with the Caucasian Shepherd, and came out looking less hairy.
The Caucasian is in fact a cousin to the Tibetan.
Pure Red/Tan Tibetan Mastiffs are rare in Nigeria and cost about N500,000 to One Million Naira.
The darker, Tibetan Mastiffs closer in color and looks to black Caucasian Shepherds cost about N300,000- N400,000.

2. English Bulldogs-Real,Prime English Bulldogs are rare in Nigeria.The very few we saw then cost about N400,000 and now they are already more then 11 weeks old.

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3. Prime American Bulldogs-Most people in Nigeria have not paid proper attention to the fact that there are in fact two main types of American Bull dogs,the Standard type and the Bully Type.
Again we notice some measure of compromise in looks of this breed.
Prime American Bulldogs may be a little taller than Boerboels-up to 28 inches tall and weigh same as Cane Corso dogs..These sort,when seen cost N350,000-N400,000.The Dogs Arena team has some of these types,very few though.

4. Prime Neapolitan Mastiffs-Cost about N250,000.Several puppies have been advertised for less,but breed standards is a factor.

5. Prime Cane Corso-Puppies cost about N200,000.Less suggests a compromise in standards.

6. Prime Boerboels-Puppies cost about N150,000-N200,000.
N100,000 is possible, but this suggests either a breeder ready to let go or some compromise.

7. The Caucasian Shepherd-A wonderful breed that is doing so well in Nigeria.
Prime Puppies should cost from about N120,00-N150,000 up to N200,000 for the top puppies.

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8. Pugs-Wonderful toy dogs.A few friends of the Dogs Arena Team have these wonderful dogs.N120,000-N150,00O is a fair price for a prime pug in Nigeria.

9. Box Head Rottweilers-The term “Box Head” I first heard here in Nigeria.The German Rottweiler is thicker than the American,and the Box head name came about as a result of this.The Roman Rottweiler is a giant dog breed and the only one in our list is an adult male,which the owner says he will not sell for N500,000.
Otherwise a prime German(Box Head) Rottweiler should cost N110,000 -N140,000.

10. Lhasa Aspo/Dobberman Pinscher- Puppies of these two, if Prime should cost upwards of N75,000.

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