Nigeria Plantain Moi Moi Recipe

See Nigeria Plantain Moi Moi Recipe Below… Blend the overripe plantain pieces, plantain flour batter, onions, crayfish, pepper and stock cube with just enough water to allow the blades of the blender move. Pour the smooth blend into a sizeable bowl. Add salt and palm oil. Mix thoroughly till well combined. Set a small quantity of […]

How To Make Plantain Pizza In Nigeria

See How To Make Plantain Pizza In Nigeria Below…. Dissolve the yeast in warm water and leave to stand for about 5 minutes. Mix the oil, flour, salt, sugar and mashed plantain and pour in the dissolved yeast. Knead the dough till its elastic which may take aBout 15-20 minutes By hand or 10 minutes in […]

How To Make Plantain Pie In Nigeria

See How To Make Plantain Pie In Nigeria Below…. The dough Peel the over ripe plantain and mash with a fork. Set aside. Sift half of the flour, the salt and the baking powder into a clean dry bowl. Cut the butter into small pieces. Add them to the flour and mix till the butter is […]

How To Make Plantain Pancake In Nigeria

See How To Make Plantain Pancake In Nigeria Below… Wash and peel the plantain, removing the black skin. Then chop and mash the plantain until without lumps. It’s easier to blend the plantains or you can mix the mashed plantains with a little water, pass through a sieve and thoroughly mash out any lumps with a […]

How To Make Plantain Mosa In Nigeria

  See How To Make Plantain Mosa In Nigeria Below… Mix the fast action yeast with the warm water making sure there are no lumps. Cover and set aside. Peel the overripe plantain and mash with a fork till a good blend is achieved. Set aside. Sift the plain flour and the salt into a sizeable […]

Cassava Producers In Nigeria

See Cassava Producers In Nigeria Below… Ilugun North Cassava Processing Company De Luxe Flour Psaltry International Limited Teleola Farms And Foods Enterprises Golden Lad Nigeria Limited Godilogo Farms Nigeria Limited Alley Technical Engineering Company Limited Bittol Agro Nigeria Limited Chikagro Technology Limited Olujide Global Resources Limited

How To Be A Good Nigerian Cook

1. Add to what you know Always expanding your insight into cooking is imperative since you definitely know the rudiments of cooking and you are occupied with enhancing your aptitudes. Look for formulas on the web and in cookery books, read them through regardless of whether it is a formula for a feast you think […]