Coren Registration In Nigeria

COREN is the abbreviation for Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. Becoming an official member of COREN is prestigious and respected across Nigeria.

Requirements & COREN Membership Council for the Regulation of

Engineering in Nigeria has the rights to control engineers in the country and register such personnel and companies in the relevant records. Engineers who wish to become officially registered engineering personnel has to meet COREN registration requirements.

The following are basic registration requirements you must meet if you want to qualify for COREN membership:

  • It is necessary to provide a professional report on all the engineering design, study and supervisions under the organization that wishes to register (with at least 5 years of experience)
  • You need to be willing to demonstrate the ability to complete complex projects (that would last for at least 3 years after successful COREN registration)
  • Provide a reference letter from trusted COREN member
  • Be ready to renew company membership once in 5 years
  • A foreign specialist can register only their consulting company if they work in partnership with a registered engineer from Nigeria

How To Become A Registered Engineer In Nigeria

The list of documents required for registration of the company includes:

  • Company’s brochure
  • Completed corporate affairs application (form 2)
  • Owner’s or partners’ CVs
  • Annual returns form
  • Proof of processing fees payment
  • Application form provided by COREN Partnership deed (if applicable)
  • CAC forms (C07, C02, if applicable)
  • Registration Certificates (if applicable).

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