Disadvantages Of Waist Trainers

A waist trainer is a high-compression shaping garment that you wear around your midsection to slim your waistline instantly and supplement your fitness goals. Most waist trainers stimulate thermal activity in your core, making you sweat more with less effort during exercise.

Waist training is the process of reducing your natural waist size and accentuating curves with the aid of waist trainer or a tight-laced corset. These garments are meant to give the wearer an exaggerated hourglass figure, which is a tiny waist and curves over the hips.

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The idea is to wear the constricting garment repeatedly for months in order to force your body into an hourglass shape.

Waist trainer benefits include a more effective workout, improved posture, and dramatic hourglass curves—instantly.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Waist Trainers

Acid Reflux
Muscles Atrophy and Weak
Some discomfort
Reduced Body ‘s Core Strength

Other Disadvantages

Long-term waist training may alter your shape temporarily, but it is an ineffective way to lose inches and won’t actually change your body proportions. It can also lead to several health issues, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

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When you squeeze into a waist trainer, your stomach, lungs, liver, kidneys and other organs are pushed into unnatural positions, and may be too crowded to function properly. Wearing a corset long-term can not only harm your organs, but it can also crack your ribs. Additionally, your digestive system is compromised since long-term wear can cause blockages as well as acid reflux.

“Your organs are also pushed upward, reducing lung capacity while making breathing more difficult and certainly unsafe for exercise,” says Bradley Thomas, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and founding partner of Beach Cities Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, which has locations in Manhattan Beach and Torrance, California.

Depriving your body of oxygen not only makes breathing difficult, but it can also cause serious consequences such as passing out, fluid buildup in the lungs and inflammation. A restricted lymphatic system may also occur, so waste and toxins may not be properly removed from your body.

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Meralgia paresthetica is another possible side effect. A waist trainer can put extreme pressure on nerves that run into the thighs. Numbness, tingling and a burning sensation in the outer thigh are symptoms.

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