Export Registration In Nigeria

All business interested in exporting have to register as an exporter in Nigeria. This should be done via the E-registration platform of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). If you want to assess whether your company is ready for exports, NEPC provides you with an export readiness checker.

When you want to export from Nigeria you are obliged to register at NEPC. You can only register as an exporter via the e-registration platform.

Fees & charges

Obtaining an exporters certificate involves some costs. Different charges apply for different situations:

  • New certificate registration – N13,500
  • Expired certificate renewal – N7,500
  • Late certificate renewal – N12,500
  • Lost / mutilated certificate – N12,500

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Note: The E-registration platform was launched on the 3rd of April, 2017 and only companies registered after this date will be eligible for renewals. All companies registered before this date with expired certificates will need to migrate to the new platform by registering afresh for a new certificate.

Payment methods

After you filled out all the requested information you have to pay for your registration. There are several payment methods available, including:

  • Nigerian local cards
  • International credit / debit cards
  • Internet banking
  • Commercial bank branch in Nigeria

Payment confirmation

After you have paid for your registration, you should always confirm the payment:

  1. Copy the Order ID from your certificate (see Transactions Log)
  2. Input it in the field besides Get Status
  3. Click on Get Status to confirm your payment
  4. You will receive a notification of the status of your payment

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Guidelines & procedures

Before you can proceed and register as an exporter you have to take some preparations. There are documents required for completing the full registration process. The required documents depend on your type of company.

Visit The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) Official Webpage to register

Service timeline

The council aims to issue certificates as soon as possible. Normally within 1 working day after payment is confirmed by the system. Please note that issuance of your certificate could be delayed by payment delays, issues with documents or insufficient information supply.

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Alternative options for registration

It is only possible to register online for an exporter certificate. Having any reservations? Please contact us directly via the online chat. Alternatively you can also visit the NEPC export assistance office closest to you.

We are happy to assist!

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