Full Meaning Of FADAMA

FADAMA is an Hausa word meaning a valley-bottom, flood plain, or a lowland around a river that floods or becomes wet when the river is high.

Fadama is not actually an acronym of any word. It has no hidden meaning, it is simply borrowed from the Hausa language.

“Fadama” is an Hausa name for irrigable land–usually low-lying plains underlay by shallow aquifers found along Nigeria´s major river systems. Such lands are especially suitable for irrigated production and fishing, and traditionally provide feed and water for livestock. The enormous potential of this land is only very partially developed.

It is loosely defined as “fertile or rich land.” The full meaning of Fadama is “a land that is capable of being irrigated”.

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It usually refers to low-level plains located by water-bearing rocks, also known as aquifers. You can easily identify a Fadama area because it has a tendency to get flooded during the rainy season. Fadama lands are also useful for supporting the lives of the wildlife that live in their vicinity.

In Nigerian agriculture, Fadama means the cultivation and farming of crops in irrigation conditions. This occurs only during the dry season because otherwise these lands can’t be accessed because of the floods.

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