Functions Of WOTCLEF In Nigeria

WOTCEF (Women Trafficking And Child Labour Eradication Foundation) is a non-governmental organization (NGO), which was initiated and founded by her excellency, chief (Mrs.) Amina Titi Atiku Abubakar, wife of the former vice-president of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria in 1999.

WOTCLEF - Women Traffiking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation
WOTCLEF – Women Traffiking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation

WOTCLEF is a humanitarian organization, dedicated to the eradication of trafficking in persons, child labour and violent abuses of the rights of women and society, WOTCLEF’s areas of focus are: trafficking, child labour, abuse of the rights of women and children and HIV/AIDS.

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It is one of the most established anti-human trafficking organizations in Africa known to have carried out the most powerful advocacy campaign to strengthen the Fight against Trafficking in Persons and Child Labour in Nigeria.

Below Are The Functions Of  WOTCLEF  In Nigeria;

Running a rehabilitation centre that offers lodging, protection, school assistance, meals, and vocational training

Training youth in life skills, empowerment, confidence, and character

Providing trafficked people with counselling and other services to help them successfully reintegrate into society

Providing primary, secondary, and tertiary education assistance to economically poor students

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