Full Meaning Of JETS CLUB


Full Meaning Of JETS CLUB Is Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientist

The JETS Club is  part of the culture in Nigerian secondary schools.

JETS club project helps to reveal the full potential of young minds in Nigeria. The Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) club is a way for the Nigerian child to discover his/her creative potential.

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JETS club was created to provide children with an introduction to science in Nigeria. The club was created in 1982 by Professor Okebukola. JETS club project in Nigeria encouraged the smartest kids to think like a scientist. Some of the JETS club activities have even been broadcasted on national television. Sadly, the popularity of the programme is dwindling. The decline of JETS was as a result of the decline of education in Nigeria. Because of this, there has been no major science fair project in Nigeria since the 1990s.

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