Functions Of Nigeria Post Office


The Nigeria Postal service Department came into being with the establishment of the Nigeria Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) on January 1, 1985. NITEL emerged from the merger of the Telecommunications arm of the defunct Post and Telecommunications Department of the Ministry of Communications with the former Nigeria External Telecommunications Limited (NET). Through the promulgation of decree No. 18 of 1987, NIPOST became an Extra-Ministerial Department.

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Here are some of the functions

  • To provide and operate facilities for collection, dispatch and distribution of inland and overseas mail at reasonable cost.
  • To provide and operate facilities for remittance of money through the money or postal order systems.
  • To provide and operate philatelic services in Nigeria.
  • To print and provide postage stamps for payment of postage tariff and payment of stamp duties.
  • To represent Nigeria in its relations with other postal administrations and other bodies concerned with postal services. Prior to 1992, NIPOST operated as an Extra-Ministerial Department in the Ministry of Communications while Decree 18 of 1987 went through various amendments.

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