Functions Of Nigerian Broadcasting Commission

National Broadcasting Commission
National Broadcasting Commission

The National Broadcasting Commission is a parastatal of the Federal Government of Nigeria established by Section 1 of the National Broadcasting Commission Act, Cap. NII, laws of the Federation, 2004 and vested with the responsibilities of, amongst other things, regulating and controlling the broadcasting Industry in Nigeria.

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Functions Of The Nigerian Broadcasting Commission:

The National Broadcasting Commission is mandated by Section 2 subsection (1) of Act No 38 of 1992 as amended by Act No 55. of 1999 to carry out the following functions;

  1. Advising the Federal Government generally on the implementation of the National Mass Communication Policy with particular reference to broadcasting.
  2. Receiving, Processing and considering applications for the ownership of radio and television stations including cable television services, direct satellite broadcast and any other medium of broadcasting.
  3. Recommending applications through the Minister to the President, Commander in chief of the Armed Forces for the grant of radio and television licences.
  4. Regulating and controlling the broadcast industry;
  5. Undertaking research and development in the broadcast industry;
  6. Receiving, considering and investigating complaints from individuals and bodies corporate regarding the content of a broadcast and the conduct of a broadcasting station;
  7. Upholding the principles of equity and fairness in broadcasting.
  8. Establishing and disseminating a national broadcasting code and setting standards with regard to the contents and quality of materials for broadcast;
  9. Promoting Nigerian indigenous cultures, moral and community life through broadcasting;
  10. Promoting authenticated radio and television audience measurements and penetration.
  11. Initiating and harmonizing government policies on transborder direct transmission and reception in Nigeria.
  12. Regulating ethical standards and technical excellence in public, private and commercial broadcast stations in Nigeria.
  13. Monitoring broadcasting for harmful emission, interference and illegal broadcasting;
  14. Determining and applying sanctions including revocation of licence of defaulting stations which do not operate in accordance with the broadcast code and in the public interest.

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