Functions Of Nigerian Insurers Association

Nigerian Insurers Association
Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA)

The Nigerian Insurers Association, NIA, was established in 1971 as an umbrella organization for all insurance companies in Nigeria. It has since then, offered its members a forum to speak to one another and for all of them to speak with one voice to the Government, its agencies and other parties on matters affecting insurance business. The NIA organizes conferences, seminars and other events for members and also publishes a wide range of books and journals.

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The goal of the Association is to protect and advance the common interests of Insurers in Nigeria by creating and sustaining a positive image for the Insurance industry and contributing to legislation, and decisions made by the Government and other public Authorities in the best interest of the industry in particular and the national economy in general.

Functions Of Nigerian Insurers Association

  • To protect, promote and advance the common interest of Insurers in Nigeria.
  • To advise members on any action or proposed action by Government or any other Authority in connection with any legislation or policy.
  • To advise or consult with the Government regarding any act or thing done or being contemplated by it or its Agencies or other statutory bodies with regard to any matter relating to Insurance business.
  • To guide and assist members in complying with any statute, regulation, order and Government directive relating generally to the business of Insurance.
  • To create better understanding of Insurance by all sections of the community including the furtherance of knowledge and research on Insurance and related matters.
  • To collect, collate and disseminate statistical, economic and other information relating to Insurance.
  • To maintain constant dialogue with other trade Associations in the Insurance industry with a view to fostering good relationships between them, the NIA as well as the insuring public.

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