History Of Nigerian Education System

Nigerians esteem instruction a great deal. Instruction in Nigeria did not begin when the Europeans came; training had been an integral part of this nation some time before those Europeans got western type of training to the African West drift.

Back then, youngsters were instructed by the grown-ups about the works, ingrained instincts, social exercises and culture that won back then. While the western type of training is being granted some time ago, these different types of instruction were educated to the kids in casual way. In any case, they accomplished their normal end.

Notwithstanding the way that the western type of training had not come back then, there were some Nigerian social orders that educated their children about societies, social obligations and different things in formal way. This is to state Nigeria was a composed substance well before the Europeans came. For instance, the youngsters and youth of those days were educated about custom sections and a large group of different things in rather formal conduct. They won’t not have the capacity to peruse and compose European letters, however they had grounded information about their societies and societal practices.

At the point when the general population from the western world came to Nigerian, they began building their own type of instruction on the officially settled social and societal foundations.

When everything started

It was in the 1840s; that was the point at which the Europeans attacked Nigeria with their own particular type of instruction. Everything began in those seaside urban communities of Nigeria, as Calabar and Lagos, alongside a large group of other beach front urban areas. Hardly any decades after, numerous European schools were at that point set up in these beach front urban areas with Nigerian understudies on affirmation in such schools. These understudies were instructed for the most part by European educators, who showed them how to peruse and compose. Method of instructing in these schools was English dialect.

It must be noticed that Great Britain, Nigeria’s pilgrim experts, did not contribute anything to training in Nigeria. Or maybe, it was the teachers and places of worship that sowed the seed of western instruction in Nigeria. Just not very many schools were supported by the British pilgrim experts back then. Be that as it may, numerous Nigerian graduates were permitted to learn at colleges in Great Britain on grants, a large number of which were given by the British government.

The British government was really not inspired by extending western training in Nigeria; they were just keen on offering gift to mission schools to complete such extension.

Northern piece of Nigeria is transcendently involved by Muslims. Back then, the general population of expert in this piece of the nation really disallowed western instruction; they selected rather for Islamic training. Purpose behind such preclusion was on the grounds that the religious pioneers in this piece of the nation disliked the possibility of the Europeans meddling with their religion.

Thus, bunches of Islamic schools were built up in the northern part if the nation and they instructed their children just about Islamic religion as the sole type of training. It was just at a later time that they began respecting the inescapable draw of western instruction. In spite of their yield, some of regardless them join both Islamic and western training together.

How things stand today

Things have extremely changed today. It is presently on record that up to 78% of men in Nigeria are instructed in the western way and that up to 64% of ladies have gotten western training. The outcome was touched base at in light of the level of English education reachable in Nigeria. The rates don’t mean every one of those individuals have gotten college instruction; it just implies that they had gone through one type of western training organization or the other.

It should likewise be expressed that this insights depends on comes about got primarily from the southern piece of Nigeria; a considerable lot of the northern states in Nigeria are still never going to budge on Islamic training alone and some of despite everything them see western instruction as haram.

Be it Islamic or western training, Nigerians are instructed one way or the other. It can in this manner be said that Nigeria is a country loaded with the informed.

Just two higher foundations were available in Nigeria as at the time Nigerian got her freedom from Great Britain. These higher establishments were Yaba Higher College and University College, Ibadan. Yaba Higher College was established in 1934 and University College, Ibadan was established in 1948. Afterward, Yaba Higher College had its name changed to Yaba College of Technology, while the name of University College, Ibadan was changed to University of Ibadan.

Quite a long while after Nigeria’s autonomy, a few different colleges were framed and some of them are University of Lagos; Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria; Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife; and University of Nigeria, Nsukka. College of Benin was established in 1970. Government colleges were established in different parts of the nation at a later date, and this was the way urban areas, similar to Maiduguri, Sokoto, Port Harcourt, Jos, Ilorin and Calabar got elected Universities around the 1980s.

At a later date, the legislature built up foundations of agribusiness and polytechnics crosswise over Nigeria in urban areas like Kaduna and Lagos.

As at 1980, it was recorded that up to 12 million Nigerian understudies were enlisted in grade schools. Up to 1.2 million kids were enlisted in optional school in that year moreover. Moreover, educators preparing schools had up to 240,000 understudies on enrolment. Up to 75,000 understudies had picked up induction into colleges as at that year. These numbers do exclude those Nigerians that picked up entrance into remote colleges.

Truly, Nigeria had it great in times past. We began exceptionally well on the way to instructive freedom, however tragically that training state in Nigeria as at show is not a big deal. There is extraordinary decrease in instruction framework and qualities in Nigeria today and numerous college graduates are tragically unemployable since a considerable lot of them are crazy graduates.

What is the route forward?

Nobody can really say. The legislature has bunches of work to do and the instructors too should be in any way proactive. Another factor that is by all accounts attracting instruction in reverse Nigeria is the low quality of instructors being delivered today. Nigeria truly has far to go if the nation is to show signs of improvement instructively.

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