How Do I Bar Outgoing Calls On GLO Nigeria Network?

How to activate call barring on your GLO Line

This feature enables the you place a restriction on Incoming calls; Outgoing calls; National calls or even International calls. (This service requires a barring code. The default barring code is 0000). Barring is available for only Post-Paid Customers

Quick Facts About Call Barring

  • Barring is a term that refers to a service that prevents certain calls from being made or received
  • When a barring is activated or deactivated a barring password is required. The default barring code is 0000.
  • To change barring code dial **03*330*old barring code*new barring code*new barring code #send
  • Barring can not be setup when diverts are active
  • Barring affects voice calls, SMS, fax and data

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Barring on GLO network can be set up and cancelled using the following codes:

 Call BarringActivateCancelCheck Status
Outgoing Calls – Nationally*33*barring code# Send#33*barring code# Send*#33# Send
Outgoing Calls – Internationally  *331*barring code# Send #331*barring code# Send  *#331# Send
Incoming Calls – Nationally*35*barring code# Send#35*barring code# Send*#35# Send
Incoming Calls – When Roaming *351*barring code#Send #351*barring code# Send  *#351# Send
All Call Barring #330*barring code# Send

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