How To Become An Internet Service Provider (ISP) In Nigeria

An Internet service provider (ISP) is a firm that provides services for using and accessing the Internet.

To become an ISP in Nigeria, you need the information below:

1. Find a building to house the isp’s data centre: The building should have raised floor to route cables.

2. Install UPS units, a diesel power generator, and HVAC units.

The UPS and diesel power generator are needed when power is interrupted by a power failure or outage.

The HVACs are basically needed to keep the data centre cool, because the types of equipment running the Internet service provider generates heat which can cause damages.

3. Enter into a peering arrangement with two or more upstream Internet providers.

Your Internet services provider should have its own connections to the Internet via peering arrangements. Purchase high-speed fibre optic lines from local telecommunication utility to connect to the upstream Internet.

Buy, install and Configure enterprise-grade routers, switches, and computers.

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