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How To Start Underwear Business In Nigeria


The marketing strategies
I will like to explain from what worked for me during my service year and now I can be proud of it. Then we used to pick it at the rate of 200 naira and packed it into 3 in a good nylon for just 1000, the nylon at times attract peoples, people talk about Aba made, Simple definition of Aba made is what simply lack packaging and lack of well arrangement, though I know some people sew bad material for boxers and still sells. We give out to our fellow friends and also go to nearby store, banks and offices to deliver to them, some get attracted with the nylon and the color packed inside. Also, know that if people love you, even if they have 10 boxers at home, they will still buy from you, mostly, ladies sell faster than we guys you understand better.

How do I make my own profit?
The profit is very simple; first, ensure you are getting a good material from your supplier, because this will make your business sustainable for long. Imagine you are getting at 200 per one and you are packing it into 3 per 1 as in you pack 3 boxers inside one nylon for just start of 1000, mathematically, you gain 400 on it, which means 100+ on one boxers, may be after expenses of buying nylon and may be you want sticker to the nylon, you later make 100 on each boxer, I believe that is enough for anybody.

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Secondly, you can target supplying it out to people close to you, I have a guy who always acts as a middlemen for the boxer, he gets it and supply out to his people for sell, he made faster money than we do then. Making your profit depends on how you can think deep on it.

Risk attached to this Business
I believe there is no business without risk, any business that poses without risk must not be a genuine business. Number one risk is frustration? What do I mean, if you ever buy boxers from an untrusted person, and your customer started condemning your goods, you notice that frustration is the first thing that will come to you, advice, don’t go for anybody you cant trust in supplying you the boxer, and no matter what, never allow your customer to select boxer and that is why we packed it in a nylon, because all colour can never be so attracting, they compensate each other. Secondly, if you fail to establish market or target a market, you may be disappointed that it is easy to establish with mind but execution is a challenge, my advice for you is to talk about it to friends and family even your enemy and lets them comments about it.

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Lastly, You are the last risk, don’t join because I said its profitable, simply follow your dream and lets be fits into making it before you start, I started with my mind fits in making it, and today, after my NYSC, I stayed back in producing my own boxers and also work as an IT executive for one popular radio station in the city.

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