Itu L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward:  East itam 1

Polling Unit: 

(6 Polling Booths )
Pry sch , ibiaku ikot obong (PU: 03/16/03/006)
Town hall, efi (PU: 03/16/03/003)
Town hall, ibiaku ikot obong (PU: 03/16/03/005)
Town hall, ikot anse (PU: 03/16/03/004)
Town hall, mbiabong (PU: 03/16/03/002)
Town hall, odiok (PU: 03/16/03/001)

Ward: East itam 11

Polling Unit: 

(9 Polling Booths )
Afe atai ibiatok (PU: 03/16/04/004)
Pry sch, ekiritam. i (PU: 03/16/04/001)
Pry sch, ekiritam. ii (PU: 03/16/04/002)
Pry sch, mbiatok (PU: 03/16/04/005)
Pry sch, mbiatok (1) (PU: 03/16/04/006)
Town hall, akon itam (PU: 03/16/04/009)
Town hall, ikot ikono (PU: 03/16/04/008)
Town hall, uyo itam (PU: 03/16/04/007)
Village square, atai ekiritam (PU: 03/16/04/003)

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Ward: East itam 111

Polling Unit: 

(8 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ikot andem (PU: 03/16/05/003)
Pry sch, obio (PU: 03/16/05/001)
Sec sch, mbak obio (PU: 03/16/05/002)
Town hall, ikot ukap (PU: 03/16/05/008)
Town hall, obong itam i (PU: 03/16/05/004)
Town hall, obong itam ii (PU: 03/16/05/005)
Village square, ekim itam (PU: 03/16/05/007)
Village square, ikot uso akpan (PU: 03/16/05/006)

Ward:  East itam 1v

Polling Unit: 

(8 Polling Booths )
Co-operative hall, ikot anie (PU: 03/16/06/001)
Pri. sch. ema itam (PU: 03/16/06/009)
Pry sch, ikot akpan (PU: 03/16/06/006)
Pry sch, ikot anie (PU: 03/16/06/002)
Pry sch, ikot nya (PU: 03/16/06/007)
Town hall, ema itam (PU: 03/16/06/003)
Town hall, nkim (PU: 03/16/06/004)
Village square, adang (PU: 03/16/06/005)

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Ward: East itam v

Polling Unit: 

(10 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, afaha i (PU: 03/16/07/006)
Pry sch, mbak atai. i (PU: 03/16/07/003)
Pry sch, mbak atai. ii (PU: 03/16/07/004)
Town hall, enen atai (PU: 03/16/07/005)
Town hall, mkpeti (PU: 03/16/07/001)
Village square okpoenyen (PU: 03/16/07/008)
Village square, atakpa (PU: 03/16/07/010)
Village square, ikot ayan (PU: 03/16/07/002)
Village square, obio obot etim (PU: 03/16/07/009)
Village square, ukpowenyen (PU: 03/16/07/007)

Ward:  Mbiase/ayadehe

Polling Unit: 

(14 Polling Booths )
Ekong settlement (PU: 03/16/02/011)
Town hall, efik ibuno (PU: 03/16/02/006)
Town hall, ikot offiong (PU: 03/16/02/007)
Town hall, etehentan (PU: 03/16/02/005)
Village hall, mkpanaruk (PU: 03/16/02/008)
Village square, ayanate (PU: 03/16/02/003)
Village square, eton ani (PU: 03/16/02/012)
Village square, ikot ono (PU: 03/16/02/001)
Village square, ikot otu (PU: 03/16/02/009)
Village square, ikotakpabio (PU: 03/16/02/002)
Village square, mbiabo edere (PU: 03/16/02/010)
Village square, nya anatang (PU: 03/16/02/004)
Village square, offiong ani (PU: 03/16/02/013)
Village square, okono (PU: 03/16/02/014)

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Ward: Oku iboku

Polling Unit: 

(15 Polling Booths )
A/c sec comm sch (PU: 03/16/01/002)
Clerks quarters (PU: 03/16/01/011)
Hospital road (PU: 03/16/01/012)
Town hall, ikot antuen (PU: 03/16/01/005)
Town hall, ikot eka iko (PU: 03/16/01/004)
Town hall, ikot esia (PU: 03/16/01/006)
Town hall, ikot essien (PU: 03/16/01/007)
Village square, akpa ekpene oyung (PU: 03/16/01/015)
Village square, ifia afia isong (PU: 03/16/01/014)
Village square, ika oku iboku (PU: 03/16/01/009)
Village square, ikot ntu (PU: 03/16/01/008)
Village square, ikot abiyak (PU: 03/16/01/001)
Village square, ikot adakpan (PU: 03/16/01/003)
Village square, mbarakom itu (PU: 03/16/01/010)
Village square, odu itu (PU: 03/16/01/013)

Ward:  West itam 1

Polling Unit: 

(7 Polling Booths )
Town hall, ikot mbonde (PU: 03/16/08/002)
Village square, afaha ube (PU: 03/16/08/007)
Village square, ikot ekang (PU: 03/16/08/001)
Village square, ikot ekpuk (PU: 03/16/08/005)
Village square, ikot ekwere (PU: 03/16/08/003)
Village square, ikot emien (PU: 03/16/08/006)
Village square, nkwut usiong (PU: 03/16/08/004)

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Ward: West itam 11

Polling Unit: 

(6 Polling Booths )
Town hall, ekiritam 11 (PU: 03/16/09/005)
Town hall, ikot abasi (PU: 03/16/09/003)
Town hall, ikot obio enang (PU: 03/16/09/002)
Town hall, mbak ii (PU: 03/16/09/006)
Town hall, nung ukot (PU: 03/16/09/004)
Village square, mbiribit (PU: 03/16/09/001)

Ward:  West itam 111

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Adult education, ikot obong edong (PU: 03/16/10/004)
Town hall, afaha itam (PU: 03/16/10/006)
Town hall, atai ibiaku (PU: 03/16/10/002)
Town hall, ikot edon (PU: 03/16/10/001)
Town hall, ikot obio atai (PU: 03/16/10/007)
Town hall, ikot obong edong (PU: 03/16/10/003)
Town hall, ntak inyang (PU: 03/16/10/005)
Village square, ata idung (PU: 03/16/10/008)

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