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List Of Nigerian Army Ranks And Symbol


These Nigerian Armed Forces include land branch. It means the soldiers carry out missions on the ground. This category possesses the largest quantity of all the types of armed forces. There are also several divisions in Nigeria. Their primary obligations are:

• Base security,

• supplies and troops transportation,

• humanitarian missions,

• enemy targets engaging,

• law enforcement, etc.

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Army ranking:

  • Field Marshal. It is the highest rank. However, it is said that no Nigerian has been able to attain it. That’s why it is not very frequently used.
  • General. This is the highest rank, which has actually been achieved by Nigerian. It is a four-star rank with NATO ranking 9.
  • Lieutenant General. It refers to the high commissioned officer. As for NATO, it is indicated by 8. In Nigeria it has three stars.
  • Major General. This is medium commissioned officer. NATO gives it 7, while it is actually a two-star rank in Nigerian hierarchy.
  • Brigadier (General). Within the country is has one star, while NATO indicated it under the number 6.
  • Colonel. It is often called Colonel of regiments. It refers to the commissioned officer of lower level and the highest field officer. According to NATO ranking, it gets 5.
  • Lieutenant Colonel. He is deputy to Colonel. It is a field officer of the middle level with NATO rank 4.
  • Major. The field officer of the lower category. Its rank is 3.
  • Captain. Having the ranking of 2, it is the highest rank in the tactical troops organization.
  • Lieutenant (First). Captain’s deputy. It is the same as immediate superior rank. It possesses NATO ranking 1.
  • Second Lieutenant. Such officer possesses the same NATO rank as the first Lieutenant, and he is subordinate to him.
  • Sergeant. It refers to junior non-commissioned officer, who is subordinate to Staff Sergeant.
  • Corporal. This category of people is usually in charge of a certain troop body.
  • Lance Corporal. It is slightly higher than the recruit/trainee, but it is still the lowest officer rank. Lance Corporals have one shoulder mark.
  • Recruit/Trainee. This rank is for those who have just joined the army and are currently on the lowest level of hierarchy there is. Usually, recruits have no insignia, while trainees might have one shoulder mark.

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As for the symbols, there is Crest of the Nigerian Army. Red color prevails there, which means enemy forces and their activities. In the centre, you can see a golden star and an eagle, which denote strength of soldiers. The motto is as follows: Victory is from God alone

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