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Nigerian Army Rank And Salary


The Nigerian Army Estimated Monthly Salary Scale For All Ranks

It would be worthy to note that these salaries are excluding allowances and bonuses

1. Private

Monthly Salary – N49,000

Annual Salary – N588,000

2. Lance Corporal

Monthly Salary – N55,000

Annual Salary – N660, 000

3. Corporal

Monthly Salary – N58,000

Annual Salary – N696,000

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4. Sergeant

Monthly Salary – N63,000

Annual Salary – N756,000

5. Staff Sergeant

Monthly Salary – N68,000

Annual Salary – N816,000

6. Warrant Officer

Monthly Salary – N80,000

Annual Salary – N960,000

7. Master Warrant Officer

Monthly Salary – N90,000

Annual Salary – N1,080,000

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8. Second Lieutenant

Monthly Salary – N120,000

Annual Salary – N1,440,000

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9. Lieutenant

Monthly Salary -N180,000

Annual Salary – N2,160,000

10. Army Captain

Monthly Salary -N220,000

Annual Salary – N2,640,000

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11. Major

Monthly Salary -N300,000

Annual Salary – N3,600,000

12. Lt. Colonel

Monthly Salary -N350,000

Annual Salary – N4,200,000

13. Colonel

Monthly Salary – N550,000

Annual Salary – N6,600,000

14. Brigadier General

Monthly Salary – N750,000

Annual Salary – N9,000,000

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15. Major General

Monthly Salary – N950,000

Annual Salary – N11,400,000

16. Lt. General

Monthly Salary – N1 million

Annual Salary – N12,000,000

17. General

Monthly Salary – N1.5 million

Annual Salary – N18,000,000

NB: The commissioned officers in this case refers to the core officers that passed through the Nigerian Defence Academy and graduated successfully to become officers.

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