List Of All FIFA Presidents

Here’s a List Of All FIFA Presidents from 1904 till date

Giovanni Vincenzo Infantino Is the current pesident of FIFA.

Frenchman Robert Guerin: was the dynamic figure behind the founding of FIFA in 1904. Was elected the FIFA president at the inaugural FIFA Congress On 22 May 1904.

Daniel Burley Woolfall: was elected as President on 4 June 1906. Woolfall’s presidency ended with his death in August 1918.

Jules Rimet: When the FIFA World Cup trophy was renamed in honour of Jules Rimet in 1946, it was rightful recognition of the role played by the Frenchman, then celebrating his 25 th anniversary as President, in establishing what fast became the sport’s foremost competition. Rimet, inspired by the success of the Olympic Football Tournament, was the driving force behind the FIFA World Cup’s inception in 1930. His overriding aim was a rapprochement of nations through sport and the First World War only reinforced his determination. He oversaw the first five tournaments before handing ‘his’ trophy over for the final time to West Germany captain Fritz Walter in June 1954. That same month, the then 80-year-old ended his long reign – during which FIFA membership grew from 20 to 85 countries – and became the federation’s first Honorary President.

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Rodolphe William Seeldrayers: He performed the duties of FIFA Vice-President for 27 years prior to succeeding Jules Rimet. He died in office on 7 October 1955.

Arthur Drewry: served as interim head of FIFA for six months following the death of Rodolphe William Seeldrayers and then became President in his own right in June 1956. The near five years that Drewry spent as President – from his election in 1956 to his passing aged 70 on 25 March 1961 – included the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden.

Sir Stanley Rous: He became the third English President of FIFA when he took the reins in September 1961 and during his term of office, the FIFA World Cup became a worldwide television spectacle – particularly with the Mexico 1970 finals, which were the first to be broadcast around the globe in colour. Rous named Honorary FIFA President on 11 June 1974.

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Dr João Havelange: His 24 years as FIFA President were a period of significant change which featured, most notably, the expansion of the FIFA World Cup from a 16-team tournament to one twice as large by the time he left his post in 1998.

Joseph S. Blatter: He was elected as successor to Dr João Havelange On 8 June 1998, becoming the eighth FIFA President. On 2 June 2015 Blatter announced that he would be laying down his mandate at an extraordinary elective Congress, which took place on 26 February 2016 in Zurich.

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Giovanni Vincenzo Infantino: Is the current pesident of FIFA.

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