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List Of Radio Stations In Abuja FCT And Their Frequency


These are the list of radio stations in Abuja, FCT;

Best Afro FM, Abuja – 87.9
Brilla FM, Abuja Sportsa – 88.9
Vision FM, Abujaa – 92.1
Kapital FM (FRCN), Abujaa – 92.9
ASO Radio, Abujaa – 93.5
Rhythm FM, Abujaa – 94.7
Nigeria info Abujaa – 95.1
Urban Radio, Abujaa – 96.1
Cool FM, Abujaa – 96.9
Hot FM, Abujaa – 98.3
Wazobia FM, Abujaa – 99.5
Kiss FM, Abujaa – 99.9
Ray power FM, Abujaa – 100.5
Human Rights Radioa – 101.1
Love FM, Abujaa – 104.5
Greetings FM, Abujaa – 105.7
WE FMa – 106.3
Armed Forces Radio, Mogadishu Cantonment, Asokoro,Abuja.a – 107.7

234Radio – Internet Radio; 234radio.com.

Vicky-Lonia Radio – Internet Radio.

633FM – A Christian Radio station.

Fish FM – The people’s radio, 24/7 anytime, anywhere, Download our Mobile APP and enjoy unlimited music and voice.

Worded FM – Internet Radio; www.wordedfm.com.

Amplified Radio – Internet Radio;
DJ Jozenga – Internet Radio; broadcasting from Abuja

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