Official Plants vs. Zombies 2 : 2019 Major Changes update and Announcement


As part of ongoing changes, we’re about to make the biggest change yet to Battlez and how you interact with it. In this post we wanted to give the heads up on it and when to expect it.

We’ll be introducing a new way to play and earn rewards through Battlez Seasons. A Battlez Season will consist of multiple tournaments over a 4-week time period. Crowns gained from wins and losses goes toward your overall Season Progress, where you can unlock great new rewards, including brand-new premium plants (Please note, Seasons progress will be profile specific).

In addition to Season Progress rewards, players still earn rewards via the win-streak. But, moving forward, we will be changing how win streaks work which will require us to reset the current win streak system. What this means is that you will be able to continue your current win streak until April 30, after that you will start fresh once the win streak system is in place.

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Player’s current win streaks will be reset upon updating to the 7.3 binary update, which kicks off Battlez Seasons. Already earned rewards will still be kept. Finally, players can still also earn tournament-end rewards, which will vary based on the length of the tournament.

Seasons is anticipated to start appearing in your games in the 7.3 update, which is targeted for global release on April 30, 2019.

In celebration of the Battlez journey so far we’ll be kicking off 2 weeks of events to pave the way for Battlez Seasons. First will be ‘Super Streak Week’ (April 9) where we will be doubling the amount of Mint currency earned from the win streak rewards for everyone. Additionally we will be bringing back the much requested Improve-mint event for everyone on April 16, with special bundles available in the store to help get you prepared for Seasons moving forward.

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As this is a heads up post, we’ll be providing more details about how Seasons will work closer to the date.

We look forward to bringing Seasons to you in the very near future.

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