Salary Of Zenith Bank Workers

Zenith bank is one of the Nigeria’s banking institutions that pay their workers very well. See their salary structure below:

Interns: Interns at Zenith bank, including NYSC Youth corpers and IT students, are paid an average of 35,000naira monthly.

Graduate Trainees: Zenith bank, graduate trainees earn around 42,000 naira per month.

Entry-level staffs: The basic entry-level salary for Zenith Bank staffs is between 108,000 and 110,000 naira, depending on the employee’s department within the bank. Asides the basic salary, entry-level staffs are also entitled to quite a number of benefits.

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Customer service officers: Zenith bank customer care officers are paid an average of 100,000 naira per month.

Marketers: Zenith bank marketers earn between 145,000 and 155,000 naira every month.

Executive Assistants: Executive assistants at Zenith bank earn between 150,000 and 180,000 naira monthly, depending on the location of and department within the bank.

Banking Officers: They earn between 390,000 and 420,000 naira per month.

Loan Officers: At this level, the staff earn up to 510,000 naira per month.

Credit Analysts: Credit analysts are among the top earners. Their monthly wage is around 575,000 naira.

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Relationship managers: Relationship managers earn between 560,000 and 600,000 naira per month.

Branch Managers: The monthly salary of a Zenith bank branch manager is about 800,000 to 900,000 naira, excluding other benefits and profits.

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