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Salary Scale Of Federal University Lecturers In Nigeria

National Universities Commission (NUC)
National Universities Commission (NUC)

Nigeria has different types of salary srtucture for every profession. These structures were established under the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission. It’s directly controlled by the presidency and was established in 1993.

Consolidated University Academic Salary Structure (CONUASS) is the preferred salary structure for all federal universities in Nigeria! It’s the salary scale for academic staff of universities according to the union of these universities. This salary structure was implemented in 2010.

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The CONUASS salary structure in Nigeria per annum is as follows:

Professor CONUASS 7 (N4,580,349 – N6,020,163.00)p.a.

ii Reader CONUASS 6 (N3,768,221 – N5,004,750.00)p.a.

iii Senior Lecturer CONUASS 5 (N3,091,505-N4,455,506.00)p.a.

iv Lecturer I CONUASS 4 (N2,079,996 – N2,684,010.00)p.a.

v Lecturer II CONUASS 3 (N1,649,509 – N1,979,640.00)pa.

i. Deputy Unuversity
CONUASS 6 (N3,768,221 – N5,004,750.00)p.a.

ii. Principal Librarian CONUASS 5 (N3,091,505 – N4,455,506.00)p.a.

iii. Senior Librarian CONUASS 4 (N2,079,996 – N2,684,010.00) p.a.

iv. Librarian I CONUASS 3 (N1,649,509- N1,979,640.00)p.a

v. Librarian II CONUASS 2 (N1,451,071 – N1,754,902.00)pa.

vi. Graduate Librarian CONUASS 1 (N1,263,377- N1,447,767.00)p.a

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Consolidated Tertiary Institutions Salary Structure (CONTISS) is the Salary structure for Non-Academic Staff of Federal Universities.

The CONTISS salary structure in Nigeria per annum is as follows:

i. CONTISS 13 (N2,723,069 – N3,632,404.00)p.a.

ii. CONTISS 12 (N2,014,717 –N2,827,525.00)p.a.

iii. CONTISS 11 (N1,823,167 – N2,578,127.00)p.a.

iv. CONTISS 9 (N1,449,363 –N2,109,627.00)p.a.

v. CONTISS 8 (N1,247,854 – N1,855,515.00)p.a.

vi. CONTISS 7 (N1,073,217- N1,589,508.00)p.a.

v. CONTISS 6 (N698,251 – N1,062,683.00)p.a.

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