Tansian University, Umunya, Anambra State School Fees

Being a private fee-paying institution, all students are expected to pay prescribed fees for all services to be provided by the University.

To be considered a bona-fide student of the University;

a. Evidence of payment is compulsory.

b. Payment of prescribed fees is on semester basis for full-time programmes and sessional basis for part-time programmes.

c. All payments must be made to designated banks in accounts payable to Tansian University, Umunya.

d. Students shall be issued receipts for all payments made.

e. Clearance cards shall be issued to students on full payment of stipulated fees for each session.

f. Students should ensure safe custody of their receipts and clearance cards.

g. Each student is allotted a ledger account which contains student’s financial transactions for the duration of his/her course of study in the University.

h. Requests for refund of excess payment by students will only be entertained at the end of course of study.

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