800 Igbo Names, Their Short Forms And Meanings

Igbo amaka! Igbo bu ike! Igbo Kwenu!! Kwenu!! Kwezuonu ooo!! 

Looking for name for your new born Prince or Princess? don’t be fretful, Media Nigeria has taken time to prepare this list of about 800 Igbo Names, Their Short Forms And Meanings. The List contain over 350 Igbo names for boy and for girls respectively. But firstly, we’ll start with the list of Igbo names for boys. Enjoy the list below:

Igbo Names For Boys, Their Short Forms and Meanings

1. Adimchimkpa, Short Form – Adimchi; Meaning:I am important to my God
2. Adimchinobi, Short Form – Adimchi, Dinobi; Meaning:I am in God’s heart
3. Afamefuna, Short Form – Afam; Meaning:My name will not be lost
4. Afunwaelotanna, Short Form – Lotanna; Meaning:Father’s resemblance
5. Akachukwu/Akachi, Short Form – Kachukwu, Kachi; Meaning:The hand of God
6. Akamnachi, Short Form – Nachi; Meaning:I am greater in God
7. Akaolisa, Short Form – Olisa; Meaning:The hand of God
8. Akuabata, Short Form – Aku; Meaning:Wealth has come in
9. Akuchinyere, Short Form – Aku; Meaning:Wealth sent from God
10. Akunna, Short Form – Aku, Nna; Meaning:Father’s wealth
11. Akuomasinachi, Short Form – Akuoma, Sinachi; Meaning:Good wealth comes from God
12. Amadi, Short Form – Ama; Meaning:Free man
13. Amaechi, Short Form – Ama, Meche; Meaning:Who knows tomorrow?
14. Amandi/Amandianaze, Short Form – Ama; Meaning: Trust no one
15. Amobi, Short Form – Mobi; Meaning:Who knows the heart of man?
16. Anozie, Alozie, Short Form – Nor Nor, Ano; Meaning:We are now settled/ well positioned
17. Arinzechukwu, Short Form – Ary, Arinze; Meaning:If not for God/Thanks be to God
18. Ayorochukwu, Short Form – Yorochi; Meaning:We prayed to God for this
19. Azubuike, Short Form – Buike, Zubby, Azu; Meaning:Strength gained from experiences of the past
20. Azuka, Short Form – Azu; Meaning:Confidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence built from past experiences
21. Beluolisa, Short Form – Belu, Bels, Bosah, Olisa; Meaning:If not for God
22. Belusochukwu/ Berechi, Short Form – Belu, Bere; Meaning:If not for the sake of God
23. Bugarachukwuekene, Short Form – Ekene; Meaning:Carry all thanks to God
24. Bunkechukwu, Short Form – Bunke; Meaning:Belongs to God
25. Cheluchi, Short Form – Chelu; Meaning:Wait for God’s time
26. Cherechi/ Cherechukwu, Short Form – Chere, Chuks; Meaning:Wait on God
27. Chetachi/ Chetachukwu/ Chetanna, Short Form – Cheta, Chuks; Meaning:Remember God
28. Chiadikanma, Short Form – Chiadika; Meaning:God is too good
29. Chiakasiemobi, Short Form – Kasie, Akas; Meaning:God has consoled/comforted me
30. Chiaruka/ Chialuka, Short Form – Aruka, Aluka; Meaning:God has worked wonders
31. Chibubeagha, Short Form – Chibube; Meaning:May God continue to fight for me
32. Chibudom, Short Form – Udom; Meaning:God is my peace
33. Chibueze, Short Form – Bueze, Chibu, Chibby; Meaning:God is King
34. Chibuifem, Short Form – Ifem; Meaning:God is my light
35. Chibuihe, Short Form – Chibu; Meaning:God is light
36. Chibuike, Short Form – Buike, Chibu, Ike; Meaning:God is strength
37. Chibundu, Short Form – Bundu, Chibu, Chibby; Meaning:God is life
38. Chibunkem, Short Form – Bunkem; Meaning:God is mine
39. Chibunna, Short Form – Bunna, Chibu, Chibby; Meaning:God is my father
40. Chibuzor, Short Form – Buzor, Chibu, Chibby; Meaning:God first/ God leads
41. Chidebem, Short Form – Debem; Meaning:May God keep me
42. Chidera, Short Form – Dera; Meaning:Destiny cannot be changed/ Once God says/writes
43. Chideziri, Short Form – Deziri; Meaning:God wrote my story (destiny) well
44. Chidiadi, Short Form – Chidi, Diadi; Meaning:There is God
45. Chidiebere, Short Form – Chidi, Ebere; Meaning:God is merciful
46. Chidiebube, Short Form – Chidi, Ebube; Meaning:God is glorious/great
47. Chidoruo, Short Form – Chido; Meaning:May God bring peace
48. Chidozie, Short Form – Dozie, Chido, Dozzy; Meaning:May God fix it/Make it good for me
49. Chidubem/Chuwudubem, Short Form – Dubem, Chidu, Bem Bem, Chuks; Meaning:Lead me oh God
50. Chidumaga/Chukwudumaga, Short Form – Chidu, Dumaga, Dum Dum, Chuks; Meaning:God Leads me
51. Chidumeme/ Chukwudumeme, Short Form – Dumeme; Meaning:God is working with me/ God is with me
52. Chiebunigom, Short Form – Chiebunie; Meaning:God has lifted me
53. Chiedozie, Short Form – Eddy, Edozie, Dozie, Dozzy, Edo bobo; Meaning:God has fixed it/made it good for me
54. Chiekezie, Short Form – Ekezie, Kezie, Kezz; Meaning:God has made it good for me
55. Chiemeka, Short Form – Emeka, Mekus; Meaning:God did a great thing
56. Chiemerie/Chukwuemerie/ Chiemelie, Short Form – Emelie, Emerie, Emy; Meaning:God has won
57. Chiemezie, Short Form – Emezie, Mexxy, Mez; Meaning:God has made it good for me
58. Chiemezuonkwaya, Short Form – Chiemezuo; Meaning:God has fulfilled his promise
59. Chigaemezu, Short Form – Chigaeme; Meaning:God will do it all/ bring it to a completion
60. Chigbooromogu, Short Form – Chigbo; Meaning:May God end this fight for me
61. Chijidem, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:May God hold me
62. Chijindum, Short Form – Chiji; Meaning:My life is in God’s hands
63. Chijioke, Short Form – Chiji, Jioke, Cee Jay; Meaning:God is the custodian of all shares/ talents/ blessings
64. Chikamchoro, Short Form – Chika; Meaning:It is God I want
65. Chikamjimerie, Short Form – Chika; Meaning:I won with God
66. Chikamnwere, Short Form – Chika; Meaning:It is God I have
67. Chikamso, Short Form – Kamso; Meaning:I’m following God
68. Chikanma, Short Form – Chika, Kanma; Meaning:God is better than any other thing
69. Chikelue, Short Form – Kelue, Chike; Meaning:May God make me whole/complete
70. Chikezie, Short Form – Kezie, Kezz; Meaning:May God appease me with my share/portion
71. Chikumnaka, Short Form – Chikum; Meaning:God is carrying me in his hands
72. Chikwado, Short Form – Chikwado; Meaning:God’s approval
73. Chikwesiliotito, Short Form – Kwesili; Meaning:God is worthy of praise
74. Chileziemuanya, Short Form – Chilezie, Lezie; Meaning:May God take care of me
75. Chimagozielam, Short Form – Agoziem, Gor Gor, Gozie; Meaning:My God has blessed me
76. Chimaijem, Short Form – Chima; Meaning:God knows my journey
77. Chimaluijem, Short Form – Chima, Ijem; Meaning:My God knows my journey
78. Chimalume, Short Form – Chima; Meaning:God did well
79. Chimamkpa, Short Form – Chima, Mamkpa; Meaning:God knows my wants
80. Chimaobi, Short Form – Chima, Maobi, Moby; Meaning:God knows my heart
81. Chimaraobim, Short Form – Marobi, Chima; Meaning:God knows my heart
82. Chimaroke, Short Form – Chima; Meaning:God knows my share/portion
83. Chimbuchi, Short Form – Buchi; Meaning:My personal god (chi) is the main God
84. Chimbuoyim, Short Form – Oyim; Meaning:My God is my friend
85. Chimdaalu, Short Form – Daalu; Meaning:Thank you my lord
86. Chimdindu, Short Form – Chimdi, Dindu; Meaning:My God is alive
87. Chimdiuto, Short Form – Diuto; Meaning:My God is sweet
88. Chimechefunam, Short Form – Echefuna; Meaning:May my God not forget me

Hausa Names And Meaning

89. Chimechetagom, Short Form – Cheta; Meaning:My God has remembered me
90. Chimeguzola, Short Form – Chieguzo, Chime, Guzo; Meaning:My God stood firm/ is standing firm
91. Chimelotam, Short Form – Elota; Meaning:My God has remembered me
92. Chimerenka, Short Form – Chimere; Meaning:God did this
93. Chimereucheya, Short Form – Chimere; Meaning:God did his mind
94. Chimezie, Short Form – Chime, Mezie, Mexxy; Meaning:May God make it good
95. Chimkezirim, Short Form – Kezz, Keziri; Meaning:My God created me well.
96. Chimmuanya, Short Form – Muanya; Meaning:My God is awake
97. Chimnadindu, Short Form – Nadindu; Meaning:My God lives
98. Chimnoya, Short Form – Chimno, Noya; Meaning:My God is present
99. Chimsimgolibe, Short Form – Golibe; Meaning:My God says I shall rejoice
100. Chimzuruoke, Short Form – Zuruoke, Zuru; Meaning:My God is complete
101. Chinagorom, Short Form – Chinago; Meaning:God speaks for me/ God is my mouthpiece
102. Chinahuzor, Short Form – Uzor; Meaning:God sees
103. Chinaka, Short Form – Naka; Meaning:God decides /God schedules
104. Chinanu, Short Form – Chinanu; Meaning:God hears
105. Chinaraekele, Short Form – Ekene, Chinara; Meaning:Receive all thanks lord
106. Chinaraotito, Short Form – Otito; Meaning:Receive all glory lord
107. Chinazum, Short Form – Nazum; Meaning:The lord is my Shepherd
108. Chinecherem, Short Form – Neche, Chineche, Eche, Che Che; Meaning:God thinks/worries on my behalf
109. Chinedu, Short Form – Nedu, Edu; Meaning:God Leads
110. Chinekwu, Short Form – Nekwu; Meaning:God says
111. Chinemelumogo, Short Form – Chineme; Meaning:God grants me favours
112. Chinemerem, Short Form – Neme, Chineme, Nemerem; Meaning:God does good things for me
113. Chinemezuokwuya, Short Form – Chineme; Meaning:God fulfills his words
114. Chineze, Short Form – Neze; Meaning:God protects
115. Chinezie, Short Form – Nezie; Meaning:May God look after/ take care of
116.  Chinkembudike, Short Form – Chinkem, Dike; Meaning:My God is great
117. Chinomnazu, Short Form – Chino; Meaning:God is behind me/backed by God
118. Chinonaobim, Short Form – Chino; Meaning:God dwells in my heart
119. Chinonso, Short Form – Nonso, Nor Nor; Meaning:God is near
120. Chinualumogu, Short Form – Chinua; Meaning:May God fight for me
121. Chinweike, Short Form – Nweike, Ike,; Meaning:Strength belongs to God/ Strength from God
122. Chinweoke, Short Form – Nweoke, Okey; Meaning:God allocates gifts
123. Chiolileanya, Short Form – Olileanya, Ollie; Meaning:God of hope
124. Chiribeotito, Short Form – Otito; Meaning:Take all glory oh lord
125. Chiwetelu/Chiwetere/Chiwetel, Short Form – Wetel; Meaning:God-sent/ God’s gift
126. Chizimuzondu, Short Form – Zimuzo, Uzondu; Meaning:May God show me the way of life
127. Chizitere/ Chizitelu, Short Form – Zite, Zitel; Meaning:God-sent
128. Chizulukeme, Short Form – Zulu; Meaning:God is great/capable
129. Chukwuanugo/ Chianugo, Short Form – Anugo; Meaning:God has heard/ answered
130. Chukwubuoyim, Short Form – Chuks, Oyim; Meaning:God is my friend
131. Chukwubuzo, Short Form – Chibuzo, Chibby, Uzo; Meaning:God is First/God is the Way
132. Chukwuchebem/ Nnachebem, Short Form – Chebem; Meaning:May God protect me
133. Chukwucheta, Short Form – Cheta, Chuks; Meaning:Remember me Lord
134. Chukwudalu, Short Form – Daalu, Chu Chu, Chuks; Meaning:Thanks be to God
135. Chukwudi, Short Form – Chudi, Chuks, Chukwy, Chu Chu; Meaning:There is God
136. Chukwudiegwu, Short Form – Chuks; Meaning:God is wonderful/ powerful/ awesome
137. Chukwuebuka, Short Form – Ebuka, Buu Buu, Bukky, Chu Chu, Chuks; Meaning:God is great
138. Chukwuelofuna, Short Form – Elofuna; Meaning:May God not forget me
139. Chukwueloka, Short Form – Eloka; Meaning:God thought well
140. Chukwuemeka, Short Form – Emeka, Mekus, Chu Chu, Chuks; Meaning:God has done something great
141. Chukwuemika, Short Form – Emika, Emy; Meaning:God is mysterious
142. Chukwuka, Short Form – Chuka, Chuks, Chukwy, Chu Chu; Meaning:God is the greatest
143. Chukwukaima, Short Form – Kaima; Meaning:It is God we know
144. Chukwukamji, Short Form – Chikamji, Kamji; Meaning:I walk with God
145. Chukwuma, Short Form – Chuma, Chu Chu, Chuks; Meaning:God knows best
146. Chukwumeziauzo, Short Form – Mezia, Mezy, Uzo; Meaning:God, straighten my path
147. Chukwunedumije, Short Form – Nedu; Meaning:God walks with me in my journey
148. Chukwunemerem / Chinemerem, Short Form – Nemerem, Neme, Chuks; Meaning:My God will continue to do for me
149. Chukwunuru/ Chukwunulu, Short Form – Chinuru; Meaning:Let God hear
150. Daluolisa, Short Form – Daalu; Meaning:Thank you lord
151. Diarachukwundu, Short Form – Diara; Meaning:Live for God
152. Ebubechukwu, Short Form – Ebube, Chuks, Buu Buu; Meaning:The glory/greatness of God
153. Ebubemsinachi, Short Form – Ebubem; Meaning:My glory comes from God
154. Echezonanna, Short Form – Eche, Echezona; Meaning:Don’t forget your God/ your father
155. Egwuchukwunatum, Short Form – Egwuchukwu; Meaning:I am in awe of God
156. Ejikeme, Short Form – Ejike, Ejyke, Ejiks; Meaning:It’s not by power
157. Ejimchimemeonu, Short Form – Ejimchi; Meaning:I brag about my God
158. Ejimetochukwu, Short Form – Jimeto; Meaning:People praise God because of me
159. Ejimgietochukwu, Short Form – Jim, Tochukwu; Meaning:I praise God because of you
160. Ekenedilichukwu, Short Form – Ekene, Kene, Dilly, Chuks; Meaning:Thanks be to God
161. Ekenemchukwu, Short Form – Ekenem, Kene, Chuks; Meaning:I Thank God
162. Elochukwukwu/ Elonna, Short Form – Elo; Meaning:God’s thought
163. Elozonachukwu, Short Form – Elozona; Meaning:Do not forget God
164. Emenike, Short Form – MNEK (like the UK musician), Nike; Meaning:It’s not by might/power
165. Enweremchi, Short Form – Enwerem; Meaning:I have a God
166. Enyichukwu, Short Form – Enyi; Meaning:God’s friend
167. Enyinna/Enyinnaya, Short Form – Enyi, Nna, Nnaya; Meaning:His father’s friend
168. Esomchukwu/Esomchi, Short Form – Esom, Chuks; Meaning:Walking with the lord/ I follow God
169. Etuosuluchukwu, Short Form – Etuosoluchi, Osoluchi; Meaning:As it pleases God
170. Ewelike, Short Form – Ewe; Meaning:It’s not by power
171. Ewezugachukwu, Short Form – Ewezuga; Meaning:If not for God
172. Ezeudo, Short Form – Eze, Udo; Meaning:King of peace
173. Fesochukwu, Short Form – Feso; Meaning:Worship only God
174. Golibe, Short Form – Golly; Meaning:Rejoice
175. Gosifechukwu, Short Form – Gossy, Ifechukwu, Ife; Meaning:Show the light of God to all
176. Gosioranachimdike, Short Form – Gosiora, Chimdike; Meaning:Show the world that my God is mighty
177. Haluchi/ Hanyechi/ Hanyechukwu, Short Form – Hanye; Meaning:Leave it for God
178. Ifeanyichukwu, Short Form – Ifeanyi, Ify, Chuks; Meaning:God is most poweful/ Nothing is greater than God
179.  Ifebuchechi, Short Form – Ifebu, Uchechi; Meaning:A manifestation of god’s desire/ thought
180. Ifechukwude, Short Form – Ife, chuks, Ifechukwu; Meaning:What God has written
181. Ifechukwudeni, Short Form – Ifechukwude; Meaning:What God has written

Efik Names And Meanings

182. Ifediaso, Short Form – Diaso; Meaning:A holy thing
183. Ifemyolunna, Short Form – Ife, Yolunna; Meaning:What I asked of the lord
184. Ifemyorochukwu, Short Form – Ifemyoro; Meaning:What I asked of the lord
185. Ifesinachi/Osinachi/ Isinachi, Short Form – Ossy, Sinach, Sinachi, Ife, Issy; Meaning:Sent from God
186. Igwebuike, Short Form – Igwe, Buike, Ike; Meaning:Strength in numbers
187. Iheanacho/ Ifeanacho, Short Form – Anacho, Nacho, Ihee; Meaning:Precious/what everyone seeks
188. Ikechukwu, Short Form – Ike, Chuks; Meaning:Strength of God
189. Ikem, Short Form – Ikem; Meaning:My strength
190. Ikemakolam, Short Form – Ikem; Meaning:May I not lack strength
191. Ikemba, Short Form – Ike; Meaning:Strength of the nation
192. Ikemefuna, Short Form – Ikem; Meaning:I shall not lose my strength
193. Ikenna, Short Form – Ike, Nna; Meaning:Strength of his father
194. Iwegbuna, Short Form – Egbuna; Meaning:Be happy
195. Izigoranaibuchim, Short Form – Izigo, Buchi; Meaning:You have shown the world that you are my God
196. Izuchukwu/Izunna, Short Form – Izuu, Nna, Chuks; Meaning:God’s counsel
197. Jachike, Short Form – Ike, Chike; Meaning:Give praise to God/ Hail God
198. Jachimike, Short Form – Jachi, Ike; Meaning:Hail my God
199. Jamalumchi, Short Form – Jamal; Meaning:Keep hailing/praising God for me
200. Jamuike, Short Form – Jam Jam; Meaning:Motivate me/Encourage me
201. Jayamma, Short Form – Jay, Jaya; Meaning:Praise him
202. Jeozichukwu, Short Form – Jeozy; Meaning:Do God’s work/ God’s messenger/ Evangelist
203. Jidechukwu, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:Hold God
204. Jidekene/ Nnajidekene, Short Form – Nnajide, Jide, Ekene, Otito; Meaning:Thanks/ Praise be to God
205. Jideotito/ Nnajideotito, Short Form – ; Meaning:
206. Jidemma, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:Hold on to good
207. Jidenna, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:Hold on to your God/father
208. Jideofor, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:Hold on to your truth/You are justified
209. Kachimsilotam, Short Form – Lotam, Kachim; Meaning:How my God remembered me
210. Kachisicho, Short Form – Kachi; Meaning:God’s desire
211. Kachiside, Short Form – Kachi; Meaning:As God has written it/The will of God
212. Kachisiemeamaka, Short Form – Sieme, Kachisieme; Meaning:The deeds/ acts of God are beautiful
213. Kachizamekpere, Short Form – Kachi, Zamekpere; Meaning:May God answer my prayer
214. Kachukwusideya, Short Form – Kachiside; Meaning:As God has written it
215. Kachukwusieme, Short Form – Kachi, Sieme; Meaning:The deeds/ acts of God
216. Kaetochukwu, Short Form – Kaeto, Tochukwu, Too Too, Chuks; Meaning:Let’s praise God/ May God be praised
217. Kainyechukwuekene, Short Form – Kainye, Ekene, Kene, Chu Chu; Meaning:Let’s praise God
218. Kaitobenna, Short Form – Kaito, Tobenna; Meaning:Let us praise God
219. Kaitochukwu, Short Form – Kaito, Tochukwu, Too Too, Chuks; Meaning:Let’s praise God
220. Kambili, Short Form – Kam Kam, Billy; Meaning:Let me live/ I shall live
221. Kambirinachi, Short Form – Kambiri; Meaning:Let me live in God
222. Kamdikachukwu, Short Form – Dikachi; Meaning:Let me be like God
223. Kamdilichukwu, Short Form – Kamdi; Meaning:Let me live for God
224. Kamfeechi, Short Form – Kam, Kamfe; Meaning:Let me worship God
225. Kamgolibe, Short Form – Golibe, Kam; Meaning:Let me rejoice
226. Kamnyechukwuekene, Short Form – Kamnye; Meaning:Let me give thanks to God
227. Kamnyechukwuekene, Short Form – Kam; Meaning:Let me praise God
228. Kamsiyonna, Short Form – Siyonna, Kamsi; Meaning:As I asked God
229. Kanayochukwu, Short Form – Kanayo, Anayo, Chuks; Meaning:Let’s keep begging(an intention) of the lord
230. Kanyibirinudo, Short Form – Kanyi; Meaning:Let’s live in peace
231. Kanyifeechukwu, Short Form – Kanyi; Meaning:Let’s worship God
232. Kaobichimdi/ Kobichimdi, Short Form – Koby; Meaning:A manifestation of how the heart of my God is
233. Kaobichimra/ Kobichimra, Short Form – Koby; Meaning:A manifestation of the size of my God’s heart
234. Kaobichukwume/ Kobichukwume, Short Form – koby; Meaning:Let the will of God/heart of God be done
235. Kaobimkenechi/ Kobimkenechi, Short Form – Koby, Obim, Kene; Meaning:Let my heart thank God
236. Kaobimsiyochukwu/ Kobimsiyochukwu, Short Form – Koby; Meaning:How my heart asked of God/ My heart’s desire
237. Kaobimtochukwu/ Kobimtochukwu, Short Form – Obim, Kaobim, Koby, Kobi; Meaning:Let my heart praise God
238. Kasiemobi, Short Form – Kasie, Obi; Meaning:Comfort me/ Console me
239. Kelechi/Kenechi/Kenechukwu/Keneolisa, Short Form – Kelly, Kene, Kay Kay,Kenny, Olisa; Meaning:Praise God/ Thank God
240. Kelenna/ Kenenna, Short Form – Kele/ Kene; Meaning:Thank God
241. Kenelumchukwu, Short Form – Kenelum; Meaning:Thank God for me
242. Kodilinye/ Kodinna, Short Form – kodili; Meaning:Let this child live for God
243. kosisochukwu, Short Form – Kosy; Meaning:As it pleases the lord
244. Kwesikenachukwu, Short Form – Kwesike, Kwesi; Meaning:Believe strongly in God
245. Lotachukwu, Short Form – Lota, Lotachi; Meaning:Remember God
246. Lotanna, Short Form – Lota, Nna; Meaning:Remember the father/God
247. Maduka, Short Form – Madu, Uka; Meaning:People are worth more than riches
248. Mmaduabuchukwu, Short Form – Mmaduabuchi, Abuchi; Meaning:Man is not God
249. Munachimso, Short Form – Muna, Chisom; Meaning:Walking with the lord
250. Muochukwudebem, Short Form – Debem; Meaning:May the spirit of good keep/ preserve me
251. Nachikambi, Short Form – Nachi; Meaning:In God I live
252. Nachikamdi, Short Form – Nachi, Kamdi; Meaning:I belong to God
253. Nachukwukambi, Short Form – Nachi, Kambi; Meaning:I live in God
254. Naetochukwu, Short Form – Naeto, Tochukwu, Too Too; Meaning:Keep praising God

Youruba Names And Meanings

255. Nchedochukwu, Short Form – Nchedo; Meaning:God’s protection
256. Ndubuisi, Short Form – En-Dee, Ndu; Meaning:Life is more important
257. Nduka, Short Form – En-Dee, Ndu, Uka; Meaning:Life is more important
258. Ndukaku, Short Form – En-Dee, Ndu, Aku; Meaning:Life is more important than wealth
259. Ndukwe, Short Form – En-Dee, Ndu; Meaning:Hope/As long as there’s life
260. Ndumdinakachukwu, Short Form – Dinakachi; Meaning:My life is in God’s hands
261. Ndumzoronachi, Short Form – Zoro, Nachi; Meaning:My life is hidden in God
262. Nebechi, Short Form – Nebe, Nebby; Meaning:Looking up to God
263. Nkemnasochukwu, Short Form – Nkem, Nasochi; Meaning:Mine pleases God
264. Nkenna, Short Form – Kenna; Meaning:Belongs to the father (God)
265. Nkennanyerem, Short Form – Nkenna, Nnanyerem; Meaning:The one given to me by God
266. Nkwachi, Short Form – Nkwachi; Meaning:God’s promise
267. Nnabuenyi, Short Form – Nna, Enyi; Meaning:Father is great
268. Nnabuife, Short Form – Nna, Ife; Meaning:Father is great
269. Nnamdi, Short Form – Nna, En-Dee; Meaning:My father/ my God is alive
270. Nnanyelugo, Short Form – Ugo, Nna; Meaning:God has given victory/honour
271. Nwabueze, Short Form – Eze, Bueze, Nwa,; Meaning:A child is king
272. Nwachimereze, Short Form – Eze, Chimereze; Meaning:A child who God crowned King
273. Nwachukwu, Short Form – Chu Chu, Nwa, Chuks; Meaning:Child of God
274. Nwadinobichi, Short Form – Dinobi, Obichi; Meaning:A child in God’s heart
275. Nwaekerendu, Short Form – Erendu; Meaning:The child destined to live
276. Nwankpa/Nwadinkpa, Short Form – Dinkpa, Nwa,; Meaning:Very important child
277. Nwaokocha, Short Form – Okocha; Meaning:Child of a fair man
278. Nwokeocha, Short Form – Okeocha; Meaning:A fair boy/man
279. Nwokeoma, Short Form – Okeoma; Meaning:A handsome man
280. Nzubechukwu, Short Form – Nzube, Zubby, Chuks, Chu Chu; Meaning:God’s plan/God’s wish
281. Obarameze/ Chibarameze, Short Form – Eze; Meaning:God made me a king
282. Obiajulu, Short Form – Obi, Ajulu; Meaning:I am comforted or consoled/ My heart is at peace
283. Obidigbo, Short Form – Obi, Obidi; Meaning:Existence
284. Obiefuna, Short Form – Obi, Efuna; Meaning:Tolerance
285. Obimajurugonachukwu, Short Form – Obim; Meaning:My heart is comforted/ rests in God
286. Obimdinachi, Short Form – Dinachi; Meaning:My heart belongs to God
287. Obimkenechukwu, Short Form – Obim, Kene; Meaning:Let my heart thank God
288. Obimnaetochukwu, Short Form – Obi, Naeto, Tochukwu; Meaning:My heart praises God
289. Obinna, Short Form – Obi, Nna; Meaning:His father’s heart
290. Obioma, Short Form – Obi; Meaning:Good heart
291. Obiora, Short Form – Obi; Meaning:Heart of the people
292. Obumnaeme/obumnaeke, Short Form – Obum; Meaning:It’s not my doing/making/
293. Odera, Short Form – Ody; Meaning:Once God says/writes it (destiny cannot be changed)
294. Ogadinma, Short Form – Oga, Ogadi; Meaning:It shall be well
295. Ogonna, Short Form – Ogo, Nna; Meaning:Favour from God
296. Oguguamakwa, Short Form – Ogugua; Meaning:He consoled me
297. Okafor, Short Form – Okafor; Meaning:Male child born on Afor market day
298. Okechukwu, Short Form – Okey, Chuks, Chu Chu; Meaning:Belongs to God
299. Okeke, Short Form – Okey; Meaning:Male child born on Eke market day
300. Okemsinachukwu, Short Form – Okem, Sinachi; Meaning:My share/ portion comes from God
301. Okezie, Short Form – Kezz, Kezzie, Ezzie; Meaning:He has created/ allocated/ shared it well
302. Okonkwo, Short Form – Oko; Meaning:Male child born on Nkwo market day
303. Okoye, Short Form – Oko; Meaning:Male child born on Oye Market day
304. Okwuchukwu, Short Form – Okwuchi, Okwy; Meaning:God’s word
305. Olisa, Short Form – Ollie; Meaning:God
306. Olisaeloka/, Short Form – Eloka, Olisa; Meaning:God was very thoughtful
307. Oseloka, Short Form – ; Meaning:
308. Olisaemeka/, Short Form – Emeka, Olisa; Meaning:God has done well/ God did something great
309. Osemeka, Short Form – ; Meaning:
310. Omezikam, Short Form – Mezie; Meaning:God did me well/ Fixed me up well
311. Onuora, Short Form – Onu; Meaning:Mouth of the people/ Spokesperson for the people
312. Onyebuchi, Short Form – Onyi, Buchi; Meaning:No man is God
313. Onyedikachukwu, Short Form – Onyi, Onyedi, Kachi, Chuks; Meaning:Who is like God?
314. Onyeisi, Short Form – Onyi; Meaning:The first/ Winner/Champion
315. Onyeka/Onyekachi, Short Form – Onyi; Meaning:Who is greater than God?
316. Orahjimetochukwu, Short Form – Jimeto, Jim; Meaning:People praise God because of me
317. Osita/Ositadinma, Short Form – Ossy; Meaning:May good things stay permanent
318. Otito, Short Form – Taito, Tito; Meaning:Praise
319. Ozichukwu/ Ozinna, Short Form – Ozzy; Meaning:Message from God
320. Sinobichukwu, Short Form – Obi, Sinobi, Nobby; Meaning:From God’s heart
321. Sobechukwu, Short Form – Sobe; Meaning:Follow God
322. Sochikaima/ Sochikanyima, Short Form – Sochi, Kanyima, Kanyi; Meaning:It’s only God we know
323. Sochima, Short Form – Sochi, Chima; Meaning:Only God knows
324. Sochimamkpam, Short Form – Sochima; Meaning:Only God knows my needs
325. Sochimbuchi, Short Form – Buchi; Meaning:My God is the only God
326. Somadina/Somayina, Short Form – Soma; Meaning:I shall not exist/ walk alone
327. Sombili/Dumbili, Short Form – Billy, Som Som, Dum Dum; Meaning:Stay/Live with me
328. Sometochukwu/Dumetochukwu, Short Form – Someto, Dumeto; Meaning:Praising God with me
329. Somkenechukwu/Dumkenechukwu, Short Form – SomKay, DumKay, Kene, Somkene, Dumkene, Dum Dum, Chu Chu,; Meaning:Praise God with me
330. Somtochukwu/Dumtochukwu, Short Form – Somto, Dumto, Too Too,Tochukwu,; Meaning:Praise God with me
331. Sonnamaijem, Short Form – Sonna; Meaning:Only God knows my journey
332. Soyabuchukwu, Short Form – Buchi, Soya; Meaning:Only him is God
333. Tobechukwu, Short Form – Toby, Tobe, Chu chu; Meaning:Start Praising God
334. Ubahsinachi, Short Form – Ubah, Sinachi; Meaning:Wealth comes from God
335. Uchechukwugaemezu, Short Form – Uchechukwu, Chigaeme; Meaning:The will/mind of God shall be done
336. Uchenna/Uchechukwu, Short Form – Uche, Urch, Ucheson, Nna, Che Che, Chu Chu; Meaning:The wisdom of God/The will of God
337. Ucheoma, Short Form – Uche, Urch, Ucheson, Che Che; Meaning:Good sense/ good thoughts
338. Ugosinachi, Short Form – Ugo; Meaning:Pride/ prestige/ Honour comes from God
339. Ugwumsinachi, Short Form – Sinachi; Meaning:My honour comes from God
340. Urudinachi, Short Form – Dinachi; Meaning:There is gain in God
341. Urukanachi/, Short Form – Uruka, Nachi; Meaning:There’s greater gain in God
342. Urukanachukwu, Short Form – ; Meaning:
343. Usochi/Usochukwu, Short Form – Usochi; Meaning:The sweetness of God
344. Utokanachi, Short Form – Nachi; Meaning:There is more sweetness in God
345. Utondu, Short Form – Uto, Ndu; Meaning:The sweetness of life/ Life is sweet
346. Uwajimetochi, Short Form – Jimeto, Jim; Meaning:The world praise God because of me
347. Uzochukwu, Short Form – Uzo, Uzzy, Chu Chu; Meaning:God’s path/Way
348. Uzoma, Short Form – Uzo, Uzzy; Meaning:Good way
349. Yadichimma, Short Form – Yadi, Yaddie; Meaning:Let it be pleasing to God
350. Yadilichukwu, Short Form – Yadili, Yadi; Meaning:Leave it for God
351. Yobanna/Yobachi/Yobachukwu, Short Form – Yoba; Meaning:Ask/beg God
352. Zamekpere, Short Form – Zam; Meaning:Answer my prayers
353. Zikoranachidi, Short Form – Zik, Chidi; Meaning:Show the world that there is God
354. Zimchikachim, Short Form – Zim, Kachi, Chika, Chikachi; Meaning:Show me a god who is greater than my God
355. Zimife/ Ziemife, Short Form – Zim, Ife; Meaning:Show me the light
356. Zimihekachim , Short Form – Zim; Meaning:Show me a thing that is bigger than my God

Some Funny Ibibio Names And Their Literally Meaning

357. Zimuzo, Short Form – Zim, Uzo; Meaning:Show me the way
358. Zinachidindu, Short Form – Chidindu; Meaning:Show the world that God is alive
359. Zinachimdindu, Short Form – Zinachi; Meaning:Show that my God is alive

Igbo Names For Girls,Their Short forms and Meanings

1. Adaego, Short Form: Ada, Ego; Meaning –Daughter of wealth
2. Adaeze, Short Form: Ada, Deze; Meaning –Daughter of a King/Princess
3. Adaiba, Short Form: Ada; Meaning –The people’s daughter/ Daughter of the people
4. Adaku, Short Form: Ada, Aku; Meaning –Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family
5. Adamma, Short Form: Ada, Mma; Meaning –Beautiful daughter
6. Adanna, Short Form: Ada, Danna; Meaning –Her father’s daughter
7. Adannaya, Short Form: Adanna; Meaning –Her father’s daughter
8. Adanne, Short Form: Ada, Nne Nne; Meaning –Her mother’s daughter
9. Adaobi, Short Form: Ada, Dobis, Dobby; Meaning –First daughter in the family compound (obi)
10. Adaolisa, Short Form: Ada; Meaning –God’s daughter
11. Adaora, Short Form: Ada, Dora; Meaning –The people’s daughter
12. Adaugo, Short Form: Ada, Ugo; Meaning –Beautiful daughter/Daughter of an eagle
13. Adauke/Aduke, Short Form: Aduks, Kay Kay; Meaning –Daughter of Uke (town in Anambra State)
14. Adaure/Adure, Short Form: Ada; Meaning –Daughter of Uruala (town in Imo State) / A beautiful daughter/ A daughter of pride/ A daughter born with joy
15. Ahunna, Short Form: Ahu, Nana; Meaning –Body of her father
16. Akuabata, Short Form: Aku; Meaning –Wealth has come in
17. Akuada, Short Form: Aku, Ada; Meaning –Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family
18. Akwaugo, Short Form: Ugo; Meaning –Precious daughter
19. Amaka, Short Form: Maka, Amy, Makky; Meaning –Beautiful/good
20. Amara/Amarachi/Amarachukwu, Short Form: Amy, Marachi, Rachy/Rachis; Meaning –Mercy/Mercy of God
21. Anwuli, Short Form: Anwuli; Meaning –Joy
22. Anwulichukwu, Short Form: Anwuli; Meaning –Joy of the lord
23. Anwulika, Short Form: Anwuli; Meaning –My joy is great/Joy is greater
24. Apunanwu, Short Form: Apu, Nana; Meaning –Precious girl/ beautiful girl/ not to be tainted by the sun
25. Azuka, Short Form: Azu, Zukky, Zuka; Meaning –Confidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence built from past experiences
26. Binyelum, Short Form: Binye, Nye Nye; Meaning –Stay with me
27. Binyerechukwu, Short Form: Binye; Meaning –Stay with God
28. Chetachi, Short Form: Cheta; Meaning –Remember God
29. Chiachogomnma, Short Form: Nma; Meaning –God has decorated me/ God has beautified me
30. Chiagozie, Short Form: Agozie, Gozie, Gozzy, Gor Gor; Meaning –God has blessed me
31. Chiamaka, Short Form: Amy, Maka, Makky; Meaning –God is beautiful/good
32. Chiamanda, Short Form: Amanda, Mandy; Meaning –God will not fail
33. Chiasoka, Short Form: Sokky, Asoka; Meaning –God is too sweet
34. Chiazakam, Short Form: Azakam, Chiaza; Meaning –God answered me well
35. Chiazokam, Short Form: Azokam, Chiazor, Chizzy, Kam Kam; Meaning –God saved me well
36. Chibarameze/Chimeremeze, Short Form: Eze, Chimerem, Chibaram; Meaning –God called/ made me a king
37. Chibinobim, Short Form: Binobi, Chiby, Bim Bim; Meaning –God dwells in my heart
38. Chibuifem, Short Form: Ifem, Chibu; Meaning –God is my light
39. Chibundo, Short Form: Bundo, Chibu, Ndo; Meaning –God is my shelter
40. Chibuogwu/ Chibuogu, Short Form: Chibu, Buu Buu,; Meaning –God is my medicine/ my strength/ my weapon
41. Chichetaram, Short Form: Chetaram, Cheta; Meaning –God remembered me
42. Chidera, Short Form: Dera,; Meaning –Once God writes/says it (destiny can’t be changed)
43. Chideziri, Short Form: Deziri; Meaning –God wrote my story (destiny) well
44. Chidiebere, Short Form: Chidi, Ebere; Meaning –God is merciful
45. Chidinma, Short Form: Nma, Dinma, Chidi, Dee Dee; Meaning –God is good
46. Chidiogo, Short Form: Diogo, Dee Dee, Chidi, Ogo, Gor Gor; Meaning –God is gracious
47. Chidumebi, Short Form: Dumebi, Dum Dum, Mebi, Chidum; Meaning –God lives with me/ God leads me in my daily life
48. Chiechezonam, Short Form: Echezona, Zona; Meaning –Don’t forget me lord
49. Chielotem, Short Form: Chielo, Elo, Lotem, Lo Lo; Meaning –God has remembered me
50. Chigemezu, Short Form: Chigeme; Meaning –God will complete or perfect all things
51. Chigozie, Short Form: Gozie, Gozzy, Gor Gor; Meaning –Bless me oh lord
52. Chijioke, Short Form: Chijy, Jioke, Cee Jay; Meaning –God is the custodian of all shares/ talents/ blessings
53. Chikairanyelu, Short Form: Kaira, Nye Nye, Chika; Meaning –We’ve committed it to God/ In God’s hands
54. Chikamdabere, Short Form: Dabere, Dabby; Meaning –I’m leaning on God
55. Chikamharida, Short Form: Kamharida, Harida; Meaning –May I not fail, lord
56. Chikanele, Short Form: Kanele; Meaning –Looking up to God
57. Chikanene/ Chikanele/ Chikamnele, Short Form: Kanene, Kanele, Kamnele, Nele, Nene; Meaning –It’s God we are looking up to/ I’m looking up to God
58. Chikanyima/ Chikaima, Short Form: Chika, Kaima, Kanyi; Meaning –It’s only God we know
59. Chikaodili, Short Form: Chikky, Chikason, Chiks, Chika, Kaodili, Koddy, Dilly; Meaning –It’s all up to God
60. Chikasimma, Short Form: Kasimma; Meaning –God is the best
61. Chikasirimobi, Short Form: Kasiri, Kassy, Obi; Meaning –God consoled me
62. Chikenyelum, Short Form: Kenye, Nye Nye, Chike; Meaning –God gave me my portion
63. Chikumnaka, Short Form: Chikum; Meaning –God is carrying me in his hands
64. Chikwudolum, Short Form: Chikwy, Dolum; Meaning –My God stood for me
65. Chilotem, Short Form: Lo Lo, Lotem; Meaning –Remember me oh lord
66. Chimagozielam, Short Form: Agozie, Gozie; Meaning –My God has blessed me
67. Chimalume, Short Form: Malume, Chima; Meaning –God did well
68. Chimamanda/, Short Form: Amanda, Mandy,; Meaning –My God will not fail/
69. Chimasoka, Short Form: Asoka; Meaning –My God is too sweet
70. Chimbuchi, Short Form: Buchi; Meaning –My God is God
71. Chimbusomma, Short Form: Buso, Buu Buu, Somma, Nma; Meaning –My God is so beautiful
72. Chimdi/Chidi, Short Form: Dee Dee; Meaning –My God is a living God/ is alive
73. Chimdiomimi, Short Form: Chimdi, Mimi; Meaning –My God is mysterious
74. Chimdire, Short Form: Diire; Meaning –My God is omnipotent
75. Chimdiuto, Short Form: Diuto; Meaning –My God is sweet
76. Chimedaramobi, Short Form: Chimedaram, Dara, Obi; Meaning –God consoled me/comforted me
77. Chimeluogo, Short Form: Chimelu/ Ogo; Meaning –God granted me a favour
78. Chimeremma, Short Form: Chimere, Mma; Meaning –God has done something good
79. Chimeremoñu, Short Form: Chimere; Meaning –God made me happy/ joyous
80. Chimereya, Short Form: Mereya, Chimere, Reya, Chime; Meaning –God did it!
81. Chimerika, Short Form: Erika; Meaning –My God is big/ limitless
82. Chimezirim, Short Form: Mezirim; Meaning –God did me well/ fixed me up well
83. Chimezuru, Short Form: Chime, Zuru; Meaning –God completed the work he started
84. Chimfumnanya, Short Form: Fumnanya, Nanya,; Meaning –My God loves me
85. Chimkarifa/Chimkalifa, Short Form: Kari, Karifa, Kalifa; Meaning –My God is greater than them
86. Chimkasi, Short Form: Kasi; Meaning –My God is the greatest
87. Chimkasimma/ Chimkachamma, Short Form: Kasimma, Kachamma, Kassy, Mma; Meaning –My God is the best
88. Chimkasiuto, Short Form: Kasiuto, kasi, uto; Meaning –My God is the sweetest
89. Chimkezirim, Short Form: Keziri, Kezz; Meaning –My God created me well
90. Chimkodinaka, Short Form: Odinaka, Chikodi; Meaning –It’s in the hands of my God
91. Chimleziemanya, Short Form: Lezie; Meaning –May God take good care of me
92. Chimmaranma, Short Form: Maranma, Nma; Meaning –My God is beautiful
93. Chimnora, Short Form: Nora; Meaning –As long as my God is present/ in control, all shall be well
94. Chimsimchia/ Chimsirimchia, Short Form: Siri; Meaning –My God told me/ has given me a reason to laugh
95. Chimsonari, Short Form: Sonari, Sor Sor, Narry, Ary; Meaning –My God is the sweetest
96. Chimuanya, Short Form: Muanya; Meaning –My God is awake
97. Chimudinma, Short Form: Dinma; Meaning –My God is beautiful
98. Chimziteihe, Short Form: Chimzi, Zite; Meaning –My God, send your light
99. Chimzuruoke, Short Form: Zuruoke, Zuru; Meaning –My God is complete
100. Chinaraekele/Chinaraekene, Short Form: Nara, Ekene, Chinara; Meaning –May God receive all the praise
101. Chinazaekpere/Chinasa, Short Form: Nasa/Naza, Chinny, Ekpere; Meaning –God answers prayers

List Of Nigerian Names By Tribe, And Their Meanings

102. Chinazor, Short Form: Nazor, Chinny; Meaning –God saves
103. Chinelo, Short Form: Chinny, Nelly, Nelo; Meaning –God thinks for me/ In God’s thoughts
104. Chinememma, Short Form: Chineme, Neme; Meaning –God does good
105. Chinemerem / Chukwunemerem,, Short Form: Nemerem, Neme; Meaning –My God will continue to do for me
106. Chinenye, Short Form: Nenye, Nye Nye Chinny; Meaning –God gives
107. Chinonso, Short Form: Nor Nor, Nonso; Meaning –God is near
108. Chinuruekperem, Short Form: Chinuru, Nuru, Ekperem; Meaning –God heard my prayers
109. Chinwendu, Short Form: Wendy, Chinwe, Chinny; Meaning –Life belongs to God
110. Chinweotito/ Chinwekene, Short Form: Chinwe, Ekene, Kene, Kenny, Otito; Meaning –All praise belong to God
111. Chinyeaka, Short Form: Nye Nye; Meaning –God help me
112. Chinyere/Chinyelu, Short Form: Nye Nye, Chinny; Meaning –God’s gift/ God has given me
113. Chioma, Short Form: Oma; Meaning –Good God!
114. Chisimbiri, Short Form: Simby; Meaning –God says I shall live
115. Chisimdi, Short Form: Simdy; Meaning –God says I shall live
116. Chisimñuria, Short Form: Chisim, ñuria; Meaning –God says I shall rejoice/ God gave me a cause to celebrate
117. Chisom, Short Form: Sommy, Som Som,; Meaning –God is with me
118. Chisombiri, Short Form: Sombiri; Meaning –God lives with me
119. Chizaramekpere / Ozaram, Short Form: Zara, Chizzy; Meaning –God answered my prayers/ God granted my request
120. Chizimuzor, Short Form: Zimuzor, Uzor, Zim Zim; Meaning –God show me the way
121. Chizirimuzo, Short Form: Ziri, Chizzy, Uzo; Meaning –God showed me the way/ God directed my path
122. Chizitelu/Chizitere/Chizitel/Chizitalu, Short Form: Zee Zee, Zitel, Zita, Chizzy; Meaning –Sent from God/ God’s gift/ God-sent
123. Chizua, Short Form: Zua Zua, Chizzy; Meaning –May God nuture/supply my needs
124. Chizurum, Short Form: Zurum, Chizzy; Meaning –God is sufficient for me
125. Chizuterem, Short Form: Chizu, Zutere; Meaning –God met me at the point of my need
126. Chukwubuzo, Short Form: Chibuzo, Chibby, Uzo; Meaning –God is First/God is the Way
127. Chukwumeziauzo, Short Form: Mezia, Mezy, Uzo; Meaning –God, straighten my path
128. Daberechi/Daberechukwu, Short Form: Dabby, Dabz, Dabere, Bere; Meaning –Lean on God
129. Daluchi, Short Form: Dalu, Luchi; Meaning –Thank God
130. Ebube, Short Form: Ebube; Meaning –Glory
131. Egoamaka, Short Form: Ego, Amaka; Meaning –Money is good/ beautiful
132. Ejimetochukwu, Short Form: Jimeto; Meaning –People praise God because of me
133. Ekpereamaka, Short Form: Amaka, Ekpere; Meaning –Prayer(or praying) is good/beautiful
134. Ekperezorom, Short Form: Ekpere; Meaning –Prayer saved me
135. Ekwutosi, Short Form: Ekwy, Ekwytos; Meaning –Do not speak bad about me/ condemn me
136. Erinma, Short Form: Nma; Meaning –A child of beauty and great prospects
137. Esimnachibia, Short Form: Esimnachi, Nachi; Meaning –I came from God
138. Etomchukwu, Short Form: Etomchi; Meaning –I praised God for what he did
139. Eziamaka, Short Form: Ezzy, Amy, Makky, Amaka; Meaning –Good things are obtained by going out
140. Ezichi, Short Form: Ezzy; Meaning –Good God!
141. Ezichim, Short Form: Ezzy; Meaning –My good God
142. Ezihe, Short Form: Ezzy; Meaning –A good thing
143. Ezinne, Short Form: Zinny, Ezzy, Nne Nne; Meaning –Good mother
144. Ezinwanyi, Short Form: Ezzy; Meaning –Good woman
145. Febechukwu/ Febechi, Short Form: Feechi; Meaning –Worship God
146. Ginika, Short Form: Ginny; Meaning –What is greater?
147. Ginikachukwu, Short Form: Ginny; Meaning –What is greater than God? What is too big for God?
148. Ginikanwa, Short Form: Nwa, Ginny; Meaning –What is greater than a child?
149. Haluchi, Short Form: Luchi; Meaning –Leave it for God
150. Ifeatu, Short Form: Ife; Meaning –A thing of reference/ example
151. Ifechiluru, Short Form: Ifechi; Meaning –What God has done
152. Ifechimamanda, Short Form: Ifechim, Amanda; Meaning –The light God has given me shall not go dim
153. Ifechukwu, Short Form: Ife; Meaning –Light of God
154. Ifedikachiakonam, Short Form: Ifedi, Chiakonam; Meaning –May I never lack the presence of God in my life
155. Ifedimma, Short Form: Ife, Dimma; Meaning –Something good
156. Ifekerenma/ Ihekerenma, Short Form: Kerenma, Nma; Meaning –Beautifully created
157. Ifemyolunna, Short Form: Yolunna, Ife; Meaning –What I asked of God/ What I prayed for
158. Ifeoma, Short Form: Oma, Ify; Meaning –A good thing
159. Ifeyinwa, Short Form: Nwa, Ify; Meaning –Nothing can be compared to a child
160. Ifunanya, Short Form: Nanya, Ifu; Meaning –Love
161. Ihedimma, Short Form: Dimma; Meaning –A good thing
162. Ihuaku/ Iruaku, Short Form: Ihuaku; Meaning –The face of wealth
163. Ihuomachukwu, Short Form: Ihuoma, Oma; Meaning –God’s Favour
164. Ijeawele, Short Form: Awele, Ije; Meaning –Smooth journey
165. Ijebusomma, Short Form: Busomma, Somma, Ije; Meaning –My Journey is/ was beautiful
166. Ijechikamma, Short Form: Ijechi; Meaning –A journey with God is the best
167. Ijemabalum, Short Form: Ijem; Meaning –My journey brought me gain
168. Ijemma, Short Form: Ije, Mma; Meaning –Good journey/ My Journey was worthwhile/ Going out brought me something good
169. Ijeoma, Short Form: Ije, Oma; Meaning –Farewell
170. Iruoma/Ihuoma, Short Form: Iru, Oma; Meaning –Favoured
171. Isioma, Short Form: Issy, Oma; Meaning –Fortunate/blessed/ Goodluck
172. Iyorachi/ Iyorachukwu, Short Form: Iyora, Yora; Meaning –Once you ask God for something, he answers/ Ask and you shall receive
173. Jachinma, Short Form: Jachy; Meaning –Glorify my God/ Hail God for his goodness
174. Jenetanachidimma, Short Form: Jeneta, Chidimma; Meaning –Taste and see that the lord is Good
175. Jeweluchiozi, Short Form: Jeweluchi, Jewel; Meaning –Do God’s work/ God’s messenger
176. Kachimra, Short Form: Kachy, Chimra; Meaning –The size of my God
177. Kachisiemeamaka, Short Form: Sieme, Kachisieme; Meaning –The deeds/ acts of God are beautiful
178. Kaefeechukwu/ Kamfeechukwu, Short Form: Kaefee, Kaeffy, Kamfee; Meaning –Let’s worship God/ Let me praise God
179. Kaineneolisa/Kainenechukwu, Short Form: Nene, Kainene, Kaine; Meaning –Let’s look unto God
180. Kairaluchukwu, Short Form: Kaira, Khyra, Ral, Ralu; Meaning –Let’s choose God/ Let’s leave it for God
181. Kairamarachukwu, Short Form: Kaira; Meaning –As we know God/ The lot of us who know God
182. Kaisoluchukwu, Short Form: Kaiso, Solu; Meaning –Let’s follow God
183. Kamarachimdi, Short Form: Kamara, Chimdi; Meaning –How great is my God’s grace
184. Kamarachizuoroanyi, Short Form: Kamara, Amara; Meaning –Let the grace of God be sufficient for us
185. Kamaranachimdi, Short Form: Kamara, Chimdi; Meaning –Let the world know that my God is alive
186. Kambili, Short Form: Kam Kam, Bili; Meaning –Let me live/ I shall live
187. Kambirinachi, Short Form: Kambiri, Nachi; Meaning –Let me live in God
188. Kamharida, Short Form: Harida; Meaning –I shall not fall
189. Kammarachi, Short Form: Marachi; Meaning –Let me know God
190. kamsichor, Short Form: Kamsi; Meaning –How I wanted it/ My wish
191. Kamsiyochukwu/ Kamsiyonna, Short Form: Kamsi, Kam kam, Siyonna; Meaning –As I asked God, so he answered/ God granted my request
192. Kamtochukwu, Short Form: kamto, Kam Kam, Tochukwu; Meaning –Let me praise God
193. Kandibe/ Kamdibe, Short Form: Kandi; Meaning –My consolation/ Let me be consoled
194. Kanebinudo, Short Form: Kanebi, Kynebi; Meaning –Let’s live in peace
195. Kanyibirinudo, Short Form: Kanyi; Meaning –Let’s live in peace
196. Kanyidirinachi, Short Form: kanyidiri; Meaning –Let us live/be in God
197. Kanyiñulia, Short Form: Nulia, Kanyi; Meaning –Let’s rejoice
198. Kaodizerachi, Short Form: Kaodi, Zerachi; Meaning –Leave it in the hands of God
199. Kaomasirichi, Short Form: Masiri, Omasiri; Meaning –As it pleased God
200. Karaluchukwu, Short Form: Raluchi, Luchi, Kara; Meaning –Let’s leave it for God
201. Kasarachi/ Kasarachukwu, Short Form: Kasara, Kassy, Sara, Rachi; Meaning –Tell it to God
202. Kasiemobi, Short Form: Kassy, Kasie; Meaning –Comfort me/ Console me
203. Kesandu, Short Form: Kess; Meaning –Spread life to all
204. Ketandu, Short Form: Keta; Meaning –You shall live/ You shall have abundant life
205. Kiriemmachukwu, Short Form: Kirie, Kiriemma, Mmachukwu; Meaning –Admire the beauty of God
206. Korafummachukwu, Short Form: Kora, Kaora; Meaning –Let the world/ people see the goodness of God
207. Kosarachi/ Kosaluchi, Short Form: Rachis, Sara, Kossy; Meaning –Tell it to God
208. Kosisochukwu, Short Form: Kosi, Kosiso; Meaning –As it pleases God
209. Kosoluchi, Short Form: Kosolu; Meaning –As it pleases God
210. Kosoluchukwu, Short Form: Kosolu; Meaning –As God pleases
211. Lebechi, Short Form: Lebe; Meaning –Look unto God
212. Lotachi/Lotachukwu, Short Form: Lota; Meaning –Remember your God
213. Makuachukwu, Short Form: Makua; Meaning –Embrace God
214. Mkpulunma, Short Form: Nma; Meaning –A seed/ thing of beauty
215. Mkpuruomachi, Short Form: Mkpuruoma, Oma; Meaning –God’s beautiful seed

List Of Countries: Meaning And Origin Of Their Names

216. Mmachimerem, Short Form: Mmachi; Meaning –The beauty God bestowed on me
217. Mmachukwu, Short Form: Mma; Meaning –Beauty of God
218. Mmasichukwu, Short Form: Mmasi; Meaning –Will of God
219. Mmasinachi, Short Form: Mma, Sinachi, Sinach; Meaning –Beauty comes from God
220. Mmerisinachi, Short Form: Mmeri, Sinachi; Meaning –Victory comes from God
221. Mmesomachukwu/Nmesomachukwu, Short Form: Mmeso, Mimi; Meaning –God’s goodness
222. Mukaosolu, Short Form: Kaosolu; Meaning –Pleasing to me
223. Munachimso, Short Form: Muna, Munachi; Meaning –I am walking with my God
224. Nachukwukambi, Short Form: Kambi, Nachy; Meaning –I live in God
225. Nchekwube/Chekwube, Short Form: Chekwube, Chekwus; Meaning –Hope/ Trust in God
226. Ndidi, Short Form: Dee Dee, Ndy; Meaning –Patience
227. Ndidiamaka, Short Form: Ndidi; Meaning –It’s good to be patient
228. Nefechi, Short Form: Nefe, Fechi; Meaning –Keep worshipping God
229. Nesochi, Short Form: Neso, Sochi; Meaning –Follow God
230. Ngozi, Short Form: Ngor, En-Gee; Meaning –Blessing
231. Ngozika, Short Form: Ngor, En-Gee; Meaning –Great blessing
232. Njideka, Short Form: Njy, Deka, Jide, Njide; Meaning –A bird in the hand/ Survival
233. Nkechinyere(m), Short Form: Kech, En-kay, Nye Nye; Meaning –The one given to me by God
234. Nkemdilim/ Nkemakonam, Short Form: En-Kay, Nkem, Dilly; Meaning –May what is mine be mine
235. Nkemjika, Short Form: En-kay, Nkem; Meaning –What I have is greater
236. Nkemyochukwu, Short Form: Nkem; Meaning –The one I asked God for
237. Nkenna, Short Form: Kenna; Meaning –Belongs to the father (God)
238. Nkennanyerem, Short Form: Nkenna, Nnanyere; Meaning –The one given to me by my father (God)
239. Nkiruka/ Nkeiruka, Short Form: En-Kay, Kiki, Iruka; Meaning –Greater things are ahead/ The future is bright
240. Nkolika, Short Form: Nkoli, En-kay; Meaning –Peace/ Dialogue is better than war
241. Nkwachi, Short Form: Nkwachi; Meaning –God’s promise
242. Nneamaka, Short Form: Amy, Makky, Amaka, Nne; Meaning –Mother(hood) is beautiful
243. Nnebuife, Short Form: Nne, bubu, Ife; Meaning –Mother(hood) is great
244. Nnedi, Short Form: Nne, Nne Nne, Neddy; Meaning –Mother(hood) is beautiful
245. Nneka, Short Form: Nne, Eka, Nekky; Meaning –Mother(hood) is great
246. Nnekasi, Short Form: Kasi; Meaning –Mother(hood) is the greatest
247. Nnenna, Short Form: Nne, Nne Nne, Nenna; Meaning –Her father’s mother
248. Nneoma, Short Form: Nne, Oma, Nene; Meaning –Good mother
249. Nonyelum, Short Form: Nor Nor, Nonye; Meaning –Stay with me
250. Nwabundo/ Nwando, Short Form: Bundo; Meaning –A child is a shield (or a resting place) / A child brings peace of mind
251. Nwabuona, Short Form: Ona; Meaning –A child is gold
252. Nwadiuto, Short Form: Uto, Diuto, Utonwa; Meaning –A child is sweet/ Sweet child
253. Nwamarabia, Short Form: Mara, Nwamara, Marabia; Meaning –The child came at the right time
254. Nwasinachi, Short Form: Sinachi; Meaning –A child comes from God/ A child who came from God
255. Obiageli, Short Form: Oby; Meaning –Born to win/ born into wealth
256. Obialunanma, Short Form: Nma, Oby, Nanma; Meaning –Born/ arrived in the midst of plenty
257. Obianuju, Short Form: Ujunwa, Uju, Oby; Meaning –Born/ arrived in the midst of plenty
258. Obioma, Short Form: Oma, Obi; Meaning –Good heart
259. Odigomma/ Odiwomma, Short Form: Odigo; Meaning –Things are good now/ my situation has improved
260. Odinakachukwu, Short Form: Odinaka, Ody, Dee Dee; Meaning –In the hands of God
261. Odirachukwumma, Short Form: Ody, Dee Dee, Odira; Meaning –As long as it pleases God
262. Ogechukwu, Short Form: Oge, Ogechi; Meaning –God’s time is the best
263. Ogochimere, Short Form: Ogo, Chimere; Meaning –God’s favour
264. Ogochukwu, Short Form: Ogo; Meaning –God’s favour
265. Ogonna, Short Form: Ogo; Meaning –God’s favour
266. Okwuchi, Short Form: Okwy; Meaning –God’s word
267. Olachi/Olachukwu, Short Form: Ola; Meaning –God’s pearl/jewel
268. Olaedo/ Onaedo, Short Form: Ola, Ona; Meaning –Gold/ Precious
269. Olanma, Short Form: Ola, Nma; Meaning –Beautiful pearl
270. Oluchi/Oluchukwu, Short Form: Oly; Meaning –Work of God
271. Oluebube, Short Form: Oly, Ebube; Meaning –Miracle
272. Omasirichi, Short Form: Oma, Siri; Meaning –It pleased God
273. Ononuju, Short Form: Uju; Meaning –The one in the midst of plenty
274. Oñumsinachi, Short Form: Sinachi; Meaning –My joy comes from God
275. Onyinye/Onyinyechi, Short Form: Onyi, Nye Nye; Meaning –God’s gift
276. Onyinyeoma, Short Form: Onyinye, Oma; Meaning –Good gift
277. Orahjimetochukwu, Short Form: Jimeto, Jim; Meaning –People praise God because of me
278. Osoluchi, Short Form: Soluchi, Osolu; Meaning –It pleased God
279. Osorachukwu, Short Form: Osora, Sora; Meaning –As it pleases God
280. Ozinna, Short Form: Zinna, Ozzy, Zinny; Meaning –Message from the father
281. Ozioma, Short Form: Oma, Ozzy; Meaning –Good message/news
282. Ranyerechukwu, Short Form: Ranye; Meaning –Committed into Gods hands
283. Rapuluchukwu, Short Form: Rapulu; Meaning –Leave it for God
284. Sochikaima, Short Form: Kaima, Sochi; Meaning –It’s only God we know
285. Sochukwudumebi, Short Form: Dumebi; Meaning –Only God accompanies me in my daily life
286. Sofuchi, Short Form: Sofu; Meaning –There’s only one God
287. Solumgolibe, Short Form: Solum, Golibe; Meaning –Rejoice with me
288. Soluzochukwu, Short Form: Solu, Uzochukwu; Meaning –Follow the way of God
289. Somadina, Short Form: Adina, Sommy; Meaning –I shall not exist alone
290. Somtochukwu, Short Form: Somto; Meaning –Praise God with me
291. Sopuruchi/Sopuruchukwu, Short Form: Sopuru; Meaning –Honour/ respect God
292. Udodirim, Short Form: Udo; Meaning –Peace be unto me
293. Ugonma, Short Form: Ugo, Nma; Meaning –A beautiful eagle
294. Ugonna, Short Form: Ugo; Meaning –Her father’s eagle / Her father’s pride
295. Ugonwa, Short Form: Ugo, Nwa; Meaning –Eagle child
296. Ukamaka, Short Form: Amaka; Meaning –Dialogue is good / Church or religion is good (especially given to girls born on a Sunday)
297. Uloaku, Short Form: Aku; Meaning –House of wealth
298. Uloma, Short Form: Uloma; Meaning –Good house
299. Urenna, Short Form: Ure, Renna; Meaning –Her father’s pride
300. Utochi/Utodinachi, Short Form: Uto, Utodi; Meaning –Sweetness of God/ There is sweetness in God
301. Uzoamaka, Short Form: Uzo, Uzzy, Amaka, Makky; Meaning –Beautiful path/way
302. Yagazie, Short Form: Gazie, Zee Zee; Meaning –Let things go well/ It shall be well with you
303. Zamekpere, Short Form: Zam; Meaning –Answer my prayer
304. Zelunjo, Short Form: Zelu; Meaning –Avoid sin/ Do good
305. Zienachimdinma, Short Form: Ziena, Chimdinma; Meaning –Spread the news that my lord is good.
306. Zieozichi, Short Form: Ozichi, Zieozi; Meaning –Spread God’s message/ Be an evangelist
307. Zifanaibuchim, Short Form: Zifa, ibuchim, Buchi; Meaning –Show them that you are my God
308. Zikachiha, Short Form: Kachi; Meaning –Show the greatness of God
309. Zikoraebubechukwu, Short Form: Zikora, Ebube; Meaning –Show the world the glory of God
310. Zikoraifechineme, Short Form: Zikora, Neme; Meaning –Let the world see the lord’s doing
311. Zikoraifenkechukwu, Short Form: Zikora; Meaning –Show the world the light of God
312. Zikorammachukwu, Short Form: Zikora, Ziora, Zee Zee; Meaning –Show the world the goodness/beauty of God
313. Zikoranachidinma/Zioranachidinma, Short Form: Zikora, Ziora, Zee Zee, Dinma; Meaning –Show the world that the Lord is good
314. Zikoranaibuchukwu/Zikoranaibuchi, Short Form: Zikora, Ziora, Zee Zee, Buchi; Meaning –Show the world that you are God
315. Zimuzochi, Short Form: Zimuzo, Uzochi; Meaning –Show me the way of God
316. Zinachidinma, Short Form: Zina, Zinny,Dinma; Meaning –Show that the Lord is good
317. Zinachimdimma, Short Form: Zina, Chidimma; Meaning –Show that my God is good
318. Zinachimdindu, Short Form: Zina, Chimdindu, Dindu; Meaning –Show the world that my God is alive
319. Zinachimere, Short Form: Chimere, Zina; Meaning –Show the world that God did it
320. Zioraifechukwu, Short Form: Ziora, Ifechukwu; Meaning –Show the world the light of God
321. Zirachi, Short Form: Zira; Meaning –Ask/ send God to do anything for you, and he will

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