First City Monument Bank Nigeria Domiciliary Account

first city monument bank nigeria Domiciliary Account is designed to help you conveniently carry out foreign currency transactions. This account can be funded in Dollars, Pounds or Euro through foreign currency cheque and or cash lodgements and online transfers N/B: Minimum opening balance of $500 or its equivalent in € & £ Competitive Interest payment on […]

List Of Nigeria Game Reserves

The following game reserves in Nigeria Okomu This small park, totaling only 44,726 acres, is part of the larger Okomu forest reserve. It is the second largest rain forest in Nigeria and a great place for bird and primate watching as it is largely undisturbed. Okomu is located in the state Edo and was established […]

Economic Importance of Farm Animals

Farm animals has alot of economic importance which are listed belowWe have economic importance of farm animals and some of them are listed below:- -Provision of hides and skin for the production of leather bags,shoes,mobile bags ETC… -Animal products are good source of protein like eggs,meats ETC… -The animals faeces serves as a good farm […]

See Top 10 Exotic Pet Animals

Animals are wonderful creatures.See top exotic pet animals: African Servals Fennec Fox Bush baby Kinkajous The Hyacinth Macaw Wallaby Boa Constrictor Madagascar Hissing Cockroach  Emperor Scorpions Chimpanzee

Geographical Distribution Of Farm Animals In Nigeria

Geographical Distribution Of Farm Animals In Nigeria In Nigeria, the distribution of farm animals are not found in equal number. This is as a result of climatic conditions, customs and religious beliefs of the habitats of that particular region, the type of vegetation and topography of area. Therefore, not all farm animals are reared all […]