Planning A Traditional Marriage In Nigeria

See How to plan a Nigerian traditional wedding 1. Show off your engagement or better still announce it to friends, colleagues, family, everyone that needs to know. 2. The Groom to be will formally ask for his fiance’s hand in marriage, it’s very important as Nigerian parents take this very seriously. 3. Arrange for the Family INTRODUCTION […]

How To Start Event Planning In Nigeria

See How To Start Event Planning In Nigeria Below… Start an Event Planning Business – Have you been daydreaming of becoming an event manager in Nigeria? Dream no more! After reading this chapter, you will be well on your way to becoming one. The event planning business is highly profitable and can be started with no or […]

Fulani Traditional Marriage In Nigeria

Fulani Traditional Marriage In Nigeria

Fulani traditional marriage, Fulani are peculiar people filled with distinctive features similar to the Ethiopia, northern Sudan and the Egyptian but who still remains the indigenous people of the northern Nigeria in West Africa. This people are no other than the Fulani. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to pinpoint the exact location where the people […]