First Aid Tips On Poisoning

See First Aid Tips On Poisoning Below… When to suspect poisoning Poisoning signs and symptoms can mimic other conditions, such as seizure, alcohol intoxication, stroke and insulin reaction. Signs and symptoms of poisoning may include: Burns or redness around the mouth and lips Breath that smells like chemicals, such as gasoline or paint thinner Vomiting Difficulty […]

First Aid Tips For Eye Injuries

Eye Care Chemical burns Foreign object Blows to the eye Cuts and wounds First aid care for eye injuries Any kind of injury or trauma to the eyes should be taken seriously. Prompt medical attention for eye problems can save your vision and prevent further complications. CHEMICAL BURNS Chemical burns Chemicals common at home or […]

First Aid Tips On Fainting

See First Aid Tips On Fainting Below… If you feel faint Lie down or sit down. To reduce the chance of fainting again, don’t get up too quickly. Place your head between your knees if you sit down. If someone else faints Position the person on his or her back. If there are no injuries and the person is […]

First Aid Tips For Epilepsy

Seizures do not usually require emergency medical attention. Only call 911 if one or more of these are true: The person has never had a seizure before. The person has difficulty breathing or waking after the seizure. The seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes. The person has another seizure soon after the first one. The […]

First Aid Tips In The Wilderness

See First Aid Tips In The Wilderness Below… FIRST AID If an accident occurs in the wilderness it will be your responsibility to deal with the situation. The specific sequence of actions when dealing with this situation is: 1. Remain calm, providing your patient with quiet, efficient first aid treatment. 2. Keep the patient warm and […]

First Aid Tips For Elderly People

First aid is an important consideration when caring for an elderly person at home. It is important to know that seniors are more vulnerable to accidents and injuries since they often lack strength, flexibility and can have brittle bones. Their sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste may have declined also making them more vulnerable to […]

First Aid Tips For Drowning

Drowning Drowning is when someone is unable to breathe because their nose and mouth are submerged in water, or in another liquid. When someone’s drowning, it may not look like the violent, splashing call for help that most people expect from watching TV. When someone’s actually drowning, they won’t able to make any noise, so […]

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