First Aid Tips For Pet Owners

First Aid Tips for Pet Owners Poodle with taped forelimbVeterinary Client Tool Get the Pet First Aid brochure and send clients home with information to help pets before they can get to your clinic in an emergency. Also in Spanish: Primeros Auxilios para Mascotas. What would you do if: …your dog ate the bag of […]

First Aid Tips For Nurses

Keep DRS in mind: Danger (check the scene for danger), Response (check for the victim’s consciousness) and Send someone to call for help. Make sure to survey the scene before doing anything. Before helping a victim, ensure your safety first and then ask someone to call 911. If you are alone, shout for help, perform […]

First Aid Tips For Numbness

Causes of numbness of feet and toes Compression of the nerves in the foot due to the type of footwear used Numbness can be caused by tarsal tunnel syndrome which is numbness felt at the bottom of the feet due to a bone spur, cyst and overpronation. Morton’s neuroma which is the enlargement of layers […]

First Aid Tips For Nose Bleeding

osebleeds are common. Most often they are a nuisance and not a true medical problem. But they can be both. Nosebleed care Sit upright and lean forward. By remaining upright, you reduce blood pressure in the veins of your nose. This discourages further bleeding. Sitting forward will help you avoid swallowing blood, which can irritate […]

First Aid Tips For Newborns

Either buy a first aid box, which is green with a white cross, or, if making up your own box, write “First Aid” on it so that, if you aren’t around, other people know what it is. You don’t want to be hunting for your first aid kit when a child is injured and frightened. […]

First Aid Tips For Natural And Climatic Disasters

For Any Disaster: Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan One common thread you’ll see in almost every section below is that you’ll need a disaster plan. You should be familiar with it before the disaster, and ready to act on it in case the unthinkable happens. We can tell you all about the best thing to […]

First Aid Tips For Minor Cuts

These guidelines can help you care for minor cuts and scrapes: Wash your hands. This helps avoid infection. Stop the bleeding. Minor cuts and scrapes usually stop bleeding on their own. If needed, apply gentle pressure with a clean bandage or cloth and elevate the wound until bleeding stops. Clean the wound. Rinse the wound […]

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