FRSC Unit Commands In Nigeria

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has 203 Unit Commands across the country.

Below are the FRSC Unit Commands and their email address:

RS1.11 KAFANCHAN – [email protected]
RS1.12 B/GWARI – [email protected]
RS1.13 ZARIA – [email protected]
RS1.14 SAMINAKA – [email protected]
RS1.15 SABON TASHA – [email protected]
RS1.16 KAKAU  – [email protected]
RS1.17 BIRNIN YARO – [email protected]
RS1.18 GWANTU – [email protected]
RS1.19 KATERI – [email protected]
RS1.110 KACHIA – [email protected]
RS1.111 TASHAR-YARI – [email protected]
RS1.21 DAMBATTA – [email protected]
RS1.22 KANO MUNICIPAL – [email protected]
RS1.23 KANO FAGGE – [email protected]
RS1.24 KANO NASARAWA – [email protected]
RS1.25 CHIROMAWA – [email protected]
RS1.26 TUDUN WADA – [email protected]
RS1.27 WUDIL – [email protected]
RS1.28 BICHI – [email protected]
RS1.31 FUNTUA – [email protected]
RS1.32 DAURA – [email protected]
RS1.33 KOZA – [email protected]
RS1.34 MALUMFASHI – [email protected]
RS1.41 HADEIJA – [email protected]

Functions Of Federal Road Safety Commission In Nigeria (FRSC)

RS1.42 GUMEL – [email protected]
RS2.11 BADAGRY – [email protected]
RS2.12 EPE – [email protected]
RS2.13 APAPA – [email protected]
RS2.14 LAGOS ISLAND – [email protected]
RS2.15 LAGOS MAINLAND – [email protected]
RS2.16 SURULERE – [email protected]
RS2.17 OJOTA – [email protected]
RS2.18 IKEJA – [email protected]
RS2.19 OSHODI – [email protected]
RS2.110 EGBE – [email protected]
RS2.111 ISOLO – [email protected]
RS2.112 IBA – [email protected]
RS2.113 LEKKI – [email protected]
RS2.114 WHARF – [email protected]
RS2.21 IJEBU-ODE –  [email protected]
RS2.22 OTTA – [email protected]
RS2.23 MOWE – [email protected]
RS2.24 OGERE – [email protected]
RS2.25 SAGAMU – [email protected]
RS2.26 IKPOKIA – [email protected]
RS2.27 AGBADO – [email protected]
RS2.28 ITORI – [email protected]
RS2.29 OGUNMAKIN – [email protected]
RS3.11 MUBI – [email protected]
RS3.12 HONG – [email protected]
RS3.13 GIREI – [email protected]
RS3.14 NUMAN – [email protected]
RS3.15 MICHIKA – [email protected]
RS3. 21 KALTUNGO – [email protected]
RS3.22 BAJOGA – [email protected]

All FRSC Traffic Offences And Their Penalties

RS3.23 CHAM – [email protected]
RS3.31 WUKARI – [email protected]
RS3.32 MUTUM BIYU – [email protected]
RS4.11 LANGTANG – [email protected]
RS4.12 PANKSHIN – [email protected]
RS4.13 HAWAN KIBO – [email protected]
RS4.14 BUKURU – [email protected]
RS4.15 JOS BYPASS – [email protected]
RS4.21 GBOKO – [email protected]
RS4.22 OTUKPO – [email protected]
RS4.23 KATSINA ALA – [email protected]
RS4.24 ALIADE – [email protected]
RS4.25 OTUKPA – [email protected]
RS4.26 ZAKI-BIAM – [email protected]
RS4.31 AKWANGA – [email protected]
RS4.32 KEFFI – [email protected]
RS4.33 NASARAWA – [email protected]
RS4.34 GARAKU – [email protected]
RS4.35 NASSARAWA EGGON – [email protected]
RS5.11 AUCHI – [email protected]
RS5.12 OKADA – [email protected]
RS5.13 IRUEKPEN – [email protected]
RS5.14 IGARRA – [email protected]
RS5.15 SAPELE ROAD – [email protected]
RS5.16 OWAN ESIGIE – [email protected]
RS5.19 UROMI – [email protected]

FRSC Vehicle Plate Number Verification

RS5.21 WARRI – [email protected]
RS5.22 AGBOR – [email protected]
RS5.23 ISELU-UKU – [email protected]
RS5.24 UGHELLI – [email protected]
RS5.25 SAPELE – [email protected]
RS5.26 KWALE – [email protected]
RS5.27 UMUTU-UBEDEI – [email protected]
RS5.31 ONITSHA – [email protected]
RS5.32 NNEWI – [email protected]
RS5.33 NTEJE – [email protected]
RS5.34 IHIALA – [email protected]
RS5.35 IGBO-UKWU – [email protected]
RS5.36 ORAIFITE – [email protected]
RS6.11 ELEME – [email protected]
RS6.12 AHODA – [email protected]
RS6.13 ISIOKPO – [email protected]
RS6.14 BORI – [email protected]
RS6.15 BONNY – [email protected]
RS6.21 OGOJA – [email protected]
RS6.22 IKOM – [email protected]
RS6.23 ITIGIDI – [email protected]
RS6.24 YAHE – [email protected]
RS6.31 EKET – [email protected]
RS6.32 IKOT EPKENE – [email protected]
RS6.33 EKPERAKWA – [email protected]
RS6.34 MBAK – [email protected]
RS6.35 IKOT ABASI – [email protected]
RS6.41 SAGBAMA – [email protected]
RS7.11 GWAGWALADA – [email protected]
RS7.12 ABAJI – [email protected]

Road Signs And Their Meanings In Picture

RS7.13 NYANYA – [email protected]
RS7.14 CBD FEDERAL SECRETARIAT – [email protected]
RS7.15 KUBWA – [email protected]
RS7.16 NASS – [email protected]
RS7.18 YANGOJI – [email protected]
RS7.19 KUJE – [email protected]
RS7.110 LUGBE – [email protected]
RS7.111 DUTSE ALHAJI – [email protected]
RS7.113 ZUBA – [email protected]
RS7.114 LOKOGOMA – [email protected]

RS7.21 MOKWA – [email protected]
RS7.22 SULEJA – [email protected]
RS7.23 KONTAGORA – [email protected]
RS7.24 BIDA – [email protected]
RS7.25 NEW BUSSA – [email protected]
RS7.26 SABON WUSE – [email protected]
RS7.27 LAPAI – [email protected]
RS7.28 KUTIGI – [email protected]

RS8.11 BODE SA’ADU – [email protected]
RS8.12 OMUO-ARAN – [email protected]
RS8.13 JEBBA – [email protected]
RS8.14 OFFA – [email protected]
RS8.15 OLOORU JUNC. – [email protected]
RS8.16 BARUTIN – [email protected]
RS8.17 ILORIN AIRPORT – [email protected]
RS8.18 ERIN-ILE – [email protected]
RS8.21 IDO EKITI – [email protected]
RS8.22 OMUO-OKE EKITI – [email protected]
RS8.23 EFON-ALAAYE – [email protected]
RS8.31 ANKPA – [email protected]
RS8.32 KABBA – [email protected]
RS8.33 KATON KARFE – [email protected]
RS8.34 ZARIAGI – [email protected]
RS8.35 GEREGU –  [email protected]
RS8.36 OGORI MAGOGO – [email protected]
RS8.37 OKENE – [email protected]
RS8.38 GEGU – [email protected]
RS9.11 NSUKKA – [email protected]
RS9.12 9TH MILE – [email protected]

All FRSC Approved Driving Schools In Nigeria Per State

RS9.13 OZALLA – [email protected]
RS9.14 NDIABOH – [email protected]
RS9.15 OBOLLA-AFOR – [email protected]
RS9.21 AFIKPO – [email protected]
RS9.22 ISHIAGU – [email protected]
RS9.23 NKALAGU – [email protected]
RS9.24 IGBAGU –  [email protected]
RS9.31 ABA – [email protected]
RS9.32 KM78 ABA – [email protected]
RS9.33 OHAFIA – [email protected]
RS9.41 ORLU – [email protected]
RS9.42 OKIGWE – [email protected]
RS9.43 NJABA – [email protected]
RS9.44 NGOR-OKPALA – [email protected]
RS9.45 MBAISE – [email protected]

RS10.11 ISA – [email protected]
RS10.12 ILLELA – [email protected]
RS10.21 ZURU – [email protected]
RS10.22 JEGA – [email protected]
RS10.23 ARGUNGU – [email protected]

RS10.31 TALATA-MAFARA – [email protected]
RS10.32 KAURA NAMODA – [email protected]
RS10.33 TSAFE – [email protected]
RS11.11 IFE – [email protected]
RS11.12 ILESHA – [email protected]
RS11.13 IPETU-IJESA – [email protected]
RS11.14 IKIRUN – [email protected]
RS11.15 ILA – [email protected]
RS11.16 GBONGAN – [email protected]
RS11.21 ORE – [email protected]
RS11.22 OWO – [email protected]
RS11.23 IKARE – [email protected]
RS11.24 ONDO TOWN – [email protected]
RS11.25 IFON – [email protected]

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RS11.31 OGBOMOSHO – [email protected]
RS11.32 OLUYOLE – [email protected]
RS11.33 APATA – [email protected]
RS11.34 MOKOLA – [email protected]
RS11.35 EGBEDA – [email protected]
RS11.36 SHAKI – [email protected]
RS11.37 KISI – [email protected]
RS11.38 OLD OYO – [email protected]
RS11.39 MONIYA – [email protected]
RS12.11 AZARE – [email protected]
RS12.12 DARAZO – [email protected]
RS12.13 ALKALERI – [email protected]
RS12.14 TORO/MAGAMU – [email protected]
RS12.15 BARA – [email protected]
RS12.21 BIU – [email protected]
RS12.22 DIKWA – [email protected]
RS12.23 BAMA – [email protected]
RS12.24 BENESHECK – [email protected]
RS12.31 POTISKUM – [email protected]
RS12.32 DOGON KUKA – [email protected]

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