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Functions Of Man O War Nigeria

Man O' War Nigeria

Nigeria Man O ‘ War is a uniform youth organisation under the supervision of Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre, a parastatal under the federal ministry of youth development.

Man O War Nigeria performs the following functions

1. Articulates and Provides Support Base to Enlighten Nigerians
Articulation and provision of the support base for the purpose of enlightening members of the public on matters that has to do with national important is one of the functions of the man o war.

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The enlightenment of the Nigerian public on matters of national important is related to Nigerian ethos and its national heritage. To achieve this aim, the man o war has been collaborating with the Nigerian government and its agencies, and individuals that are patriotic spirited, and some corporate organizations, that will want to work selflessly with them.

Members of the public are enlightened through conferences, and seminars, and workshops and symposiums, etc. the work of man o war is to invoke the spirit of patriotism among Nigerians through the use of the national flag, and this has served as an inspiration to Nigerian citizens.

2. Prepares Nigerians for Patriotic Duties
The man o war is known for its commitment to preparing Nigerians, the youths and individual families and communities inclusive, all in the name of imparting in them patriotic responsibilities and patriotic duties expected of Nigerian citizens.

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Since Nigerian constitution is supreme, the man o war has been combating human tendencies that are hostile to the provision of the Nigerian constitution.

They also have considerable involvement in advancing the true meaning of what civic and religious liberty is, and the man o war achieved this through the creation of love and appreciation towards Nigerian culture and Nigerian tradition through the use of the colour of the Nigerian flag.

3. Arouses Public Sentiment Towards Nigerian Flag
Another function of the man o war is the popularization of the Nigerian flag. The man o war is known for arousing the sentiments of Nigerians towards the Nigerian flag, all, for the purpose of enhancing total respect for the Nigerian flag.

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Besides this, the man o war Nigeria has been encouraging Nigerians to ensure that the right quality of Nigerian flag is flied, and the Nigerian flag flied in public places should have the right combination of the colour of the Nigerian flag, and this to them has been a method of promoting patriotic spirit among Nigerians.

4. Educates Nigerians on Democratic Responsibility
The man o war Nigeria is also saddled with the responsibility of educating Nigerian public on the important of democratic responsibilities on their part as Nigerian citizens.

Through this man O war function, Nigerian public are given reasons why they should take actions and make some initiative on issues that concern national important with a view to lend their support in solving Nigerian problems, rather than waiting for government to take the initiative.

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They have created an awareness that, citizenship is all about being patriotic and taking actions that will be of important and of benefit to Nigeria and its citizenry.

5. Projects Nigeria’s Image Positively
The man o war Nigeria has been projecting the image of Nigerian state positively. They will used any available approach and appropriate means to project the positive image of Nigeria, and this is not only done in Nigeria, the man o war Nigeria will positively projects the image of Nigeria both within Nigerian state and in the international community.

6. Educates Nigerians on the Business of Nation Building
Nigerians are educated on the business of nation building by the man o war Nigeria. They have made the Nigerian citizens to know that the business of nation building is not the work of Nigerian government alone, but a collective work that involved the government and its citizenry, and private and corporate organizations inclusive, where every body has a part or role to play.

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The man o war Nigeria message is that, as a responsible citizens of Nigerian state, every citizen should contribute his or her quota for the development and progress of Nigeria.

7. Helps Nigerians Develop Appreciation for Nigeria’s History
Another function of the man o war Nigeria has been the aspect of reorienting Nigerians for the purpose of making them develop appreciation towards Nigeria and deep understanding of the Nigerian history.

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