History Of Nigeria Man O War

Nigeria Man O ‘ War is a uniform youth organisation under the supervision of Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre, a parastatal under the federal ministry of youth development.

Man O’ War Nigeria

The history of Nigeria Man O ‘ War was date back to 1951 when the Late doctor Alex dickson a British who found the Training Centre in Southern Cameroon. And 10 years back, which is 1941, Late Doctor Kurt Han found the outward bound school in Aberdovey Germany and that particular junction that it was found, is called the Man O’ War Bay.

The fact still remain that Man O,War Nigeria is an Association and is divided into two.
(1) Man O ‘ War Community Based:
(2) Man O,War Cadet Club:

Functions Of Man O War Nigeria

Man O,War Community Base are the ones you see around your community working with all other forces and helping to maintain peace and order, in the community.

Man O’War Cadet Club: This is an Association formed by student of any school. I.e University, Polytechnic, College of Education.
Note, this is not a secret cult. This is an Association Approved by the Federal government of Nigeria.

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This is also an Association formed by the members of a community. Whether Rural area, Urban area, to mention but a few. But we are one body.

Man O ‘ War is member of outward bound worldwide organisation, the name Man O, War was picked from the name of Ship, and was founded in Aberdovey Germany by Late Dr. Kurt Harn. A Briton. Then ten years later, the Late Dr. Alec Dickson founded the outward bound centre in Victoria, Southern Cameroon.

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