How To Check UK Visa Application Status In Nigeria

To Check your UK Visa Application Status In Nigeria, after applying for your UK Visa, it is possible to know the current status of your application. The UK Visa processing company keeps you abreast of the movement of your VISA through text messages and/or e-mail messages for every progress on your VISA application.

According to, you will be able  to track your UK Visa by contacting the UK Visas and Immigration office. whether you have applied from inside or outside of the UK, you will be able to use just 2 Methods, which are the Email and Phone. To do this,

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  1. Go To
  2. Choose whether you applied from inside or outside of uk
  3. Choose your language
  4. You will be provided contact details of a staff that will give you information about your application (note that you will need to have your GWF number which is a unique identifying number  that has been tagged to your application.

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If your immigration attorney applied for you, then he should provide you with the necessary information.

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